Fried Chicken Pr0n – Breaded Hot Wings

Along with a few breaded chicken tenders we were needing to use up.  The wings were dredged in seasoned flour, then in beaten egg with milk, and then through the seasoned flour again.  These were done after about 9 minutes in the deep fryer set to 350 or so.  

Food Pr0n – Hot Wings

These were rolled in seasoned flour, refrigerated for an hour, and then dipped in sauce and baked on a rack in the oven for 45 minutes or so at 400, turned once.  In deference to Mrs J, I dipped hers into a sweet  BBQ sauce.  Mine?  About half butter and half Cholula.

Hot Wings

  With more of the copycat slaw and some baked beans.  I had too much seasoned flour left over after dredging all the chicken and was loathe to just dump it.  I added a bit of cornstarch and enough water to make a thin-ish batter and dipped a few broccoli florets for deep frying.  It … Continue reading Hot Wings

Mmm…hot wings

Mrs J doesn’t care for the usual hot wing sauce so I fried these wings plain and made just enough sauce for mine.  She has no problem with my twice baked potatoes, though.  The Mexi-corn has become a favorite side for us both.

Mmm…hot wings

The last time we fixed these we used the store brand wing sauce.  Mrs J complained that it seemed a bit rich, and I agreed.  It seemed greasy to me on top of that.  In general, though, I liked the hot wings concept and decided to give them another whirl today. I read through a … Continue reading Mmm…hot wings