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dsc03914-1600x1200Here’s Blossom, a shelter kitteh that Mrs J says is 2 years old.  She came in last week.20170210_122332-1600x1200A bit over exposed, here is a pile of crumbly pastrami on a bun with just a dab of mustard.  It shares the plate with coleslaw and a dill pickle spear.20170205_115909-1600x1200I usually make these beans with a smoked hock but I had quite a bit of that pork belly porchetta  to eat up so I used some of that instead.  I sliced it to about a half inch and browned the slices in a frying pan before chopping and adding it to the beans as they simmered.20170203_165901-1600x1200Mmm… sloppy joe sammich pr0n.  That’s the last of my homemade giardiniera.20170210_152032-1600x1200We got more pods and k-cups in from an Amazon order.  The Fog Chaser pods came sealed in plastic bags of 10 pieces each (iirc) because of their open construction.  They work just like the k-cups, using the same adapter.  We will store the remaining pods from the opened bag in zip-locks.  The Caza Trail Kona blend cups are the standard sealed items.  Both the blends are quite good and are priced nearly the same.  If I have to choose one blend out of all we have tried so far I would give the nod to the Caza Trail Kona because it tastes great and is relatively cheap.  Fog Chaser is a strong second.dsc_5594-1600x1200Mrs J stops by the nose cleaning station where Ollie is on shift.  He has moved smoothly into the regular rotation.


Coffee Maker Update

20170209_134425-1600x1200We’ve had this thing long enough now to be able to give it two enthusiastic thumbs up.  The k-cups are the go-to for a quick cup but we’ve had success with the adapters, shown in the foreground, using our own grounds.  They even make little-bitty filters for them that are optional.  They do cut down on the cup sediments.

I did some looking on line for the cheapest k-cups and ended up running to Best Buy where they had some pretty cheap.  Green Mountain Dark Magic is a dark roast that we like, and they had a good tasting Donut Shop blend that was also on sale at the time.  Since our visit they’ve bumped up the price on both.  I’ve ordered a couple of different blends from Amazon that are very popular:  A Kona blend and one from San Francisco Coffee called Fog Chaser.


Don’t Try This At Home

20170209_110338-1600x1200We liked the pineapple upside down cakes so well we thought to extend the streak with a peach upside down cake.  Recipes aplenty on the internets but they all called for fresh or frozen peaches.  Ha!  We will go with canned peaches!  No problem!

Real world cooking threw that Ha! right back in my face!  Ha! Soggy mess!  Fortunately it is a delicious soggy mess.20170209_131207-1600x1200I gladly suffer for my art.  Suffering will be accompanied by some vanilla ice cream, we think.

Sloppy Dogs

dsc_2119-1600x1200It’s like a chili dog but with sloppy joe fixings.  This one is dressed with cheddar and hot giardiniera.

Porchetta Pork Tenderloin

20170206_092403-1600x1200I mentioned the other day that porchetta was more a technique than a recipe, here it is with a big pork tenderloin as a starting point.  Youtube is chock full of how-to videos describing butterflying tenderloins.  There seems to be two schools of thought on the proper procedure:  reverse jelly roll slice and sliced like opening a book.  I managed a third way – cut through too far and it becomes two pieces you then have to pound flat and then overlap when rolling.20170206_104016-1600x1200I made a stuffing out of garlic, onion, cornbread, sauteed mushrooms, and crispy bacon plus some of the herbs leftover from my last project – rosemary, sage, and chives.  I processed the stuffing down to not quite a paste and slathered it on.  It really needed the string.20170206_112912-1600x1200The roast was laid on onion slices to help keep it off the bottom of the roasting pan.  It went into a 450 oven for 20 minutes then the temp was lowered to 325 until the internal temps reached 140 degrees, about 40-45 minutes more.  Deglaze the roasting pan with white wine then strain the juices into a sauce pan.  I added chicken stock and the juices that came out of the roast as it rested.  Reduce to thicken or add a corn starch slurry.20170206_113302-1600x1200

Chili Dogs

dsc_2091-1600x1200We love us some chili dogs!  Also chill kittehs!dsc_5576-1600x1200

Sammich Pr0n

dsc_2087-1600x1200Another one of those garlic pepper sausages.  I put it into one of those little casserole dishes to contain the marinara while in the toaster oven melting the provolone.  Dinner leftovers from last night.

Pasta Pr0n – Sausages in Marinara Sauce

dsc_2085-1600x1200Some of those garlic pepper sausages, browned in olive oil, and then simmered in a garlicky tomato sauce.dsc_2084-1600x1200And an artsy shot with a wide aperture to blur the background.  The sausages were not explicitly Italian, there isn’t any fennel in the recipe, but they work very well in this dish.

Breakfast Pr0n – Porchetta and Eggs


Sammich Pr0n – Pastrami Reuben