Soup Soup Soup

I did the ramen a little differently today.  I boiled a kettle full of water and poured it over the noodle bricks and let them soak.  I guess they went about 30 minutes before I transferred them into the bowls and added the veggies and broth.I’m getting better with my timing on the egg but I suspect it was just luck that this one was perfect.

Soup ‘n Sammy

We had company for lunch, so I stretched the quart of canned tomato soup with a 28oz can of “San Marzano style” tomatoes that I pureed in the can with a stick blender.  I gave it a wee dusting of ground cloves to bring it up to spec.  Worked great.

Stir Fry Cabbage

This was easy.  I fried some sliced sausages in butter and olive oil till barely browned and then set them aside on a paper towel.   Add sliced onions and peppers and cook them a little.  Add garlic and chopped cabbage and toss to coat with the butter and oil, adding more if needed.  Put the sausage slices back in, add a couple tablespoons or so of soy sauce, toss, and cover.  Let it go for 15 or 20 minutes, stirring a time or two.  Ideally the cabbage will caramelize a little but you should cook it to suit.