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Getting Ready To Face Monday

I could listen to this on repeat all night:


Happy Easter From My Two Easter Danes (Bonus Bixby Puppy Pics!)

It took some doing but I was finally able to snap a picture of the elusive Dabbit’s that live in my backyard.

They really aren’t as unhappy as they look…it’s all fun and games until I tell them to hold.

I’m getting ready to put the rib roast in the oven. We’re keeping it simple today with garlic mashed potatoes, and cucumber tomato salad and a spinach walnut salad. Easter candy for dessert.

When I downloaded the bunny ear photos, somehow a file full of Bixby puppy pictures showed up. I don’t remember seeing most of them. He was 8 weeks old. OMG! That face. Those wrinkles. And that tag is the same one he wears today…which is conspicuously missing in today’s photo. Time to buy a new one – no idea where or when it disappeared.

That is Jake’s bunny and he is not amused. No one touches his rabbit. Which is why 2 1/2 years later, that bunny is still in one piece on my bed.

Happy Easter everyone. Here is to new beginnings!

Happy Easter – Hug Somebunny Today


Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Bixby was annoying me with his barking the other morning…I buzzed his bark collar and still he barked (I rarely have to even use his collar – it’s pretty harmless, you get a bigger buzz when your table is ready at Chilis – but it’s effective). I was about to buzz him again when I looked out and realized he was looking up and barking.

The balloon was almost low enough to see the people in it! So I guess he was right to bark on, despite the my protestations.

My new house has come with many pleasant surprises – and being on the flight path for the local hot air balloons is one. We get several at a time a few times a week.

Rock on Bixby, rock on.


A Little Cooking Humor

Speaking Of Gardening

Brought these in just before the snow this week. My yard is full of bulbs and can’t wait for them to bloom.

Therapeutic Hobbies: A Little Clay, A Little Glaze

I’ve been wanting to take a pottery class for a while and a friend found one that seemed just perfect. No pressure and we could come and go as time permitted. It has been great fun with very nice instructors. Here is what the last month produced:

The little green bowl was the first piece I made. The purple was the first project on the wheel. The heart bowl was another hand built technique. Actually used it as a serving bowl tonight.

I made the mugs on the wheel on the same night, because my instructor said they should come in pairs. In reality, it was in case one didn’t survive the process. Luckily they both did. The gold handle actually came out of the “extruder” (think cookie press) curled and I decided it should stay that way. I had a great deal of help in attaching to the mug – definitely an advanced process. I was able to do the other handle on my own.

Actually had coffee in one this morning.

I have a few more pieces to finish up and I want to make some trivets for the kitchen. But probably going to have to slow down the classes as gardening is about to take up a whole lot more time.

Puppy Update: Lolly and Her Pups

My heart still belongs to Lolly. She had her checkup last week and besides being extremely underweight, a lot of her teeth are broken from gnawing at wood, wall board and other things while locked in the abandoned house. It looks like she’ll be with LFern until she’s ready to leave foster care, so I’ll get to see her again with any luck. She’ll be fully recovered and healthy in no time.

The puppies are all doing well and are 7 weeks old. They are weaned and four have gone on to another foster home so everyone gets lots of personal time in order to help them socialize. I know it was difficult for the Fern family, but important for puppy development, so they were happy to do what was best for them.

Click on any photo to see pups full size and start the slide show.

Original post is here.


Days of Our Lives: Love Triangle

Things are getting a little racy in Longmont:

As feathered friends take up song and begin the year, indulge me while I talk about a non-gardening topic. High above the Boulder County Fairgrounds drama has unfolded, capturing the attention — and imagination — of fans.

The resident ospreys returned for the summer and they opened the season like avian Kardashians, with strange females, a two-timing male, bad boy attacks, and the struggles of a female to keep her man. Via the live feed from the Osprey Cam, fans tune in from across the globe to watch the pair and offer thoughts (and sometimes judgements) on the nesting and mating habits of the pair.


The interloper strutted about the nest, protecting it as if it were hers. A second, then a third unknown female visited; an unknown male made a brief attack run. Clearly this nest — festooned with plastic flotsam the male finds irresistible — is prime real estate.

But then the Resident Female arrived on March 25 and addressed the shenanigans. “She’s usually fashionably late compared to other area ospreys. Perhaps she migrates farther,” said Finks. Feathers were ruffled, then flew in a brief scuffle, and the usurping female fled

Now the male pays loving attention to his one and only: he nurtures her, and she him, gently bumping together as they repair the nest or bring each other fish.

Read the enitre drama filed story at the Longmont Times-Call here.

Love watching these guys on our walks. Always seem to catch them at dinner time when they are fishing – often unsuccessfully – in the ponds.


A Little Garden News

Spring is happening and I couldn’t be happier. If you all remember I moved to my new house in July. When I first looked at it, it was mid-May and it was a whirlwind time. So it should come as no surprise that my spring garden holds many unknown treats for me. I’ve been enjoying each and every one  (yes, even the daylilies that will soon be removed). Here are few shots from this week:

First butterfly

Lots of bulbs, most of the greens are up, can’t wait to see what types and colors I have.

The strawberries appear to have survived the dogs. I have the bed fenced off, but Bixby seems to think that means it’s his own private playpen. Sigh.

Bleeding hearts that I will move to the rock garden as the weather warms up and I don’t risk losing it.

A few good days of rain (thank fully the snow stayed west and south) and my lilacs are ready to pop. There are over a dozen in my tiny yard and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’m plotting out the vegetable garden, but that’s a good month away….