Management takes a dim view of pocket stuffing at the all you can eat buffet.

Chicken Breast with Dipping Sauce

The sauce is mainly sweet Thai chili sauce with some citrus-y habanero and a few dabs of this and that.  Don’t ask!  I don’t remember – just some sauces from the fridge.  I really should have sliced the humongous breast instead of trying to pound it flat.  It grew so much that two of them didn’t fit in my skillet.I think there is a dab of ketchup in it.  The chicken was floured, dipped in egg wash, and then coated with panko.

Tortilla *mumble mumble*

I’ve no idea what to call these.  I did everything on the griddle at the same time and the process determined the end point.  I put the tortillas on and grated a bunch of cheese on them and dumped the egg, onion, pepper, pork mixture onto the other end and kept on grating cheddar over everything.  I served the above plate thinking I’d eat that with a fork but the tortilla was toasted too stiff.Mrs J knew what to do with hers.  I followed suit albeit with a need for many more paper towels  It was sloppy eating with all the salsas but it was very good.

Sammich Pr0n

Smoked pork with a really tasty bbq sauce.  It’s from Kroger’s private selection label – “dark ale and chipotle” and I would make a version if I thought I could get close enough.  The last two trips I looked and it wasn’t stocked and I hope I don’t run out.