Sesame Chicken

We were pleased with how well this worked for us this time.  The chicken pieces had just a little crunch from the corn starch and flour in the marinade/batter.  I’m happy that I didn’t toss the sauce with the chicken before plating them.  I used boneless, skinless thighs for this dish today, cut into 1 … Continue reading Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken on Chinese Noodles

A reprise of an earlier post that was well received.  Only difference is that noodles replaced the rice I used before.  Both were good, the edge goes to the rice.  Maybe a different kind of noodle next time.  I can see it working on broad rice noodles.  Enjoy!

Sesame Chicken

Been meaning to do this one for a while, and today’s the day.  It’s a really easy dish, simple prep, and delicious.  Found a recipe here.  Followed it pretty closely, substituting 1/2 c of Splenda for the sugar.  Also tossed a few dried red chilies into the sauce.  And a cup of broth plus a half cup … Continue reading Sesame Chicken

Sesame Oil Chicken

This is not the famous sesame chicken seen here and elsewhere.  It should be famous, though.  Pretty good stuff. This recipe came from the same place as the sesame chicken recipe above.  The whole site is worth looking over anytime you are at a loss for what to fix, or how to fix it.  Not … Continue reading Sesame Oil Chicken