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Sammich Pr0n – Italian Beef

20160726_134110(1600x1200)My dough-fu is still weak.  I don’t know why I laid these out on the tray like that.  I’m going with “brain fart” because I’m old.  Still, they do work pretty much as intended:20160726_172527(1600x1200)I dropped a beef roast into the crock pot yesterday with onions and the usual array of Italian herbs, a can of beef broth, and a healthy splash of Marsala cooking wine.  I wanted to try out the Marsala because I just bought a gallon and wanted to see if it was any good.  I think it worked out fine.


20160724_094031(1600x1200)I think ten is the sweet spot when baking the King Arthur bun recipe, not too big, not too small.20160724_120430(1600x1200)Just the right size!20160724_174648(1600x1200)Made some tuna salad today, we’ve been giving that bread slicing gadget a workout.  Tuna salad on toast is another good way to use the tomatoes we have coming on strong.  Probably going to boil down some more juice soon.20160724_174830(1600x1200)We are starting to grow fond of leaf lettuce on sammiches, it doesn’t have the same crunch as iceberg but it does lay nice and flat and uniform.20160723_123019(1600x1200)Gabe goes from 90 miles per hour to naptime in about 6 seconds flat.20160721_103040(1600x1200)I have a better photo of the eggs in that nest I first posted about a week ago.  We tried to get a video of the little bird flying from the nest but failed to get anything useful.  I did get a little better look at the bird but just confirmed that it was a wee brown birdie.  It might be a house finch but a tip from a commenter over at Balloon Juice pointed me toward the Chipping Sparrow – the wings of our bird are darker than the belly.20160722_131315(1600x1200)Here’s another cold cuts and cheese sammich with a few sides.DSC_2799 (1600x1200)I’ll wrap with a picture from the archive.  I’m tickled by the balancing act this dragonfly is putting on, and I think the colors are pretty.

Peach Cream Cheese Braided Danish

20160721_132116(1600x1200)These things look like they are hard to make but they are really easy.  Easy if you use ready made puff pastry sheets, that is.  I had fun with Google’s image search, using “puff + pastry + peaches’ as search terms I found a picture that looked like what I was aiming for and followed the link to the page it appeared on.  There’s a nice video how-to and the ingredient list at the link.20160721_120235(1600x1200)The recipe used canned peaches but we had fresh to use.  Mrs J peeled and sliced the fresh peaches we bought yesterday and we cooked them in 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of Splemda.  They were ripe enough that they just got a brief simmer.  We cooled them before proceeding.20160721_120445(1600x1200)I wish I had taken this photo after the “braids” were cut, the recipe video goes into that.20160721_112618(1600x1200)Here is one ready for the egg wash and sugar sprinkles.20160721_112850(1600x1200)It’s ready for the oven!  We have a convection oven that tends to cut down on the listed cooking times, we left these in a 400 oven for 10 minutes, then turned them around for another 10.  We cooked the two pieces separately, one stayed in a minute too long.20160721_134737(1600x1200)Delicious!


Gadget Post – Bread Slicing Guide

20160720_132818(1600x1200)We’ve been using the bread machine practically non stop lately, baking loaves for BLT sammiches – because fresh baked bread is just the best.  I’ve had my eye on this slicing aid for a while now and finally coughed up the $30 bucks they wanted for it.  It works well enough, and folds away for storage in its own included bag.  I hang it on a hook.  The back plate slides in to hold it together, just butt the loaf against it and start slicing.  It fits either end so you have a choice of 1/2″ or 3/8″ slices.20160720_121420(1600x1200)

Sammich Pr0n

20160715_132108(1600x1200)We won’t be canning tomato soup out of all the tomatoes…20160715_133110(1600x1200)These BLTs plus fried egg are Mrs J’s most favorit-est thing.  Tasty!

Mmm… Tomato Soup

20160716_200234 (1600x1200)I think a large part of the tomatoes we harvest this year will go towards making more of this fab tomato soup to can.  There’s just something about tomato soup and grilled cheese.  I would hate to run out.

Mmm… Breakfast For Lunch

20160716_124411(1600x1200)Mmm… sausage egg and cheese muffin.  I like my pepper jelly on these things.  Mrs J is a fan of grape jelly on hers.  Of course you will need some muffins…20160716_122126(1600x1200)I broke out my cast iron griddle for these.  A half recipe worked pretty well, this one called for 6 cups of flour but it downsized well enough.  Note the little orange infra-red thermometer in the upper left of the photo – it’s a great addition to your kitchen gadget arsenal.  Amazon has them, this particular one was on sale at the time for $10-$15, I forget the exact figure.  I was able to keep the griddle temps between 350 and 400.  The recipe says 10 minutes a side but 7 or 8 worked pretty well for these.  I popped them into a 350 oven while the sausage patties and the eggs cooked.DSC_1987(1600x1200)

Sammich Eating *

20160713_133602(1600x1200)You’ve seen it before.  Garnishes fall off your sammich.  Sad!20160713_133813(1600x1200)And you’ve made more than you could ever plausibly fit on it.  Wait!  There’s hope!20160713_133954(1600x1200)With a spoon, a fork, or even bare handed (!) you can assure that there is a pepper in every bite.

(!) – please be sure that there are napkins available on the table, we are not uncouth here at W4D

  • * – This has been a public service announcement

Vinegar Cole Slaw with Turmeric

DSC_1978(1600x1200)I promised yesterday to experiment with yellow slaw and did a little thing with mustard on a slaw I had in the fridge.  When I see a yellow tinge to salads and such I expect to see mustard as an ingredient. I was pleasantly surprised to see this one with turmeric, instead.

The prep is similar to what you might see in a recipe for pickles, and that’s what Mrs J thought when she came into the kitchen as the vinegar mixture was heating in the microwave.20160712_124828(1600x1200)I thought that the slaw didn’t look quite as yellow as what I was after so I added a tad more turmeric.   I think it might have turned even more yellow during an overnight chill in the fridge.  I didn’t have much green pepper, I had a very small one hanging on a patio plant I used and then some of those multi-colored mini peppers from the store.  I used Splenda for the sweetener and left out the onions.  I think some finely chopped green onions would work in this.

Sammich Pr0n

DSC_1975(1600x1200)I didn’t know yellow slaw was a thing until I saw some on a TV food show.  This is an ad hoc example, I just added some yellow mustard to some slaw I had in the fridge.  I think I’ll experiment a little.


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