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Saturday Sammich Pr0n

We were all out of smoked pork from the last time I did a pork shoulder.  We bought another Boston butt for another batch put I didn’t want to fire up the smoker so I put it into the new-ish oven, set the temp to 200, and let it go.  When I went to check on it in the morning I found that the oven had shut itself off during the night,  A quick check online told me that it shuts itself off after 12 hours, so it quit on me circa 3am.  Bummer.  I checked the internal temp and it was only 115° so I cranked it to 350° to finish.

I wanted to disable the 12-hr auto shut off and that led me on quite the wild goose chase.  Check the user manual, they said, you’ll find the instructions for that.  Uh… nope.  I did reacquaint myself with the special features menu and managed to find it in there.  The controls are not at all intuitive but with a close read of the manual and at least four tries I got-er-done.

Multi-Pot Recipes: Shredded Chicken, Two Ways

My multi-pot electric pressure cooker is 6 qt, so I like to fill it up when I’m using it. I bought a large package of boneless chicken breasts and instead of freezing half, I decided to cook them all up. I used the steaming tray and add just enough water to come up to the bottom of the tray. I also added 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar. I seasoned the breasts with salt, pepper and garlic.

I layered them in the pot and pressed the chicken setting and walked away. That’s my favorite part of this, I don’t have to babysit it. It even has a warming feature if I need to be away from it for a while after it depressurizes.

Once it had depressurized, I divided the chicken in half, shredded both halves. I removed the liquid from the pot and saved it to add to my next broth session.

I added half the chicken back to the pot, stirred in a generous amount of barbecue sauce (we like Sweet Baby Rays here) and turned on the slow cooker feature. I let it simmer on the low setting for a couple of hours, just to get the flavors good and incorporated.  I then used it for BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.

The remainder of the chicken, I put into a bowl, coated with hot wing sauce – I happened to try Sweet Baby Rays wing sauce and it’s pretty good. I then refrigerated it and had for lunches as a Buffalo Chicken Salad, tossed with blue cheese dressing, and paired with my new favorite soup, Creamy Roasted Poblano, recipe here.



Picnicking ‘coons.  They’ve learned how to flip the top but that’s a pretty low bar.The tomatoes have finally started coming in after a miserable summer.  I’ve been canning them as stewed tomatoes with peppers and onions.  They are an essential component of the stuffed pepper soup recipe and they are good for chili and fine with elbow mac.Bitsy enjoys the video clips.  Here she’s watching some turkeys parade by……and is joined by Ollie as the scene shifts to a night capture of a raccoon.  Homer is too tired to watch.Some of the patio garden peppers that went into that batch of stewed tomatoes.Sammich Pr0n – these have a few slices of Havarti that proved to be very stretchy.  I managed to pull them apart enough to use up all of those jalapeno slices.I started two rib eyes in the sous vide bath and ended up taking them out because I got to mowing the yard and by the time I finished 5-1/2 hours later It was dark and I was bushed.  We warmed up that lasagna and put the steaks back into the fridge.  I left the water bath setup stay out the night and started the steaks back up noon–ish.  We ate them at 6 and they were delicious after spending around 14-15 hours at 136°.  Melt in your mouth tender.I saw Bea napping under the chives and started singing “A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh ..”

A Little Lasagna

I say little because this is in one of my 1/3d sized hotel pans.  They come in so many sizes you are bound to find one that fits your needs.I made this one with that stuffed pepper soup recipe that works so well as a pasta sauce.  No ricotta in this, nor any white sauce – just some shredded mozz and grated Parmesan.

Instapot OxTail

I’m in the midst of clearing out some long-time freezer cruft and found a few ox tails that were vacuum sealed.  “Let’s see what  the pressure cooker will do with these” was my first thought.  Added carrots, celery, onions, and scallions and placed the frozen ox tails on that bed.  I also had some white wine that was past its prime but would work.  Various herbs from the bench garden and a can of beef broth went in, then the cooker was set for an hour on high.  The veggies were for the gravy and were discarded.

I went ahead and steamed some fresh carrots and potato chunks.

When the pressure was off the pot I cooled the oxtails and pulled the meat off them, not much there, and thickened the sauce.  Finally, the meat and veggies ware combined and rewarmed in the gravy.  Served with hot rolls.  Nom nom!

Instapot Roast

I found a rib roast in the big basement freezer and decided to do an Instant Pot thing,  I wanted a lot of gravy so I went with a two staged approach.  The first run was the roast plus a ton of celery, onions, and carrots.  The carrots and celery were a sacrifice for the eventual gravy – they were going to be discarded.  Also in the pot was beef stock, red wine, sherry, and a bundle of herbs from the patio garden.  I gave it 55 minutes at high and that worked for the three pound roast.

Included in the second run were fresh carrots and potatoes.  I added some dried seasonings and a ladle of the gravy from the first pot.  I really don’t remember the time but it was around 11 minutes.  Could have stood another minute.  Your times will vary, I had 5 smallish red potatoes and about 5 skinny carrots.

Tomorrow – beef stew!

Yeah. No.

That video I put up yesterday?  The one that said we were doing it wrong?  Ah, no.

You can take the lid off this way but there is no advantage other than producing a lid with a nice rim on it.  I guess you could stick on a felt pad and make trivets of them.  It leaves a sharp edge on the can itself so it isn’t an addition to safety.  On balance, it’s a minus – take it off the regular way and you can drop the lind into the can so the sharp edge is hidden.  On the gripping hand, the sharp edge makes the can into a pretty nice biscuit cutter!