Corned Beef with Homemade Sauerkraut

And some machine made bread.  I had fun with the recipe I use for a light rye bread – I subbed strong coffee for the water, and added a heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder.  It turned out well but I’m not sure if it altered the taste or texture in any appreciable way.
The 4 lb. corned beef was done in the instapot, set for 90 minutes with a bottle of dark beer added, plus the seasoning packet. I added some water because I think it helps to tame the salt.

Steak Fries

I’ve been wanting to try air fried potatoes from scratch so I gave it a go with these Yukon Gold slices.  I par boiled them for five minutes, drained and cooled them, then tossed them with olive oil plus salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
They were OK but maybe par boiled for a bit too long. I started them in the air fryer at 350 but bumped that to 400 after fifteen minutes. They went another ten or so.

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

I set the temp for the water bath to 145 for the pork.  It was sealed with garlic butter and dried herbs – sage, oregano, and marjoram.  The juices were the basis for the pan sauce.  The veggies were steamed earlier, then they all were tossed with olive oil and salt and were air fried at 375 for fifteen minutes.  It all came together nicely.


I love this stuff.  Last fall I cut all the parsley I had growing in pots on the patio, chopped it all in a food processor, and froze it in a silicone muffin tray.
Once thawed and some water drained off, it was easy to finish with garlic and vinaigrette. I used some pepper flake for a little heat, salt and pepper, and made do with dried oregano.

Cord Cutting

I said goodbye to my Dish satellite subscription, finally.  We’ve had adequate broadband speeds for a while now and have been streaming through Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a brand new Youtube TV subscription.  All the movie channels we were paying for through Dish we can get somewhere else.  The local news and weather is available with Youtube TV, plus all the other minor networks.  Mrs J can still get her OWN network fix in.  One of the best selling points for these subscriptions is that you can drop them anytime.  Don’t want HBO full time but there is a series you would like to catch coming up?  Sign up, watch it, then dump it when it’s done.  Those bingeable series you can maybe squeeze in during a free trial week.

Naturally, once I sent all the Dish gear back, my ISP  (Frontier) announced bankruptcy.  I have hopes that they will work through it without our losing our broadband.  I was shook, though, so I checked out the new-ish Verizon owned service called Visible.  My interest was piqued by the offer of unlimited data for $40 a month.  I had an extra phone that works with their SIM card so I ordered a month’s service and put the SIM the phone, downloaded the app, and fired it up.  So far the data speeds (via hotspot) have been sufficient to watch any of the streams I’ve signed up for with at least DVD quality.  Fingers crossed!  They are saying the hotspot speeds will be capped at 5Mbps and they will allow only one hotspot linked device at a time but so far they haven’t stood firm on that.  Worse comes to worse we can get another Visible account

Have a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup, with an egg.

As an added bonus, here’s a woodpecker complaining that someone has stolen his feet, probably.



Gadget Post – Pour Over Coffee Pot

The new, new coffee pot arrived today, a day later than promised.  (I will note that Amazon no longer lavishes the extra month of Prime on complainers.)
I picked up some filters for it yesterday but didn’t get the right size although these #4s work well enough.  A #2 filter is what I needed but when I saw that there was more than one size a quick fumble on my phone didn’t tell me what I wanted to know in the 30 seconds I allotted the search.  The picture of the pot on Amazon didn’t really help because there wasn’t any way to see the scale.  There was nothing in the product description because they provide a permanent filter but those don’t trap all the sludge.
I think this will be my daily driver although I may upsize everything. The coffee was very good and the clean up was easy.