Breakfast Wreath

I bought some garlicy salami the other day and bet myself that it would make a tasty addition to any number of recipes.

I pulled it for a few minutes under the broiler to finish the top. Grated on some sharp cheddar and NOM!

Apple Pie!

This was going to be one of those food hack recipes using cinnamon rolls from the exploding can as crust. We had hopes!

Mistakes were made. Let’s not dwell on that.

We salvaged the apple filling, Mrs J made a nice crust for those and we made do with a basic apple pie.

Twice Baked!

Soup and Soup & Sammy

I had plenty of broth left over from this ramen so I added more noodles and some veg to stretch it out.

Everyone loves grilled cheese.

We made upside down cake because I ate the last piece of the last cake last night. I hope this one lasts. Not sorry!

Sammich Pr0n

Those grilled red peppers look like something extruded. They did taste good on this brat. We hardly ever buy brats but they had a 2for1 sale. Also, I had hoagie buns in the freezer that were going to be too dry for all but dressing or bread crumbs if they were not used pretty soon now.

I’m serving a 2for1 sloppy joe sammich post. Only the toppings have been changed. This one has that delicious olive salad.

Fermented peppers on this joe. The slaw is actually a new batch but it is the same vinaigrette dressing: Rice vinegar, slug of Dijon, splash of water, a very small glug of canola oil, celery seed, black pepper and salt. I finally remembered to not buy the package with the red cabbage in the mix.

Pastrami Hash

Start with pastrami. Pastrami is just corned beef that has been smoked. This one spent the night in my little electric job with peach wood providing the smoke.

The pastrami is cooked through so it just needs warming. Do the potatoes first. I am fairly patient but the browning process always takes too long. Maybe I’m not so patient.

My flat leaf parsley is still alive so I brought in a good amount and chopped it to add some color. The chives sighed in relief when I passed them by. You must serve the hash with fried eggs. I don’t make the rules.

Chicken in a Sweet Brown Sauce

The sauce is broth plus oyster sauce, splashes of fish sauce, black vinegar, sesame oil, sweet soy sauce, and corn starch. The chicken is sliced breast meat that marinated in soy sauce with a lot of corn starch plus various splashes of the same ingredients listed above. I fried the chicken in oil to brown it and then added the broth mixture. It thickened nicely what with all the corn starch.

I started out thinking more broccoli but because I’m lazy opted for frozen peas. They are green, too! A little turmeric in the rice cooker turns the rice a nice yellow color. I don’t think it changes the taste much, if at all.

A Week’s Worth

Olive salad really perks up frozen pizza. This one is a muffuletta mix I bought from Amazon. It’s a giardiniera with more olives in the mix.

A sous vide slice of pork tenderloin with a few veggies.

These are tilapia fillets that Kroger had the last time we went. I like their store packaged fresh fish because they are not half water like the frozen fish they sell. Not sure just how fresh they are but they haven’t been frozen. I made the tartar sauce with a spoon of the olive salad.

A pork steak with fried potatoes and baked beans. I slow cooked the steak in a skillet atop the stove, adding a bbq sauce towards the end.

This was good. It is from a frozen bag of honey chicken served over broccoli fried rice. I’m liking the  basmati rice I used. The rice is never sticky so you can use it for fried rice right away. This plate is topped with fried chili peppers in oil. I’ve made my own but this is store bought.