More Pizza

I split this batch of dough between pizza and a french loaf. Jeffreyw’s pizzas always look better, but my technique is improving.  


A frozen pizza can’t be pizza pr0n but some of them come close. This was a pepperoni pizza that has added pepperoni, plus smoked pork, ham, and cheeses. Also garlic, oregano, and various other savory powders and peppers. And a splash of olive oil for that authentic greasiness.


Kroger is selling these 14″ pies for $5.  This one started out as a plain cheese.  I added ham, bacon, corned beef, pickled peppers, and more cheese, plus a good sprinkling of oregano and garlic powder. They sell pizzas with other toppings – they have a pepperoni, an “ultimeat” with three or four different meats, … Continue reading Pizza!

Pizza Pizza

I used Alton Brown’s recipe for the crust and had it in the stand mixer with the dough hook kneading away when I realized I had not put in any yeast.  I added twice the amount and hand kneaded it in before going back with the big mixer for several more minutes.  It wasn’t the … Continue reading Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pr0n

These onion naan loaves make great pizzas.  Sausage and onion, those candied jalapeno slices, mozz and parm top both of these – one with a trad tomato sauce and the other is brushed with garlic butter.  They are quick to make and quick to bake.  These spent less than 10 minutes in a 450° convection … Continue reading Pizza Pr0n