Picnicking Birds

I like this one. The ambient light was low enough to trigger the switch to night mode. The camera says it was taken after five in the afternoon but I never take the recorded time as gospel.


These are the first sammies to use the latest batch of sauerkraut.

I’ve lost track of when these were started. I’m guessing five weeks ago but it could be longer. They haven’t made any bubbles for at least two weeks. The flavor is good, just what we expected. I’ve taken them from the counter and placed them into the fridge. They are flavored with caraway seeds.

TaMara’s Cider Muffins

Mrs J made some of those cider donut muffins yesterday and they turned out rather well. She also baked a yellow cake and iced it with store bought frosting that we spiked with cinnamon and butter.

We had a bit of the frosting left, we hit it with more brown sugar and cinnamon, warmed it in the microwave and spooned that over some of the donut holes.

We found that we needed to melt more butter. The donut holes get drenched and then sugared all over. It was all good!