Picnicking Birds


Pork & Beans

I’ve done these before, I think.  A rack of ribs slow cooked with some beans from a can, kicked up with a lot of onion, a fresh jalapeno or two, a can of greens chilies, bbq sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, about a cup of crushed pineapples with the juice, and the other seasonings you use use when you’re bringing your best game.  I have a favorite brand of beans and you probably do, too.  It’s worth it to start with the good beans rather than the generic house brands.

I do these in a hotel pan that fits neatly into my toaster oven, it has a handy slow cook setting that runs four hours.  I sprinkle a dry rub onto the ribs and start the four hour cook while I do all the veggie chopping, mixing, and sauteing – bringing the bean mixture to a simmer.  It was the two hour mark when the beans were poured over the ribs.

There’s nothing that makes me think this wouldn’t work well in a crock pot, you would have to cut the rack up some to fit it into your pot.  Maybe stack them vertically around the edges and put the beans in the middle.

Sammich Pr0n

Rather than add the giardiniera as a topping, this time it was added to the pork as it heated in the saute pan.  The buns are from the Kroger deli bakery and are quite small.  They could hold a standard sized hot dog but are on the small side even for hot dog buns.