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Last of the Pork Tenderloin

20161025_1226401600x1200What to do… what to do with those last scraps of pork… Stir Fry!  I managed to use up that last little bit of onion and a few last florets of broccoli, too.  I did open a new bottle of oyster sauce, though.20161025_1234141600x1200Didn’t quite scrape the bottom of the chili paste (sambal) bottle but I will be adding it to the store list.

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Sammich Pr0n – Mushroom Swiss Burgers



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Apple Turnovers

I’ve been telling myself I should and today is the day I finally thawed the phyllo dough and made something.  We decided on fruit turnovers and went with an apple filling.  Here’s a short Youtube on the technique.  I have to say, I wish my phyllo dough was as tractable as hers.20161022_1238491600x1200We managed 8 turnovers using 1 of the 2 rolls that came in the package.  These we went ahead and baked, the other roll we made the turnovers but stopped before the egg wash step and placed them into the freezer for later.20161022_1240161600x1200These have the egg mixture brushed on and sugar sprinkled on.  We opted not to add cinnamon but that is up to you.  The apple filling had plenty in it.20161022_1308511600x1200These went about 7-1/2 minutes at 375 in a convection oven, the tray was turned about half way through.20161022_1454581600x1200These have been brushed with a powdered sugar glaze.  They are pretty good!

Of course, you can use just about any fresh fruit or jam for these.  You can go for savory and do them with veggies, meats, or cheese – or all three!  I saw a good looking recipe for spinach and feta triangles while browsing Youtube this morning.

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