Brussels Sprouts

Just another perfect sous vide ribeye with a baked potato.  Ho hum.What made the dinner interesting was the side of sprouts that had been steamed tender and then marinated in Italian dressing in the fridge for a couple of hours.  This dressing was made with one of those packets that you add to your own vinegar and oil but bottled is fine.  We ate them cold, as a side salad, but I think they would be fine hot.


Picnicking Birds

The red-breasted nuthatch found his way to the stump feeder OK.  The arm that the camera mounts to is adjustable, I will experiment with positioning.  I think rotating the arm down while rolling the camera down will work to better cover the lower stage.I think this is the sweet spot. We turned the feeder so that there was a good sightline down both sides and swiveled the camera to split the difference between the upper and lower flats.  Most of the snow is gone, just a bit left in shaded spots.  Yay!

Picnicking Birds

Yesterday I puttered around in the shop long enough to cobble together a rig for mounting that stump feeder camera.

It’s not elegant but it will do for now.  The camera doesn’t handle the snow very well – it throws the white balance off, and it looks like the shots will be underexposed as it struggles to meter the scene.  I have tweaked those settings in post processing but I’m not very good at that sort of thing.


Gadget Post: KitchenAid and Fresh Bread

I received my Christmas present early this year. I have wanted a KitchenAid forever, but space has always been an issue. It still is, but not as restrictive as it used to be, though not a chef’s kitchen by any means.  A great deal came my way and I took advantage (truth be told, grief may have played a role as I was in need of retail therapy – give me something big and shiny my brain said).  Bread was my first use. Continue reading

Why Have A Big Cast Iron Pot?

It’s for those times when you have a pile of bone-in stuff like ox tails or beef ribs, and you have a bunch of herbs that are one more hard freeze away from not being fresh herbs any more.  Some red wine, tomato paste, broth, onions and carrots and celery need to go in, and maybe…

yeah, that’ll work.  I think this is going to be a beefy veggie soup or stew.