Sammich Pr0n

Pork Steak

The gravy was made with a roux of oil and butter with the meat juices stirred in plus buttermilk and broth. Gabe used to be good at licking out the mashed potatoes pan but he doesn’t like them when made with buttermilk, the gravy was acceptable, though.

I will note that the curly parsley on the patio is not yet dead despite several nights with freezing temps.

Chili Dog

It was going to be a chili dog burrito but Mrs J pooh-poohed the notion. I had two dogs to use up but we ran out of hot dog buns.


We used those copycat chili beans for the first time in chili and they proved to be a resounding success. There is no additional seasoning in this because the beans were, by themselves, so highly spiced. It was like having a ‘just add hamburger’ chili making kit. We’ll go next to chili dogs made with the leftovers, per a person with knowledge of the thinking that went into the decision.