What’s it all about?


What’s to say?  I love to cook and I think families benefit from sitting down together for dinner every night.  I used to run a menu service called What’s 4 Dinner Solutions, that offered menus, recipes and shopping lists to make it easier for families to have a quick, delicious and nutritious dinner each night.  After about 5 years into it I started this blog, mostly for my members, then about 2 years ago, my life got busy and I shut down the menu service. I loved doing and I had members from all over the world, which was probably the coolest thing ever, but it was time.

Meanwhile, the blog took off, we’ve added authors and contributors, I’ve been asked to cross-blog at other websites weekly and now I’m publishing a four-series cookbook based on the original menu service. All because of wonderful people who come to visit everyday. I thank each and every one of you.

About JeffreyW:  About a year into the blog, I decided it was time to add another palate to the mix and asked frequent contributor, JeffreyW to come on board.  He brings a whole new energy to the place, along with pets and wild critter posts.  I’m grateful he decided to play along.

NOTE:  All content, including photos, text, recipes and comments are copyrighted 2019 by What’s 4 Dinner Solutions and may not be used without prior permission.

4 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

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  2. I have a silly question. Does this site have an index or list of all of the recipes/posts? I would love to start at the beginning and work my way forward. Thanks in advance, love your recipes.

    Howard Appel

    PS: As a Great Dane owner (many over the years) and English Mastiff (they be the bestest), would love more pictures of your dogs.

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    • Hi Howard,
      At the bottom of each page, there’s a “Previously On W4D” and you can start with the first month there – you can also look up any ingredient in the search box and it will bring up all the recipes with that ingredient. (see bottom of this comment for exmaple)

      Thank you for the kind words. If you add Bixby to the search box, it will bring up all the Bixby and Bailey photos – I need to get some more, but boy, they never stand still!


      W4D Info


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