Gently sautéed in garlic oil and butter and served with a pat of dill butter and a lemon wedge.

Chicken Cooked In Wine

Very loosely based on this recipe. I used boneless thighs because they taste better than breasts. I had a cup or so of white wine that I feared would be vinegar if I kept it any longer. I poured it into a glass and added a teaspoon each of garlic and chicken ‘better than bouillon’ and used that to deglaze the skillet. That’s all the seasoning the dish got other than the heavy cream and S&P. I served it over a box mix wild rice. Two thumbs up!


A pizza topped with meatballs and cheeses.

Ollie watches Gabe and asks, “where’s the squirrel?”

Mrs J’s sharp eyes spotted a little mantis on her rescue rose this morning.

I have a huge backlog of pics featuring the no longer extant post feeder.

Picnicking Buntings

Random Wildlife

I also have a huge backlog of picnicking bird photos. This is from February.

Sammich Pr0n

There were a few ribs leftover from that last rack so I boned them and then chopped the meat fine. I warmed the sauced meat in a nonstick skillet and had mine topped with hot giardiniera on one of those nice onion buns.