Katie and Gabe

The leaves are falling faster now.  We had a nice hard freeze the other night that killed my patio peppers.  I have a bowl half full of green and red jalapenos that I picked the day before, plus a couple dozen habaneros that I sealed and froze.

Sammich Pr0n

I’ll be bummed when I run out of those candied jalapenos.  The slaw is from a copycat KFC recipe.  It’s a favorite of Mrs J.  I’m torn between it and one using shredded cabbage and fresh peppers in a sweet and sour dressing.  I think the vinegar slaw works better as a topping on fish or pulled pork.  YMMV

Use Them or Lose Them

Late season jalapenos.  They turn red and start to slowly soften and these make some really good candied treats.  I have a gallon of them working.  They are a refrigerator pickle using vinegar and sugar.  I have a bit of turmeric, a few star anise, a cinnamon stick, and garlic in there.

Pretty Peppers

It’s getting late in the year but the hot peppers are still doing well.  I froze some of the habaneros and cayennes and will dry the rest.  The jalapenos were sliced and candied.