Picnicking Birds

Soon Gone

This is my view from the window over the kitchen Sink.  Can you spot my little friend?The last couple of days we’ve had a few hummers going about their usual routine.  We’ll keep the feeders up for a while yet for the benefit of the stragglers.

Taco Pr0n

We had another go at tacos for supper.  Mrs J says she loves tacos and says it with similar enthusiasm as when she says she loves French toast.  I believe her, and not old Mrs. Butterworth.

Pork Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

When I smoked that last shoulder I had a foil pan under it to catch the drippings.  I chilled that liquid so I could more easily separate the fat from the juices.  I used all the fat to make a thick gravy.  It took a lot of flour to make the roux so the gravy set up tight in the fridge.  With a spider, I dipped the cooked potato pieces from the cooking water and used that starchy water and a whisk to bring a big spoonful of that cold gravy concentrate back to life.  I really should freeze the rest of it.