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Spaghetti Carbonara

dsc_2207-1600x1200I used too many eggs for the amount of pasta I had* but I had no complaints from Gabe, our plate licker.  Some slices of the porchetta went into this one, it works well enough but I think I actually prefer just plain bacon.

*2 whole eggs plus 2 yolks for 7oz dry spaghetti



20170223_111706-1600x1200Breakfast pr0n!  Not what we had for breakfast, actually.  More a breakfast for lunch.  I don’t eat breakfast and Mrs J contents herself with a bagel but we both love waffles.  The bacon is thin sliced porchetta.20170224_092427-1600x1200I didn’t dump all the patio herbs, I wanted to see if they would come back in the spring.  The chives are doing great but the sage next to it still looks dead.  The bare twigs at the far right are rosemary that I am still hoping will show new growth but nothing yet.20170224_092346-1600x1200The front gardens are just barely showing some color – the scilla can be counted on for a touch of early blue.  The day lilies are greening, as are the daffodils and sedum.dsc_2191-1600x1200More meatballs!  I made several, there are two left.  Not enough for a proper sammich but I guess I can do a couple of meatball sliders.20170223_115130-1600x1200These were out for a last rise before baking.  I busied myself about making that breakfast-for-lunch while they were out and they really puffed up before I could get them into the oven.dsc_5597-1600x1200Here’s Ollie, watching me compose this post.  He’s already made himself at home.  He is fitting in rather well with no apparent animosities developing with any of the other cats.dsc03901-1600x1200One of the shelter cats.  The eyes in the original picture were highlighted by a stray beam that prompted me to play that up with a few tweaks.



Sammich Pr0n – Porchetta & Egg



Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit


Sammich Pr0n


More Porchetta

dsc_2156-1600x1200The other half of that pork belly I bought back from Behrmann’s.  I bought an additional small tenderloin to wrap up inside.  I butterflied it and pounded it flat and gave it a smear of  the same rub as I used the last time:  Rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic, fennel fronds, toasted black peppercorns and fennel seeds all processed into a paste with a little olive oil.dsc_2154-1600x1200I did the rub on the meat side and a salt/baking soda rub on the skin side and left it to dry in the fridge, skin side up, for 2 days.  I set it out on the counter at room temp for a couple of hours this morning, then rolled it up and tied it.  It spent 4 hours in a 300 oven on a rack.  I pulled it and drained the fat from the pan, cranked the temp on the oven to 500, and gave it another 30 minutes or so, checking every 10.  It’s a wonder it didn’t set off the smoke alarm.

Egg Roll Wrapper Lasagna

20170216_080340-1600x1200I don’t remember where I first saw this tip but they really do work very well.  I do remember the chef saying, “after all, they’re just thin sheets of pasta”.  These wraps are 8″ square.20170215_165815-1600x1200I peeled them off two at a time for the first layers but tried to separate them better when it looked as though they would run short.  20170215_205851-1600x1200Setting the tray outside to take advantage of the evening chill to help set the lasagna, it cooled enough by bed time to slice cleanly. I lost count as it was assembled but I think there are four layers.  It went sauce – wrap -sauce -spinach, ricotta, and Parmesan mix – crumbled sausage – wrap, repeated until I ran out of wraps.  It finished with a generous layer of shredded mozzarella atop the last of the ricotta mix and sausage.20170215_205919-1600x1200It baked at 350 for nearly an hour, covered.  I took the lid off for the last 10-15 minutes.


dsc_2130-1600x1200Breakfast!  This is the last of the pork belly porchetta.  I have the other half of that pork belly thawing for another go at it.  I need to find some more fennel fronds.dsc_2137-1600x1200I made a sticky chicken dish the other day, pretty good stuff.  The sauce is honey, sesame oil, soy, oyster sauce, ketchup, black vinegar, sweet soy sauce, garlic, and ginger.  The chicken is chopped bone in thighs plus some thin sliced breast.  Marinate in the same sauce.  The only other veggie is a big Vidalia onion.dsc_2144-1600x1200And the next day we had a rehash of the sticky chicken done as a fried rice dish.  I added some snow peas and a few sweet red peppers, plus a scrambled egg fried thin and then sliced.20170213_100914-1600x1200I still need practice with my bun making, don’t quite yet have the hang of it.dsc_2141-1600x1200They work well enough.  That’s my own garlic pepper sausage, it’s a good recipe.20170213_114221-1600x1200Sometimes grilled peppers and onions hit the spot, but I can get by with fresh without feeling bad about it.  I need to make some more slaw.20170213_110223-1600x1200Cookies!  More of those coconut chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies.  We keep running out.  I bought a big canister of oats this time.dsc_2126-1600x1200Mmm… cheeseburger!  I made this with the next to last slice of that porchetta.  The provolone was sliced thin and melted to envelope the entire burger patty like it had been sprayed on.20170208_155641-1600x1200Beer can roast chicken. I thought that the drippings were going to burn when I looked in on this thing so it got a half cup of water added while roasting.  That helped to keep it moist, too.dsc_5588-1600x1200I was noodling around with the camera the other evening, doing some low light snaps, and caught all the excitement!  Ms Bea is particularly agitated.

Puttering About In The Kitchen

dsc_2133-1600x1200I still have a few slices of the porchetta tenderloin to use and had one of them in a skillet warming, not really with a firm plan.  Hmm… open a can of tomato bits with green chilies and dump that in.  Needs to go atop something… pasta?  Polenta!  Wait, there’s a slice of cornbread left over from the red beans.  Frugal is my middle name.

This worked so well I may use it again with purpose baked cornbread.  Maybe the kind made with creamed corn.  Hmm… creamed corn and black beans?