Soup ‘n Sammy ‘n Stuff

 I wanted pasta yesterday so I went to make a meat sauce.  I opened a quart jar of what might have been tomato sauce – the lid wasn’t marked but it was either tomato soup or plain tomato sauce.  It turned out to be soup so it was put aside and I opened another jar.  My meat sauce used Italian sausage and hamburger with all the usual extras:  Lots of onions, a big sweet onion, a medium sized yellow onion, various dried herbs, onion and garlic granules, plus salt and pepper to taste. Used some of it for the spaghetti and made a lasagna with all but a dab of the remainder.I’d druther it were grilled cheese but we had a last bit of tuna salad we needed to finish.  I make my tomato soup with cloves and allspice and Chinese five spice along with grated carrot and onion so the flavor profile is not suited for an Italian style pasta dish but the half cup of my pasta sauce that was leftover worked great in the soup.  I will probably make a full-on tomato soup with a good bit of Italian sausage in it one of these days because I think that will work.



It’s soup season.  This one is a navy bean soup with cured ham and cute cornbread muffins.  I didn’t do a soak because these beans are small and are good (not old) beans.  Just add water to cover by 2 or 3 inches, add chopped onions, black pepper, your ham, and a couple of bay leaves.  Bring to a boil and then simmer for a few hours.  Toward the end you can add veggies like carrots and celery if you wish.These are the last of the peppers.  The plants were productive pretty much all summer.  I almost snapped a pic of the plants after they were hit by a hard frost but I decided it would be just too sad looking..This was very good but I doesn’t look right.  It’s a roux-thickened, garlic lemon cream sauce over shrimp and angel hair pasta.  I added dried basil and parsley flakes to the sauce as it heated.  Make the roux and stir in heavy cream,  grated Parmesan, the zest and juice of a lemon, season with salt and pepper.
I can never get angel hair pasta to work for me and I tell myself that spaghetti is fine for these things after every disappointment but I forget after a while.
Huevos rancheros is just a killer meal any time of the day.I looked at the pics I took of this rueben after I ate it. One was too blurry to use and this one is not very good.Here’s what those beef odds and ends turned into after a couple of hours. I pulled the meat off the bones and strained the broth. Not sure where I’ll go from here.  Veggie beef and barley?Another bowl of chicken noodle soup. Fettuccine noodles in this one.Here’s a golden oldie. Homer is receiving illustrated instructions on how to use a scratching post.

Why Have A Big Cast Iron Pot?

It’s for those times when you have a pile of bone-in stuff like ox tails or beef ribs, and you have a bunch of herbs that are one more hard freeze away from not being fresh herbs any more.  Some red wine, tomato paste, broth, onions and carrots and celery need to go in, and maybe…

yeah, that’ll work.  I think this is going to be a beefy veggie soup or stew.

Sammich, Finally

I’ve been holding a bottle of a mojo marinade for a long time.  I finally used it on this pork shoulder.  Just poured it into the pan with a bunch of garlic and several very coarsely chopped onions.Poked holes in the meat, shoved in more garlic, and loaded this into a 220° oven all night.  I waited till evening because I wanted to make sure that the 12 hour auto-shutoff was disabled.  Still going this morning so we’re good, there.Drain the fat and chop it up:
Our peppers are almost done, I do have a few of those little bitty red peppers but the Kroger garden is going to have  to do  for a while.  Winter gets its  turn.The mojo sauces are citrus-y sorts of things, I wondered how it would go with a drizzle of habanero orange.  I liked it a lot, YMMV.

Green Tomato Relish

I didn’t weigh or count these, so we’ll just say for recipe purposes “about yea many”.Along with the green tomatoes, I added two big sweet onions, and four bell peppers, two green and two red.  Coarse chop all of that then spin it in a food processor to get the final mince on.  Stir in two tablespoons of kosher salt and let drain in a colander for a while, then add to a big pot.  I added yellow and black mustard seed, whole coriander seeds, a dollop of Dijon mustard, black pepper, many cloves of garlic, minced, some ground cumin, granulated garlic, granulated onion, 1 cup of sweetener, and one cup of vinegar.
Bring to a simmer and let it bubble for 20 minutes or so.  I managed to cram everything into 5 wide mouth pint jars.  Process in a water bath for 20-30 minutes.

Sammich Pr0n

Chunky tuna salad sammich on white toast with a side of tomatoes in vinaigrette with fresh thyme.

We stripped all the tomatoes from the vines in the back garden and pulled them from the ground so there won’t be any more fresh tomatoes coming on.  What was on the bush yesterday is what we have.  I’m going to make some green tomato relish today,