Fountain Cam

He’s been here a week or so but this camera is the only device with captures of him we have. Mrs J has the grape jelly and oranges out but she says they are untouched.

Sous Vide Pork Chop

I set up the sous vide for this chop and it did its usual good job. It went 4 hours at 140° and then got a good scald in a pan with a pat of butter/ The rice is a mix that I was curious to try: a Royal blend that I’ve been seeing at Kroger. I give this mix a meh.

Sous Vide Fish

I’ve been freezing these fillets in vacuum bags so it wasn’t a great leap to plop them into my water bath that was set up for another dish. I set the temp for 140° and let them go for a couple of hours. It worked all right but I may do some more research to see what the consensus is online. The sauce is lemon butter with dill. I was wishing the whole time that I had the sauce in the bag with the fish.

InstaPot Roast

I gave a chunk of beef 30 minutes in the cooker, released the pressure and added veggies for another 10. It all worked well enough. I used plenty of beef broth plus beef concentrate because you can’t have too much gravy.

New Wok

I bought a new wok and this is the first meal from it. I have another that has proved to be too heavy but this one is easily a one hander.

It’s a simple chicken and veggie stir fry, I velveted a chicken breast and used broccoli and thinly sliced carrot along with fresh garlic and ginger. The wok worked wonderfully well.

Hot Dogs Are Sammiches

I have a new camera phone, a Pixel 7 Pro. I bought it partly because the camera is supposed to be very good. Less because of the actual camera – more the software that runs it. This is the first photo. I think I will stay with the Samsung Note for food pictures because they just look better, more ‘pop’ – brighter and more vivid colors. The Pixel software has a thing called ‘magic Erase’ that can remove unwanted objects from a picture, like a passerby in a photo that detracts from the subject. Haven’t tried it yet.