Ribs & Beans

I took the last of the salt and pepper ribs and added a can of pinto beans with their own liquid, gave the pot a good squeeze of that beer and chipotles in adobe bbq sauce, and let it simmer for a good while.I stripped the rib meat off the bones but I left just enough for the satisfaction of sucking the bone clean.

Ham & Eggs

We made a run to a new store that began selling stuff last Friday.  They were set up well and observed all the Covid precautions.  We needed a lunch, fast, so I fired up the griddle.

Beans and Bacon

Pressure cooker pinto beans.  These went from dry to cooked in about 2 hours.  There is a setting on the instapot for beans and all kinds of recipes online for doing them but they never seem to be soft enough when I do them as directed.
I was going with a frozen brick of chicken stock so I wasn’t sure if the liquid level would cover so I gave it 30 minutes just to thaw the broth. I vented the steam and peeked in, added a bit more water and gave them another hour.
They came out pretty well. I added a bit of garlic, onion, cumin, and ancho chili powders, plus sliced jalapenos and an onion.  The pot was flavored with a bit of cured ham hock.  I fried a few slices of bacon to use the grease in the cornbread.  If you squint you can see the bacon atop the beans:)

Griddle Fun

Peppers and onions and ham are working towards quesadillas.I fried a couple of eggs, put a layer of shredded cheese down on a tortilla, and then scooped the ham, eggs, and veggies onto it.  Top with another tortilla, cut into portions with a pizza cutter, and flip as needed.I ate mine with a fork but the cheese and egg held the fillings well enough to eat it by hand.  Delicious!  That’s a Kroger  private label brand taqueria sauce.  I like it, MrsJ opts for their generic green salsas.


Onions and peppers are good start anytime you are thinking about lunch but have not yet decided on what you want.I ended up with the old standby of smoked pork because I had some to hand, but it could’ve been ham and eggs.

Wings and Tots

Egg washed and rolled in flour then deep fried for 5 minutes , the cooked wings were tossed in an ad hoc sauce of honey and ketchup and soy and stuff.  The tater tots were air fried until crisp, about 15 minutes at 375°.
They were good but I think the crust was a little too much. Maybe next time just dusted with flour before frying.