I gathered ripe habaneros for more of that delicious fruity sauce.  I will seal and freeze some and keep the remainder out for another batch as soon as I can get to the store for more juice.Nothing notable about this meal.  I did add some mild curry powder to the rub as an afterthought before popping them into the oven.  It would have been much better to make a marinade of it with some oil.Did I mention that the refrigerator/freezer that was installed for the kitchen remodel quit?  We had a  GE dispatched tech over twice, once to tell me that yes, it was not cooling and the second time to add some coolant gas.  There was some back and forth via texts and emails with the customer rep.  They decided to replace the fridge with a brand spanking new one.
The men delivering the new one carried it through the door by means of straps under the unit – blew my mind.  I had never seen the like.  Ingenious method.I made enough cheese sauce and steak to have another go at it.  The pickled peppers were good, again.  I will make another batch when some of them turn red.I toasted a couple of flour tortillas for tacos the other day.  I had some hot Italian sausage to use up so that became the meat layer.  I browned it in a skillet with jalapenos and onions with a goodly sprinkle of taco seasoning and it was very good.  Also in the taco were refried beans, shredded cheeses, salsa, and fresh tomatoes.Ollie is doing the kitteh safety scan before entering through the open window from the roof outside.  Bitsy will let him go first, just in case he misses the kitteh eating monster that may be lurking within.



Here’s Ollie, stalking through some tall grass.Another sous vide flat iron steak with chimichurri.  We’re liking the chimichurri quite a lot.  This one has red jalapenos for a little color.  Our recipe deletes the cilantro in favor of parsley and fresh oregano.  On the side are stir-fried green beans and hash browned potatoes.

Kroger makes better fried chicken than KFC.  The habanero dipping sauce is just killer.InstaPot country ribs with sauerkraut, carrots and potatoes.  I used the meat setting and did a natural release. The carrots held their shape but were a tad mushy.Cheese steak sammich.  I made the sauce using the sodium citrate/water method.  One cup of water with one teaspoon of the citrate brought to a simmer with shredded cheddar whisked in.  I didn’t use the stick blender and it was fine despite leaving little lumps of cheese.  I saw no downside to that.I’ll leave you with a Tiger Swallowtail on Lantana with a backdrop of Black-eyed Susans.

More Butterflies

These are Eastern Black Swallowtails.  They danced about on the lantana.  One was busy tapping the nectar and the second was more interested in the firstThese are Eastern Tiger Swallowtails.

Red Butterfly Milkweed

The Monarch is on one of the plants that came up from seeds Mrs J planted last fall, best that she remembers.  I made up the name.  She says she got the seeds from Amazon.  A search for red milkweed at the Amazon site turned up this page, it seems they are the same as what we have growing.This bee looking thing was liking it, too.

Random Wildlife

I snapped a quick photo of this green grasshopper atop an ornamental pepper plant and stored it away in my “pending” folder. This morning I looked at it again and noticed that it seems to have a single stalk growing out of its head. I’m sure it’s just an illusion of perspective.

Hot ‘n’ Sweet

My habaneros are ripe so when I saw this bottle of fruit juice on sale at Kroger I grabbed it.  I muddled three habs and a half dozen cayenne peppers and dropped them into a pan with the juice to infuse their heat as the sauce reduced and added some Splenda for the sweetness part of the hot ‘n’ sweet.I decided to strain the peppers out to blend them in the Magic Bullet because I didn’t want those larger pieces.I added the juice and zest from a lemon and a lime and poured it all back into the juice bottle.  It’s clear-the-sinuses hot.  Like when a dollop of Chinese hot mustard goes up your nose hot.  Mercy!  A little dab’ll do ya!