There won’t be any serious cooking for the duration, here’s a couple of smoked pork tacos while we wait for the kitchen emergency to abate.They say sharks never sleep.  Ha!  Mrs J had our Shark on the sofa where she could get good light so that she could snip all the tightly wound threads and fibers off the roller/beater brush.Kroger sells never frozen pizzas in their deli.  I have to trim the sides a bit to fit them into the toaster oven.  They’re no too bad.  I, of course, add to them.  This one has extra ham, pepperoni, cheese, garlic, and oregano.  The toaster does OK but the pies need to turn at least once.Bitsy has a drinking problem.She is pretty sure she likes pizza but isn’t equipped to eat a slice on her own.  I tore off a tiny bite and she managed that but decided to look elsewhere for her dinner.We still have plenty of sloppy joe.  I made a few sloppy sliders and topped them with giardiniera.The drywall peeps have returned to tape and put a first coat of mud on the sheet rock.  There is much more light in the room that it appears in this shot, the camera’s auto function was fooled by the bright light.



The contractor had to take the flooring off down to a bare minimum because the fellow who built the house framed it atop what was a basement house with a flat roof.  Tar paper!  Hot mopped tar!  Thankfully, he did that over a sheet of plastic so it came off without a struggle.  The plywood is the last (first) layer – it’s what is visible from the basement.They went back with 3/4 OSB.  The plumber has made a visit and roughed-in the sink and ran the water for the ice maker in the new fridge – that’s the small box on the same wall.  The new dishwasher will locate between the sink and fridge.  The stove will be against the far wall, the window on that wall will move to the right a few feet. The electric skillet will be working hard for the duration.  Here I am sweating down onions and peppers for sloppy joes.I made a lot because everyone likes them and they are pretty easy to make a meal out of.We always light the TV to provide background noise for the meal.Mrs J reclining on the sofa with 4 of the six cats.  Missing are Bitsy and Homer.  Gabe is present but Ginger Boy is in his usual spot at Mrs J’s feet.  Katie is in her safe room.I made soup from the crockpot beef by adding frozen mixed veggies and more broth.  I have already generated enough leftovers to feed us for the duration… but where’s the fun in that?These are a sort of open faced taco.  Pulled pork with onions and peppers with an egg piled on corn tortillas.I loaded the plate with refries and guac with a few nacho chips and poured on some tomato salsa and hot sauce.


Three Days In

I made big batches of beans and potato salad and bought a bunch of hot dogs.  I have spent a lot of time these past couple of days peering into boxes looking for things like salt and pepper shakers, not to mention various foodstuffs.  I was losing my mind looking for the garlic and onion powders.  I knew they were in a box with all the other spices and went through some angst before I found them in the last place I looked.Our crockpot was especially handy.  I’ll turn the rest of it into soup.  The TV in the background is playing one of the Youtube foodie travelogues.

Roughing It

We have a full, open plan basement and have taken over a corner of it for eating and cooking. We have  the stuff that came out of the kitchen scattered all over. Some is in the garage but all of the pantry items and most of the utensils and small appliances are down here.
We made sure to hook up the TV so we could watch videos. I have a beef roast in the crockpot, going with the potatoes and carrots instead of the Italian beef option. We’ll have sammiches for lunch.

Gadget Post – Steam Mop

I had no idea these existed until a month ago.  This one is a Bissell and is currently an “Amazon’s Choice” for this category.  I heard them mentioned somewhere and instantly wondered if this was an offshoot of a steam-punk paperback book.  I had to go looking.

We’ve had it long enough to mop the kitchen a few times and it does perform well.  The mop heads are washable and have a little pocket for a fragrance disk.  The floor dries fast.

It has proved easy to use.  Take the head off, slip on a fresh one, and pop the dirty head into your next wash load.

Gadget Post: Hybrid Plug-In

You may or may not remember, this was my car. And despite that photo, Bixby fit well. And Scout, too. Though it was getting a little crowded on longer trips.

For various reason, though I really enjoyed my Kia Soul, I wanted to look at trading it in while it still had value. And I really, really wanted a hybrid (I’d have preferred an EV, but they don’t have the distance I would need for my sole vehicle).

Boy, was I happy when I found a hybrid/plug-in SUV:  Continue reading

Pork & Beans

I’ve done these before, I think.  A rack of ribs slow cooked with some beans from a can, kicked up with a lot of onion, a fresh jalapeno or two, a can of greens chilies, bbq sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, about a cup of crushed pineapples with the juice, and the other seasonings you use use when you’re bringing your best game.  I have a favorite brand of beans and you probably do, too.  It’s worth it to start with the good beans rather than the generic house brands.

I do these in a hotel pan that fits neatly into my toaster oven, it has a handy slow cook setting that runs four hours.  I sprinkle a dry rub onto the ribs and start the four hour cook while I do all the veggie chopping, mixing, and sauteing – bringing the bean mixture to a simmer.  It was the two hour mark when the beans were poured over the ribs.

There’s nothing that makes me think this wouldn’t work well in a crock pot, you would have to cut the rack up some to fit it into your pot.  Maybe stack them vertically around the edges and put the beans in the middle.

It’s A Good Day For Soup

We may get some significant  snow overnight.  Three inches or more is in the forecast.  The temps are key, it isn’t going to be all that cold and the precip might turn to rain.  I went ahead and salted the walks, just in case.This is an Instapot potato soup, three fair sized russet potatoes, a big sweet onion, plus stock and the usual seasonings.
I pushed the soup button and left to go to the store for half and half and bread and had to fight my way through Kroger’s.  To their credit, they had all hands on deck and we checked out without a long wait.
The soup was long done when we returned – I used a potato masher to break the soup down and whisked in a couple of beaten eggs after tempering them with some of the hot soup. I had bought a dozen eggs with the milk and bread and the carton that held those last two was taking up space I needed for them.  The eggs seemed to thicken the soup pretty well, not that the starchy potatoes needed much help.