Country Ribs

Country ribs are not like spare ribs, they are cut from the shoulder and usually do not include the bone but they sometimes do. I wanted to see if the salt and pepper recipe would work. I was expecting it do do fine and I wasn’t disappointed.

It didn’t need 3 hours, after 1 hour the pieces were looking pretty far along so I covered them with a sheet of foil. I checked the temps with a meat thermometer after 2 hours and they were done. I saw 200 degree internal temps and pulled them out. They were great with bbq sauce, and fork tender.


Chili dog follows chili as surely as Gabe follows Mrs J.

A pair of possums noodle about on the stump before the snowstorm.

Most woodpeckers use their tail feathers as props when needed. Not sure if it causes more wear and tear but I’m sure they know what they are doing.

Soup and sammy. I used spaghetti for the noodles, fettuccine works well, too.

Pork bbq with the instapot beans and some leftover mac for sides.

The last snow event has just begun as this cardinal visits the stump feeder.

A skycrane view of Bitsy as she naps on my lap. She prefers the pillow but she will make do without if she must.