Picnicking Birds


The usual chili with both ground beef and chorizo. I like the kick this one had from the fermented peppers. I used those copycat chili beans plus a can of Kroger house brand beans because I ran out of the homemade.

Chicken Noodle

I made vegetable stock the other day, it went right into the soup. The Thai, sweet basil, and flatleaf parsley are all big enough to crop so they went in there. I just bought some thin Chinese noodles that I tried out. They work well enough, they claim to be egg noodles but use only the whites.


I tried out one of the rolled up pizza crusts and managed to get it somewhat ready for toppings after a struggle. It needs to be room temp to unroll, but it needs to be unrolled right onto a baking tray because it is then hard to move, being very stretchy. The sausage and olives went a long way in covering up rookie fumbles. Probably not going to try it again