Sammich Pr0n

Ham and egg, no cheese.  Onions and peppers.

Chili Mac and Friends

I get a little twist in my world when I need to describe this as chili mac because elbow mac is the only perfectly correct way to make this dish.  Penne with ridges are first runner up and win the congeniality crown.Of course I made dogs.  I decided to also serve those two sides.  That pasta salad has seen the last of the big elbows unless I decide to visit the only store when I can find them.  It’s just that the store is on the wrong side of the county.  Every other thing that I need I can get buy going down the road the other way.

Ham & Eggs

We made a run to a new store that began selling stuff last Friday.  They were set up well and observed all the Covid precautions.  We needed a lunch, fast, so I fired up the griddle.