Breakfast Pr0n

Pork Tenderloin and Hash Browns

These are coming along well.  I diced the potatoes and gave them a good soak.  Dry them off well in a towel or some such and then toss them in oil and cook on medium high.  It’ll take 20 minutes or longer.  I put a bunch of chopped chives in with these.  Salt and pepper as you go along.  I added a pat of butter towards the end – I think it helps to brown them.I wanted to finish the sous vide tenderloin cutlets with a glaze.  The sauce ingredients in this recipe seemed to fit the bill.  This was going to have to reduce on the stove top so I went with a nice big skillet to get it done quickly.The cutlets stayed in a 143° water bath for a bout three hours and I gave them a bit of a turn in the mustard glaze before plating.Everything went great.  The honey mustard glaze was delicious and the hash browns very very good, as well.

Yet More Soup

It’s been rainy for several days this week, still rainy today.  I need to mow but that’s not happening anytime soon.  It does make for good soup weather.  Beef and barley is a fave, I’m thinking chicken rice for tonight.