Pastrami Hash

This is a favorite and is easy to make. I took the stub end of the pastrami and diced it for the dish. I usually use more but I sliced it down pretty far. I haven’t sliced a finger on the machine yet but I was getting down to what the field artillery folks call “danger close”.


I thawed a piece of brisket I’ve had in a vacuum sealed bag for a long time. I dry brined it with Tender Quick and sealed it into another vacuum bag for 2 weeks to let the cure soak in, then rubbed it with a seasoning mix that had, among other ingredients, maple sugar and ground juniper berries. I let that marinate for a day then smoked it at 200° for about 20 hours.

I brought it in and saw that it still needed some more oven lovin’ so it was wrapped in foil and got another couple of hours until it reached nearly 200° internally. It then spent another day in the fridge to firm up for slicing. I divided the slices into 8oz portions and vac sealed those – ending with about three pounds of yummy sammich meat with a stub end to dice for hash. Good morning’s work.

Steak & Fries

The rib-eye gave me a chance to try out a new steak knife set. They were often seen in reviews as one of the top choices in the “not cheap but won’t break the bank” category.

The knife worked well, as expected. Sous vide steaks at 132°f for a couple of hours, air fryer fries as per directions – 400° for 4 minutes, then again for 4 more after a shake.

Pecorino Cauliflower Soup

I used a whole head of cauliflower for this, and a fair sized chunk of my pecorino. I used to have a wee bottle of white truffle oil but it was not to be found. This went fairly close to the recipe except I had no heavy cream so I made do with half & half plus a slug of buttermilk. I think the croutons were a nice addition, and I still have chives in the patio garden so they were available to add a little color. I stirred in a generous dollop of garlic paste because garlic helps everything. My stick blender got a workout. We give this two thumbs up.

Soy Sauce Chicken

I let the sauce reduce too much but managed to save it at the last moment. The very dark bits on the thighs consists of minced garlic and ginger and can be described, accurately, as candied. The sauce pan is still soaking. The pea pods are to blame for the meal. They came in a microwaveable bag that worked very well – two or three minutes on high and then rest for a minute. Don’t forget to pierce the bag before you start!

I used basmati rice for this, 2 cups water for 1 cup rice, bring to a simmer, cover, reduce heat to lowest and wait 20 minutes. The rice I use has never clumped even sans rinsing.