Stuffed Pepper Soup

This is one of our favorites.  It has Italian sausage and ground beef with a load of chopped green peppers, onions, garlic, a quart of my canned stewed tomatoes, and enough stock to thin it to requirements.  A tablespoon or two of tomato paste gives the color a boost.  Make it thicker than typical soups and it is a pretty good pasta sauce.  Good over rice.  I season it with Italian herbs.


Kroger is selling these 14″ pies for $5.  This one started out as a plain cheese.  I added ham, bacon, corned beef, pickled peppers, and more cheese, plus a good sprinkling of oregano and garlic powder.
They sell pizzas with other toppings – they have a pepperoni, an “ultimeat” with three or four different meats, and one with peppers and mushrooms and other such.

Black Bean and Bacon Soup

I soaked a bag of beans overnight and then simmered them all day in water and powdered chicken stuff. Lots of powders! Onion and garlic of course, with that chicken powder that is so damn salty I tell myself not to use so much, next time. I forget. Next time for sure. It’s not ruined but you won’t be adding any at the table. Ground cumin, ancho chili powder, Mexican oregano. Onion flake! Some dried jalapeno flake! It was exciting!!

Pizza Pizza

I used Alton Brown’s recipe for the crust and had it in the stand mixer with the dough hook kneading away when I realized I had not put in any yeast.  I added twice the amount and hand kneaded it in before going back with the big mixer for several more minutes.  It wasn’t the disaster I thought it might be but I’ve done better.
The sauce was a Bechamel with white cheddar and it was great! Strictly speaking a Bechamel with cheese is a Mornay sauce.  Toppings were broccoli and turkey.I rolled some string cheese  that I found in the bottom of the veggie bin into the crust edge.  It was so old that I’ve had it in three different refrigerators.  It was still as good as new, not that that is a high bar.

Biscuits and Gravy

We bought several turkeys last winter when they were stupid cheap.  We pulled one from the freezer the other day, thawed it, and roasted it overnight in the oven at 225°.  Wish I had taken a picture.  It browned nicely despite being in a covered roaster the entire time.
I made lots of stock and a nice batch of gravy, it was perfect for serving with a nice pan biscuit.  I made a dish with some with veggies – eating it this way has taken over from the the pot pie as our favored turkey gravy delivery system.
Much of the turkey meat went into Mrs J’s dog food enhancer – rice with some sort of meat protein. She rolls portions into plastic bags and freezes them. The pups get dry food plus the rice mix.  The fact that she was running short is what prompted the enterprise.