We Get Visitors

This is why I put a camera here. Gabe loves his UPS driver because he gets a treat every time. I wish he’d park just a tad closer to the walkway.

Ham & Eggs

Ham and eggs with thin sliced potatoes. I cooked the potatoes in a second skillet because they took longer than the peppers and onion. I tossed the ham into the veggies when they were nearly done and added the potatoes when the ham took on some color. The eggs went into the pan the potatoes cooked in. They didn’t take long.


This pulled pork sammich is drenched in that batch of vinegar based bbq sauce I made last week. It’s growing on me. I made a quick side of cheesy potatoes with that cheese sauce made with sodium citrate to make the cheddar melty. I par boiled the sliced potatoes before draining them and covering the slices with the sauce. They baked at 400℉ with buttered panko crumbs on top until browned and bubbly.

A double cheese smash burger – pickles, onion, mustard. These are so good!

Easy Chicken Dinner

The thighs baked in a small pan with potato wedges. Collect the fat from the pan and make gravy with a roux and chicken stock. The broccoli steamed while the gravy was making. Took an hour to go from raw chicken to the table.