Sausage and Eggs

I sent that video of the three large bucks to the guy that deer hunts on me, he dropped off some sausage that he made as thanks. This one was labeled mushroom swiss. I cut it into small pieces prior to cooking, that was a small mistake. The bits of cheese thus exposed melted and stuck to the pan. There is a little bit left of that batch, I’ll cook it before cutting. He sent two batches of sausage, the next has onions and sweet peppers. I’m looking forward to that.

Baked Chicken and Potatoes

I like before and after photos but I must admit that when I got this to the table I just dove right into the eating and forgot to get an “as plated” pic. Senile old coot. Those red peppers are this year’s shishito peppers. Last year they were all very hot, this year none of them were, at least so far. They added nothing but color. I did eat them, they were blackened nicely but the flesh is thin. They should dry nicely for grinding into a tame pepper flake for garnishes.

Sweet Pickled Jalapenos

There are many candied jalapeno recipes out there but my usual practice is to use half the sugar the recipes call for, and half of that I sub a granulated sweetener like Splenda. (If a recipe calls for 6 cups of sugar, I use 1-1/2 c sugar and 1-1/2 c sweetener.) I am not after sticky sweet pickles. There are a few serrano peppers in with this last batch to give them more bite.


Mrs J has a 12 footer going, it has overtopped the eve on the north side.

Breakfast Pr0n

Picnicking Birds

Picnicking Possum. Note the stuffed pouch, I suspect she’s carrying several babies.

Deep Fried Dinner

Now and again I hanker for genuine grease so I put an inch and a half of canola oil in a 5 quart Dutch oven and fried this stuff in batches. The rings, shrimp, and hushpuppies are frozen items we brought back from that trip to the meat processor up county. The shrimp are pretty good, the rings and puppies less so. The pot of oil is still on the stove, I may make a batch of rings up myself today.

Hot Mess

This one has the remnants of the nacho cheese I made a while ago. I hardly ever throw any food away although there wasn’t enough without a fresh infusion of cheddar. It also has smoked pork and special sauce.