Pork Belly Pr0n

I had some irregular pork belly pieces so I sliced them into bite sized pieces and fried them up.

They came out pretty. I sprinkled them with salt and two kinds of pepper, plus some garlic powder. They were tasty but very chewy. They need slow cooking to get tender.

Just for fun I sliced some thick rashers and cooked them in the toaster oven at 225-250 for a couple of hours. Made a world of difference.

These were good right out of the oven but I needed to see if a quick fry in hot oil would crisp them even more. Maybe it would, but my eggs were getting hard so I took them out before there was an proper result.


My chives are telling me that spring has sprung. I believe they may be too optimistic.

Bea and Gabe are waiting by momma’s cushion-work bin. She’ll be back.

Random Raccoon

I noodled around at the stove this afternoon. I found some frozen chicken thighs in an overlooked cranny in a freezer door. They had been there a good while. I decided to make some broth. No sense wasting broth so I added some noodles.

This bowl seems now as if it was always inevitable. Not really sure what I was looking for in the freezer. The yellow-ish cubes in there are hearts of broccoli stem. I simmered the chicken with those in there to add flavor to the stock. Carrot, too, but they were mostly mush so they were tossed. The crunchy stuff on top is fried onion. I bought a bag at the Asian food store in the before time and I still have a little left.

I walked the dogs while Mrs J was running an errand. Katie finally found a spot to pee but she had to circle that grass clump a few times.

The bird feeder cam captured Kate and Gabe out the other day. It captures them every day, in fact, but I am not sure which day this is, exactly.

Pork Belly

I thawed a big piece of pork belly and trimmed an end to square it up. I halved the remnant piece. A quick search turned up this YouTube video from the Test Kitchen folks:

The piece I cut wasn’t from the best end, one of them was almost all fat, the other had more meat. They spent nearly 3 hours in a 250 oven.

Starting from cold, the next part didn’t take long, about 5-6 minutes for my smaller chunks. I did get the oil maybe a little hotter because it was making a little smoke.

Alas, I was a lot sloppy with the brown sugar mixture, the black spots are extra crispy sugar smacks.

I had mine over garlic noodles with sweet soy and oyster sauce. I decided against going full on chili oil. I may do that next time.

Fiesta Corn

This is such a good side to go with meatloaf. I sauté frozen corn with butter and olive oil. Extras of onion and fresh peppers work great and a dash of cumin works well. Splash in some vinegar and the leftovers make a pretty good cold corn salad.


I boiled these dry egg noodles and served them without broth, save that that came out of the pot with them. I drizzled some oyster sauce and topped them with roast pork. Mrs J says she likes them this way.

I knew I wanted to copy the noodles we saw on a YouTube where a guy tours cities and samples their cuisine. He went to a city in China that was famous for this style of chili noodles. I’ve been eating from a jar of chili oil that I’ve grown quite fond of. I used it liberally in this bowl.