Stuffed Pepper Sauce

Mrs J was asking about the next soup. I waffled with a mention of chicken something and she rolled her eyes and said the she liked the stuffed pepper soup. So do I. This one is half Italian sausage, half ground beef. I brought out a quart of the stewed tomatoes we put up a while back.

It’s certainly versatile, we like it over spaghetti. I think the leftovers will be with wild rice mix.

New Camera

We were having difficulties with the camera we had covering the back yard so we replaced it. Just for a change of scene we decided to locate it to where it would get a look at the activity at these feeders hanging from a good sized walnut. It’s on a temporary mount until I can rig something better.

Pancake Pr0n

I had the big griddle still out from making smash burgers so we had pancakes. I find it hard to regulate the heat, the thing is big and heavy and is slow to heat and slow to cool. Cooking eggs on it is still mostly in the error side of the trials.