Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

I had plenty of sauce leftover with enough meatballs for another meal but was loathe to have it over pasta, again. Mashed Potatoes! Potatoes whipped with lots of butter, grated Romano cheese, and garlic. It was much better than I had feared. Feared until I tasted it and was reminded of the gravy that you get with a nice meatloaf. I always thought the colors were suspect but the flavor was there. Delicious!

Pasta Pr0n

I wiped the rim of the pasta bowl, shaved some Parmesan, found some basil still alive out on the patio and snapped a picture. I set done the phone and dug in. Hard to see them, but the meatballs were in there. Too late for the official post photo, I remembered the garlic bread!

Plenty of film, so not much lost. I’m going with canned Red Gold brand crushed tomatoes with a few herbs and powders these days. Makes a simple and delicious sauce, tomato puree adds body to the gravy.

Lunch Pr0n

We try to keep several sides in the fridge because they are a welcome head start. Add a sammich of some sort and you are golden. Just as an aside: Those Glad plastic containers are very good. They’re the 64 oz size and they seal very well. You don’t want to microwave anything with tomato sauce in them because you will never get the red out.

A little hot giardiniera makes this smoked pork into a special treat.

Some slaw atop this one makes for a more traditional sammich. Traditional for us, anyway. The drink is a leftover screwdriver from last night that I made and was afraid to drink because it was too close to bedtime. I’m sure it’s after five somewhere.

Dumpling Soup

I saw somewhere that those frozen pot sticker dumplings can be turned into soup so I tried it with some that were stuffed with pork and chives. I cooked these for too long, the wrappers were too soft as result. I treated it as a sweet and sour egg drop soup. I think I beat the eggs to much. I think just breaking the yolk is how to do it but I’m too lazy to look at an actual recipe.