Last One!

I have enough of the gyro meat for a couple more but we’ve eaten all the tzatziki. I think I’ll freeze the meat to seed the freezer with a “lookee what I found” item after I’ve forgotten all about it.

Breakfast for Lunch

The gravy is a little thinner than I like. I added more milk to the pan after turning off the flame. I haven’t bought any sausage in the tubes in a good while but they can be tasty with added garlic, sage, and black pepper. Remember, black pepper is an important food group.

Gyros Again

This is for the same basic gyros the we had for lunch. enhanced with crumbled feta and chopped fresh herbs. I have Thai basil and Greek oregano ready to go.

The tzatziki is so good we have to have some on the side to be sure we have some in every bite.