Sticky Wings

I tried out the Serious Eats recipe for baked wings on these after seeing a Kenji-Lopez Youtube that came up while we were having lunch the other day. I’ve tried the baking powder trick before and wanted to do it again because I didn’t really remember if it worked all that well.

So so good. These spent 40 minutes in a 425 convection oven. I turned them over halfway through. I let them air dry on the rack for 5 or 6 hours before baking.

Mrs J isn’t a fan of the butter/hot sauce Buffalo wing sauces so we’ve gone with variations of a soy sauce – honey – garlic sauce. This one has butter, soy sauce, minced garlic, honey, hot sauce, Thai sweet chili sauce, cane syrup, and ketchup. After they came out of the oven I reduced the sauce with the wings atop the stove until the sauce looked right. I would have added a touch of sesame oil but forgot. Grated ginger root would work in it but we were out. There were no leftovers.

Fish Fry

I thawed some cod fillets and went looking for a batter that uses Mountain Dew instead of beer. I was not surprised to find several. I went with the one at the top of my returns page. I try to keep diet Dew on hand and I buy it in the big bottles when I can find it. The recipes usually make more batter than I need – a half recipe will usually work and I didn’t want to open a can of beer and only use half. It turned out that my batter was thicker than I wanted it to be so I sloshed in a bit more Dew.

Even so I had more batter than I needed for just the fish so I hastily sliced a sweet onion to make the rings. As per my practice, the recipes I follow when making something are treated as suggestions and fiddly amounts are by eye.

The dinner turned out great! Two thumbs up for the recipe👍👍

Baked Chicken

I sprinkled the chicken thighs with plenty of homemade jerk seasoning, sliced the potatoes, and put them all in a shallow hotel pan to bake at 375. After 45 minutes they pan looked a tad dry so I added some chicken stock with a heaping spoon of corn starch stirred into it and scraped the bottom to deglaze. It made a pretty good gravy.