Shrimp and Summer Salads

Summer slaw is actually what Kroger named the slaw that this version copies. It’s cabbage chopped small with cucumber, green onions, and chopped tomatoes. It’s in a slaw dressing that is slightly sweetened. Mrs J gives it thumbs up. The shrimp is from frozen and was air fried.

Meatball Soup

We bought a big bag of frozen meatballs the last trip we made to the store and I took a notion to make a soup of them. I thought I had made one before, and sure enough there was one from way back in 2011.

I did a Google search for meatball soups to see what recipes they had on offer after ten years and was tickled when I saw the thumbnail photo for the Allrecipes entry was one of the photos I took for my post then:

I may have uploaded the picture myself because I am registered with the site. They may have scraped it from Flickr because all of my pictures there have a Creative Commons copyright. These days I don’t send anything to Flickr. They changed hands and are no longer a free service past a certain number of uploads. Can’t blame them for wanting to make money; Twitter is still free and these days that’s where I send most of the photos I want to share.

Tomatoes & Eggs

It also has a couple of roasted Anaheim peppers and chopped basil from the patio garden The gizmo on the far right of the frame makes roasting veggies on the stove top a snap.

I chopped the basil and stirred it into the eggs before I changed the focus to be more Tex-Mex but I figured they wouldn’t matter much. And I do have basil aplenty:

The lower level is mostly basil plus a few containers of parsley. A summer milestone – I picked a hornworm off of the tomato plant yesterday.

Soup & Sammy

I’ve been adding Chinese 5 spice to my tomato soup for years now. It kicks it up a notch, as Emeril is wont to say. This is from a can of tomato bits that I ran a tick blender through. The bulk of the soup is chicken stock. I grated carrot and onion into it because I had some of those left from the chicken noodle soup the other day. I also used some powdered gelatin in there to give it more body.

Mushroom Soup

We’ve made this several times but it’s been long enough ago that I forgot just how delicious it is. I hit it with the stick blender to get a better chop on the mushrooms. It has regular paprika in it, the red garnish is Aleppo pepper. There is a lot of chopped parsley in there, cooked with the mushrooms and onions, plus the garnish

Steak Pr0n

I have so much parsley that it was a no brainer to make a fresh batch of chimichurri. They had a sale on rib eyes so I grabbed a few. Unlike the strip steaks they had been selling, these were actually tender enough to eat. These did spend some time in the sous vide pot at 132℉ before getting a sear in butter.