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Sammich Pr0n – Bean Dogs


Sammich Pr0n

Breakfast Pr0n

Food Pr0n – Chicken Wings

These were dipped in buttermilk, dredged in flour, and then fried.  The sauce is mainly soy sauce with honey with chili garlic paste, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and maybe something or another else.  I wasn’t following any particular recipe – I just winged it.  LOL I will leave now.

InstaPot Moroccan Chicken

This was pretty good.  I wanted to do something in the Instant Pot with a whole chicken I bought the other day. (Those poultry shears worked great.)  I liked this recipe when I skimmed it for ingredients, pretty much everything it called for I had on hand.  Subbed regular raisins for the golden kind, and used green olives instead of ripe, and added turmeric to the spice mix, maybe 1/2 tsp.

The couscous was from a box mix with a packet of garlic powder and other spices, it worked pretty well and was in keeping with the Mediterranean feel of the dinner.  They eat broccoli in Morocco?  Well, I like broccoli.

Breakfast Pr0n


I’ve added peanut butter to my current fave cookie recipe.  Not a lot, maybe a third of a cup.  It’s enough to taste but not so much as to throw the recipe out of whack.  This is in addition to the raisins I add, and the nuts that I leave out.We bought a couple more of those Kroger deli ready to bake pizzas.  This one has a couple of different meats and a couple of veggies.  I added olives, roasted garlic, salami, pickled pepper rings, and more cheese.  These are pretty good for store bought – fast, and relatively cheap at $6 bucks.It’s hard to get a good photo of pizza slices at the table.  I think they shoot better on cardboard than on a plate.I took this pic as an afterthought, there were some leftover taco dinner sides that I wanted to get a picture of so I loaded them onto this small plate.  I made that corn salad using canned corn – a premium brand of their Mexi-corn – and I wanted to point out that it suited the corn salad recipe very well, better than the frozen corn I would ordinarily use in the off season.I’ve had this roasted chicken photo laying about, not doing anything, so this is a good spot to drop it.  Those potatoes are from a new thing Kroger is peddling:  microwaveable package with a packet of a cheese-like powder and seasonings meant to be tossed with some butter and stirred into the hot potatoes.  Interesting idea but poorly executed, you can do the same thing with freshly grated cheese to much better effect.  You will need to sort the potatoes and use same sized ones in your dish.A little lunch pr0n for you.  Hard to beat hot dogs for easy!  I try to make them look like I took a little time so I chopped some fresh onions and jalapenos to go with the sweet pickle relish and the pickled red onions.  I’m going to have to make more slaw, that’s the last of the batch.More lunch pr0n!  The classic combo – with just a wee curve in the grilled cheese.  I could only find rye bread for the sammiches but it worked well enough.  No harm, no foul!

I wind this up with Bitsy, because she’s right there on the sofa and entirely unsuspecting.

Sammich Pr0n

Tired of Winter Cooking: Some Fresh Ideas

I’m so very tired of winter cooking. Stews, soups (ok, I’m never really tired of soup), roasted meats and veggies. Time to freshen things up.

But with what? The produce section is often disappointing with flavorless items that haven’t seen the light of day. But there are some bright spots and with those I can wave away the winter cooking blues.

First up: Peppers and onions.

This is the time of year when you can find a variety of sweet peppers in all kinds of colors at a pretty reasonable price. My recipes are usually fairly simple. Heat up olive oil, add thinly sliced onions and peppers, season with a dash of salt and pepper. Sauté until they soften and onion are golden. Remove from heat and now you can cook up any number of things: chicken marinated in lemon juice and pepper, thin beef strips marinated in teriyaki and ponzu sauce, pork medallions marinated in apple juice and a bit of apple cider vinegar. The ideas are endless. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes, butter noodles, quinoa…

Or how about Fajitas? That recipe is here.

Next up: Fresh salads.

I found a nice jicama one day and realized I hadn’t made a batch of Jicama Slaw since last summer.  A big bowl of that in the refrigerator to munch on all week really lifted the flavor blahs. You can find the recipe here.

Two other summer favorites that are easy to make mid-winter: Potato Salads (recipes here) and Coleslaw (recipe here).

How about fruits?

Now is the time for Strawberries (recipes here and here)

Blood Oranges (recipes here)


And Grapes – one of my favorite grape recipes is Grapes and Sausagesrecipe here.

That should be enough help you get through a few more weeks of winter while dreaming of the fresh vegetables soon to come from gardens and farm stands.

There will be a puppeh update today or tomorrow. Until then…

Flour Tortillas

I thought I would try flour tortillas from scratch today, and managed well enough to get by.  I used the dough blades in my food processor to make short work of getting to a dough ball.  Add 2 cups of flour, 1/2 tsp of salt, and 1 tsp baking powder to the bowl, and give it a pulse.  Add 1 Tbsp of lard and pulse it until that’s blended in, then run it as you add water until the dough ball forms.  It will take about 3/4 cup for that.  I divided the dough into 8 pieces and rolled them into a semblance of round and flopped them onto a scorching hot griddle.  I had already started a pot of chili, not the best thing to show off the tortillas but I made do.  They were delicious – soft and warm and smelling great.  I probably should have fried them in oil to crisp them a tad to use as chili scoops, or else made burritos with them.