Pork Chop and Dressing

I wanted to make dressing to go with the chop in the toaster oven so that they would get done at the same time so I winged it, guessing that 45 minutes at 350 would be close enough.

Close enough! It was uncovered the whole time. A foil cover might have worked better as the chop was a tad tough but wasn’t bad. Gravy by Bisto.

Ribs and Mac

I can’t think of a better pair with ribs than cheesy mac. I had the mac covered so I took the foil off and turned on the convection fan to brown the top. I failed to remember that turning on the fan automatically reduces the temp, in this case from 350 to 315. I wish it wouldn’t do that.


We are just coming off of a rainy spell, 5 or 6 inches in 2 days, the thunder and wind made for quite a stormy night. It took this limb from a walnut.

The wind also took down two of Mrs J’s sunflowers but she was able to prop them up with a couple of unused garden/hummingbird feeder hooks.

I have a couple of quarts of peppers fermenting in a half gallon jar rigged with an airlock. If you could watch it for a while you would see bubbles rise to the top. I wish that more of the peppers were red-ripe. This batch has jalapeno, cayenne, serrano, Thai, and a few ripe sweet peppers, plus a few yellow banana peppers. A week or two and I’ll call them done, depending on the bubbles to inform my timing.

I had enough cheesesteak leftovers to build a few cheesesteak sliders.

Homer is helping Gabe keep a watch for squirrels during a drizzle one afternoon.

I love these wide noodles. We haven’t had an Italian beef sammich yet but the noodles went really well with some of it. I had a little bit of mushroom gravy leftover from the pork chops last week. I hate to throw away food and I have an excellent collection of plastic containers to put little dabs of this and that.

Crockpot Beef

A big slice of beef chuck spent the night here on low with a half bottle of red wine, a big onion, lots of sliced garlic, dry basil, onion powder, garlic powder, juice from a jar of pepperoncini and several of those same peppers. It can be called Italian beef with those ingredients but I’m thinking that with other spices it could be something else, e.g., Tex-Mex beef for a bunch of tacos.

It takes a robust roll to stand up to the juice. Naturally I don’t have any, so here it is over mashed Yukon gold potatoes. I think we will have it over noodles today.

More Tacos

The big griddle makes tacos a snap to build. That’s smoked pork and veggies warming under the tortillas.

I still had plenty of pico de gallo leftover from yesterday so tacos were on the very short list of dinner availabilities.

Random Wildlife

It’s coming a soft rain. We’ve been needing some.

I’m not sure the leaf as umbrella is something this monarch caterpillar chose because of the rain or if the underside of the milkweed leaf is a natural part of a strategy to avoid bird predation. Made for a nice photo regardless. I am giving up trying to get the phone to focus on it. I used a fill flash to try to get the colors else it is just a worm silhouette.