The last full moon reminded me that the new phone has a 50X zoom. I took this while steadying the camera on the side of the garage. I was right under a lit security lamp but that seemed to not cause a problem.

I found a boneless pork roast a while back and thought it would make a nice item to cook and slice. It worked well enough. I vacuum sealed most all of it and thaw some as needed.

One windy day the feeder was blown off the stump and lost one of the suet feeders. Mrs J tired of waiting for me to reattach the wire cage so she ordered a new one.

The cardinals seem to approve. It looks to be a tad smaller than the last one.

I bought some bone-in country ribs and prepared them in the instapot with sauerkraut, little red potatoes, and onions. This recipe worked for me. I added Steen’s cane syrup with the brown sugar. Maybe too much?

It’s mowing season again. I made the first full cut a couple of days ago. Early on there are some high spots that need it but large areas are pretty sparse so I waited a bit. The wild onions finally grew thick enough to see where I had mowed. I took the shot of the fungus on a dead oak tree that caught my eye while on the mower.

A lite lunch for me..

..and one for the blue jay.

Smoked Shoulder

This one spent at least 20 hours in the smoker. Peach wood provided the smoke. I coated the pork with yellow mustard and then sprinkled on the seasonings: salt, black and Aleppo peppers, and granulated garlic. After the meat cooled enough it was chopped and put away in plastic containers for freezing.

I didn’t freeze all of it.

Soup Pr0n

Fun style ramen noodles, now with chili crunch! The impromptu chili crisp worked very well. I steamed the egg a little differently from my usual. I have been using a genuine steamer basket but went with a single pan with a lid to boil a half-inch of water. I dropped them in gently when the water was boiling, lidded the pot, and counted 7 minutes before cooling them in an ice bath. They were a tad overcooked but they still had a little runny yolk.

As an aside, I never got my fave timer app to work on my new phone. It has android 11 for the OS, plus the usual Samsung layer that is a new iteration as well. I don’t know what ruined my old clock app, but Google has really gotten tough on app permissions so I suspect that may be the reason the app can’t send notifications when the screen is off/locked.

Gadget Post – Coffee Stuff

We’ve had this Cuisinart k-cup coffee machine for a few months now. I bought it because of good reviews and our old Bunn was acting up. We like it, the reservoir is a good idea. It detaches for cleaning but we don’t take it off because it’s a bit fiddly to get it seated just right. I suppose we will need to remove it some time but not today. Two thumbs up. 👍👍

This is Mrs J’s favorite. It’s a Technivormm brewer that I was prompted to look at due to a glowing rec from someone I trust. It’s well designed and works well. Mrs J likes her coffee stronger and she gets up before I do so she gets to decide how much coffee to grind. We went with the thermal carafe rather than the models with hot plates. We’ve had the grinder for a nearly 7 years and it is quiet enough that it doesn’t wake me when it is fired up, so that’s nice.

More Gabe

Mrs J took Katie in for a grooming and Gabe was bereft. I moved to the extra-wide recliner so he could sit next to me. I browsed some online comics on a tablet. Gabe sighed heavily at irregular intervals and squirmed a bit but was generally well behaved.

Corned Beef

We got our covid vaccinations on St Patrick’s Day and while we were out we stopped by and picked up a corned beef. That afternoon Mrs J started feeling queasy and went to bed so we didn’t do the trad dinner on that day. Still wanted it, so a day late, or two. Instapot for 70 minutes with a bottle of stout for the liquid. Should have been longer because the brisket piece was a tad heavier than that in the recipe I looked at.

Carrot Pineapple Cake

This recipe worked pretty well despite my nearly burning it up in the oven. I set my phone timer to alert me after 40 minutes and left the kitchen to browse the internets. I think there is a problem with the older app I was using in a new phone. After a while I thumbed the phone on to see how much time remained and it started beeping right away and showed the beeps should have been started 15 minutes ago. The edges were a bit crisp.

The batter seemed a bit thick so I added a bit of the drained pineapple juice to make it semi-pourable. A wise move, as it turned out. I didn’t bother with the frosting part since I had some store bought cream cheese icing ready to go.

ETA: I may have found the culprit for the fail with the phone timer. Samsung takes pains to preserve battery life and one of the ways it does this is to put background apps to sleep. This is at odds with the whole idea of a countdown timer. There is a way to opt a particular app out of this scheme and that is what I have done. I set the timer for 40 minutes as before and am waiting it out. Wish me luck!

ETA: dagnabbit!

Sammich Pr0n

Pickle Onion Mustard

On an onion roll. We broke out the big griddle yesterday for some smash burgers. The air fryer did its usual good job on the frozen fries.