Breakfast Pr0n

I used one of those silicone egg forms to cook the hash browns with a measure of success. The potatoes need to thaw either before or during the fry. I was going for pretty easy, will settle for pretty.


This one is made with pastrami so there might be a quibble with the name but I think it is OK to use it for either the pastrami or the corned beef version. That’s homemade sauerkraut under the swiss cheese. It’s served with a bowl of thousand island for dipping.

This is the same thing only not yet sliced. I have some Guinness stout mustard in one bowl and thousand island in another. I found the mustard on a shelf in the basement where it’s been since 2010 so it’s an aged mustard if that’s a thing.

I warmed the fillings in this pan that I’ve been using for a couple of weeks. It’s a carbon steel pan that has been pre-seasoned. I’m not sure what they did to it but the surface is slick as any pan I’ve ever owned.


Fried fish fillet with my usual sides. That parsley garnish is from the patio garden. The start we repotted was pretty far along so It’s yielding sprigs already.

We’re still getting orioles at the feeder, there are at least four hanging about. Here’s hoping they stay and nest.

Some of the cameras have developed a permanent haze that cannot be wiped away. If it’s a lens fog it’s on the inside where it can’t be reached without taking the camera apart.

Mmm… fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

I learned from the last batch to line the pan against the melting cheddar. The tortillas were first smeared with bean dip and then layered with ground beef and cheese and then heated.

I may have gone overboard with the cotija. On the plate with the tacos and nacho chips are two varieties of bean dip, pico de gallo, guacamole, chopped jalapeno, and chopped onion.

While I had the Nikon P900 in hand stalking the orioles I noticed that one had lit upon the stump. I was a half second too late with the snap.

In this photo Bitsy naps on my lap, Gabe is on squirrel watch, and a book is open on the TV via the Kindle android app on my main Windows machine. Amazon offers a Windows Kindle reader app but for whatever reason the Windows app will not sync reading progress to Android apps although the last page read on Android apps is noted when a book is opened in the Windows version. I had given up reading my Kindle books on the big screen because that glitch made finding my place in a particular book difficult when switching among desktop PCs, laptop, phone, and tablets. It led to keeping several books open, each on a separate device. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It may have been a deliberate choice by Amazon to foster sales of their own Reader devices or it may be just Amazon mad at Microsoft for personal rather than commercial reasons. [Android on Windows] I’m using option 5.


Mrs J called for tacos because the brisket from the other day is perfect for them. These also have refried beans and cheddar.

A pre-heated 400℉ toaster oven made quick work of melting the cheddar. Alas, the pan that caught the drips isn’t non-stick. It may have started out non-stick but that went away with regular use. I have a silicone mat that will work if I can remember to use it the next time.

Easter Dinner

I had the slab of pork cut from a shoulder in the sous vide bath all day, starting the veggies late on the stove top, I took the pork out and browned it in oil before adding it to the pot with the carrots, potatoes, and sauerkraut to simmer until the veggies were done. The pork was delicious with Dijon mustard.

Road Trip!

Just to the meat market up north of us a ways. It’s about an hour or a bit more, traffic is never a problem. We’ve had some rain so we got to see some backwaters around several of the creeks. It is not unusual to have one of the back roads we use flooded in the spring but it was fine today.

They have the best cured hocks. We also usually get several pounds of frozen hocks cut into smaller pieces. They have a couple sausage varieties that I try to stock up on – a garlic breakfast sausage for one, and their version of Andouille. The biggest haul was a fresh side, also called pork belly. It’s what they make bacon from. Their bacon is good but not that special. I did the pork belly and most of the hocks in seal-a-meal bags.