Steak & Fries

The rib-eye gave me a chance to try out a new steak knife set. They were often seen in reviews as one of the top choices in the “not cheap but won’t break the bank” category.

The knife worked well, as expected. Sous vide steaks at 132°f for a couple of hours, air fryer fries as per directions – 400° for 4 minutes, then again for 4 more after a shake.

Beef Stroganoff

I often make it with canned mushroom soup but this one features a scratch made gravy. Beef stock is the usual ingredient but I had an open box of chicken broth that worked well enough with a few spoons of the Better Than Bouillon organic beef stirred in. The distinctive ingredient for stroganoff is the sour cream, I always buy French onion dip rather than actual sour cream because it tastes better.

Broccoli Chicken

It’s in a basic brown sauce made with oyster sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, broth, sweet soy, and corn starch. I marinated the chicken in the sauce for an hour, then cooked the drained meat, removed it, steamed the broccoli with some added water, then returned the chicken plus the remainder of the marinade to thicken the sauce and rewarm it.

I buried the jasmine rice under the meat and veggies.

Sausage and Sauerkraut

This is one of Mrs J’s favorites, especially with the potatoes added. I sprinkled a few caraway seeds into this one. It needs very little prep and even less if you don’t peel the potatoes. I like to dip bites of the sausage into mustard.

Sloppy Joe

The joe was so sloppy I used a slotted spoon to make the sammiches. The remainder in the pot was so soupy that I decided to add a can of chili ready tomato bits and a good sprinkle of chili powder.

It transformed the joe into a credible sauce for making a spaghetti version of chili mac.