Pizza Night

I’m liking this quick crust recipe a lot, I made a half recipe for this and it was just right. I used salami, ham, olives, and Italian sausage on this along with at least four cheeses. I baked it on the platter because it was much easier than putting it directly on the pizza stone … Continue reading Pizza Night

Pizza Pr0n

This was one of my better pies. I didn’t try any fancy moves like string cheese rolled up in the edges. Fifteen plus minutes at 450. Crust recipe. A good look before covering with a last layer of cheese. Ham, pepperoni, some sliced hard salami, pickled jalapeno, a scatter of olive salad (muffuletta style). I’m … Continue reading Pizza Pr0n


I used this dough recipe, sorta. I went with the food processor to make the dough, adding water until it formed the ball. I let it rise, knocked it down, and then stretched it into place on the pan. The sauce was just a can of crushed tomatoes with a little garlic and basil.

More Pizza

I split this batch of dough between pizza and a french loaf. Jeffreyw’s pizzas always look better, but my technique is improving.  


A frozen pizza can’t be pizza pr0n but some of them come close. This was a pepperoni pizza that has added pepperoni, plus smoked pork, ham, and cheeses. Also garlic, oregano, and various other savory powders and peppers. And a splash of olive oil for that authentic greasiness.