Fried Pies – Gadget Post

We saw one of these pocket pie crimping gadgets on one of those cooking shows and had to have one.  This one makes a pie about 5″ or 51/2″The crimper is good for all kinds of pies, empanadas and pierogis and suchlike.  They are made in several sizes so the smaller ones should be great … Continue reading Fried Pies – Gadget Post

Fried Pies

I was looking through the freezer this morning and found some sausage that looked right for breakfast.  I set it thawing in the microwave and transferred it to the big skillet to fry.  A vague notion of biscuits and gravy came and went, then a pot pie was considered and rejected.  Aha – fried pies! … Continue reading Fried Pies