New Smoker/Grill

I’ve been wanting one for a while. This week seemed like a good time (why, how would you celebrate your new book?). It was easy to put together and a breeze to operate. It is electric and uses wood pellets. It has a flame feature so when you want to sear that steak, you can … Continue reading New Smoker/Grill


Kroger had a sale on whole briskets a while back. I grabbed one and put it into a a big pot with enough brine to cover it and put it into the basement fridge for a month. My smoker is too small to hold the whole thing so I cut it into two pieces, this … Continue reading Pastrami


Shrimp and crawfish gumbo for lunch. Earlier this morning: Making a simple stock from the shells before straining it into the pot on the far burner where the Trinity is sweating down in a bit of roux. The veggies will cook down for an hour or two before the shrimp is added. You don’t want … Continue reading Gumbo

Smoked Shoulder

I left this one in my electric smoker for nearly 24 hours at a low 200 degrees, it still needed finishing in the oven when I checked the temp. I like to get them to 200 degrees internally – that’s when you can pull the shoulder bone out cleanly. I chop the meat and portion … Continue reading Smoked Shoulder

Sammich Pr0n

I used up the leftover rib meat for this one. I had a pork shoulder in a 200 degree smoker over night. It was needing more time so I’m finishing it in a 350 oven this morning.