Leftover Lover’s Lunch

Front and center is a quesadilla that is a leftover on a technicality.  We had cheeseburgers for dinner the day before yesterday and had a bit of ground beef thawed but not used for the burgers.  The pizza we had a while back and froze the remainder.  The glob to the left is that potato and ham casserole from last night.  Still some of that left!

Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

I threw this together, loosely following this recipe, with frozen shredded potatoes.  It’s similar to the copycat casserole I made a while back but without the sour cream or chicken soup.The recipe called for peas but I forgot them.  It did really want something green to pretty it up so there are chopped green onions.  It was good, not as good as the casserole with the sour cream but it was fine.  I may go with ham in that recipe when I get the urge to do something like this again.

Seen on the Internets

Last of the Turkey!

This isn’t the last of a Thanksgiving turkey, we roasted a 12 pounder 2 weeks ago as a warm-up.  We feed the dogs rice plus, usually, chicken.  The turkey was going to be part of a big batch of rice but it didn’t make it.  We’ve been eating on it since.  We did save a bowlful for their dinner tonight.
Just as an aside, the Kroger branded wide egg noodles have been awful. Thin, fall apart in the fridge overnight awful. Take a bag full of them to the back field for the ‘coons awful. The noodles in the photo are Mrs Miller’s.Kroger, if you are listening, what are you thinking?  Bad, BAD noodles.