Sammich & Salad

This is the old standby sammich of smoked pork with slaw on top. We’ve been eating slaw with a creamy dressing but this one was made with vinegar and just a touch of oil. It has onions and sliced peppers with the cabbage. The salad is iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing, croutons, onions, and shredded carrots. You’ll have to squint to see any carrot, I think Mrs J’s salad got most of those.

Soup & Sammich

I had a can of whole peeled tomatoes in the cupboard. They made a pretty good tomato soup. Stick blenders rule! Look close and you will spot the seeds. This batch was mixed with chicken stock and seasoned with garlic paste, Chinese five spice, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Ham & Eggs

As I said I would, I bought a whole boneless ham and sliced the whole thing like so. My memory is going – we ended up with 6 or 7 bags of frozen hash browns because I had several out in the garage fridge that I kept forgetting about and buying more. It was a joke between Mrs J and me. I said we would have ham and eggs and she chimed in with “and hash browns, remember we have lots of hash browns”. I opened the last bag for this. Time to go for groceries.

Modified Hot Mess

Mashed sweet potatoes with cheddar, special sauce, ham, and smoked pork. Bonus: sprouts! -because you really need to eat healthy. I left off the bacon for that reason and also because I didn’t think of it in time.


Penne with the last of the latest batch of stuffed pepper sauce. I crumbled queso fresco on it because I have some I need to use up. On that note, I believe nachos are in order sometime soon.