Sammich Pr0n

Smoked pork is one of my favorite things. I slathered this one with yellow mustard and then covered it with seasonings. It spent the night in the smoker at 225 and a few hours the next morning in the oven to finish at 350. I was looking for around 200 degrees internally. Once chopped, the … Continue reading Sammich Pr0n

Sammich Pr0n

This shoulder was all night in the smoker, and then a couple of hours in the big oven.  It was tender.I almost always chop it up and check for salt.  This stuff eats just fine without any sauce but saying never is just crazy talk.I topped this sammy with slaw and a good spoonful of … Continue reading Sammich Pr0n

Smoked Brisket

I smoked my first brisket, even though I’ve had my wood pellet grill for almost two years now. And by I, I mean my brother mostly. I made up the rub, using brown sugar, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, hot chili, cumin and oregano.  But my brother did most of the smoking, setting … Continue reading Smoked Brisket

Smoked Shoulder

This puppy spent the night in a 225° smoker with peach wood supplying the smoke.  I had in mind pulled pork sammiches but I took a few slices for a nice lunch.I think roasted cauliflower is my new favorite veggie.  I sliced a head and tossed it with salt and olive oil with a generous … Continue reading Smoked Shoulder