Gadget Post

It’s a fancy cheese grater, ultra coarse.  I’ve had good luck with Microplane products.  When I chanced upon a reference to this I thought I would grab one.  I’ve been using a dime store rack grater that struggled with the block cheddar.  This one works somewhat easier but it’s still work to get the cheese through it.I made a big cheese sauce with the sodium citrate and milk and ended up nearly emptying the crisper to make the cheesy veggie dish.  It started with that head of cauliflower that was threatening to turn and went from there.  Delicious with garlic toast.


Roast Pork with Veggies

Nothing special about this but I did take it with the Pixel phone.  I swapped the sim card out from the S9 and tested phone calls and text messaging.  Worked fine.  You can swap the sims between phones and they should work fine, sim cards come in different sizes but most new phones take the nano size.  They will be changing over to software implementations of carrier accounts and will no longer need physical sim cards.  So they say.  I’m not gonna hold by breath.


I bought a Pixel 3 phone because they were on sale now that the pixel 4 is out.  I wanted to try the camera everyone was going on about.  I haven’t swapped the sim card over from the Samsung yet but I may fiddle with that today.  Or not.  The camera app also has the low light/night setting but had to be updated to get it and dinner was over before I did that.

It has the “pure” android sans the overlays (skins) that other phones put on it.  Samsung has one that is actually a rather light touch so that isn’t a selling point but the timely updates are.  I did the upgrade to version 10 last night.  My samsungs are still stuck on ver. 9.



I took this opportunity to test the night mode on the S9.  I had posole simmering all afternoon and we didn’t get around to the evening meal until after dark.  I left the under counter lighting and the TV on but shut off all the overheads and took the above photo with night mode turned on.This one is my control shot.  Lighting was the same but the night mode was turned off.  The camera did better than I expected it but the night mode shot is quite a bit better.  The white balance is better and I think the focus is a tad sharper.
The posole was good!

Chinese Buffet via a Korean Phone

We had occasion to visit the best Chinese buffet in the county the other day.  We’re very rural so this is not that high a bar.  I used the chance to try the newly updated night mode feature that Samsung pushed out to the camera app on my S9 daily driver.
My understanding is that, in this mode, the camera takes several pictures in a burst and averages them together to make the photos bright enough to be useful. When I took this the light was probably good enough to not need it but I wasn’t smart enough to take a pic with the regular settings as a control so I will just have to go with my impression informed by past performance – it did make the shot better.

French Toast, Again

I ran a few menu ideas past Mrs J but she stopped me when I mentioned French toast.  She passed on cheeseburgers and veggie beef soup.  I did take more photos with the Sony and I think I am getting the hang of the auto focus settings.  The photo above is with the Samsung phone.This one is out of the Sony.  The auto focus is set to wide center and it seems OK.  I may have to tweak the metering settings.  I had it on wide area and may want it more on center spot metering, the bright reflections from the overhead lighting are averaged into the shot.  I was shooting aperture priority and had it set to 7.1 so the increased depth of field gave a little wiggle room on the focus.   Detail, details…


Tacos are always good eats.  The corn tortillas were old and kind of dry but worked well enough.  I’m shooting with a different camera, a little Sony point and shoot that has wifi for transferring images.  It was bought for Mrs J before she had a smart phone.  I found out Sony came out with a new android app for that that works much better than the old one that I had fussed with before.

Still learning the camera.  I have to rely on the auto focus because my lens transplant is not working as well as I had hoped for, although I learned just this afternoon that the camera has a wide range of diopter adjustment in the little pop up electronic viewfinder. I may fiddle with that going forward.  There are a ton of adjustments and modes for each function setting.  Youtube has been very handy for tutorials.  Sony has built in a pretty good quick hint button that I am hitting pretty often.

Combine Cam

The trail camera caught a brief glimpse of the smallish combine the farmer who rents the field just out of frame uses to get the beans in.  It’s seven or eight acres and can only be reached over a small lane through the woods.  The operation is incredibly dusty.