Picnicking Birds


Chili Chicken Soup

This is the last of the bag of fresh noodles I opened the other day for the stir fry.  Some of the noodles were stuck together.  The stir fried batch was the same.  I think the noodles were not as fresh as they could have been, but the problem may have been on my end.  I froze them all right away and only partially thawed the bag I opened before hacking the bundle in two.

Chili Chicken Lo Mein

Lo mein is a favorite around here, it’s a quick stir fry and a good place for me to put chili oil which I love love love.  I made this particular dish to try out some fresh lo mein noodles we bought at the Asian foods store when we were last there.Spaghetti noodles don’t quite make the grade.  These were pretty good.  They need to par-boil for a few minutes before they are added to the stir fry.  I pulled them from the water with a spider and dropped them into the chicken and veggies after a moment to drain.We grabbed a few packets of the dried variety while there.  These look perfect for chicken noodle soup.

Pinto Beans

They don’t really need soaking overnight.  A long, slow simmer will get the job done.  These were simmered with garlic sausages.  The sausages went in whole and were fished out to cool a bit then sliced and returned to the pot.