Posole, Again

I used my only can of hominy when I made this the other day. It needed more but I didn’t want to make a store run so I ordered some from Amazon. I soaked some of it overnight and then simmered it in the broth from the last batch. It simmered for 4 hours so … Continue reading Posole, Again


This is a decent recipe to get going with this dish. The choice of dried chilies is up to you – I used guajillo for the most part with a few anchos because these chilies are low heat with great flavors. There are traditional garnishes but we had none of them so we made do. … Continue reading Posole

Chicken Posole

A little quick and easy green posole hit the spot today.  I roasted a chicken yesterday.  Last evening we ate the legs and thighs with fries and slaw.  One of the breast halves went into this soup and the other for chicken salad. What made the posole quick and easy was using a jar of … Continue reading Chicken Posole


I took this opportunity to test the night mode on the S9.  I had posole simmering all afternoon and we didn’t get around to the evening meal until after dark.  I left the under counter lighting and the TV on but shut off all the overheads and took the above photo with night mode turned … Continue reading Posole

More Posole

The red posole this time, made with pork and various dried red chilis.  This batch was from frozen – not sure when I made it.  I poured the stew into plastic containers to freeze, and then took the frozen blocks out of the plastic and vacuum sealed them.  Not sure how long they will last … Continue reading More Posole

Turkey Posole

I had a couple of cubes of this frozen and put away for a rainy day.  It’s sprinkling a bit, so, close enough.  I’m sure there are plenty of recipes out there but this one is about as simple as can be.  Bring chicken broth to a simmer, add green chilis from a can or … Continue reading Turkey Posole