Kroger is selling these 14″ pies for $5.  This one started out as a plain cheese.  I added ham, bacon, corned beef, pickled peppers, and more cheese, plus a good sprinkling of oregano and garlic powder. They sell pizzas with other toppings – they have a pepperoni, an “ultimeat” with three or four different meats, … Continue reading Pizza!

Pizza Pizza

I used Alton Brown’s recipe for the crust and had it in the stand mixer with the dough hook kneading away when I realized I had not put in any yeast.  I added twice the amount and hand kneaded it in before going back with the big mixer for several more minutes.  It wasn’t the … Continue reading Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pr0n

These onion naan loaves make great pizzas.  Sausage and onion, those candied jalapeno slices, mozz and parm top both of these – one with a trad tomato sauce and the other is brushed with garlic butter.  They are quick to make and quick to bake.  These spent less than 10 minutes in a 450° convection … Continue reading Pizza Pr0n

Pizza, Emended

The tireder I get the better these Kroger deli pizza look.  It was the meatiest on offer and we made our own additions of peppers and cheeses,  I went halfsies on the peppers, one side jalapenos, banana pepper rings on the other.  They never have enough garlic so that was liberally dusted on, and more … Continue reading Pizza, Emended

Pizza Night

These are built on naan loaves and they make very nice impromptu pizzas,  Toppings include banana pepper rings, pickled jalapenos slices, smoked pork, salami, onions, fresh jalapenos, sliced onion, Awesome sauce, grated Parm, mozzarella, asiago, and provolone cheeses, olives and maybe something else, not sure.