Just not feeling up to much these days.  Keeping the basic sides going, and sloppy joes are a staple.This is about what I’m calling going the extra mile.  I bought a couple of sweet potatoes so I would have some on hand for a Hot Mess and waited too long.  One of them developed moldy soft spots so I cut the bad out and baked the rest of it in butter and olive oil with a touch of pancake syrup and a sprinkle of brown sugar.  Not bad!  The chicken thighs were from frozen in the instapot and finished in the toaster oven with sesame oil and oyster sauce.  The green beans got the same treatment in a saute pan.I made the reuben sammiches the other day and put the rest of the corned beef in the fridge.  Hash was the best use for it that I could think of.  The chives are sprouting in the pot I left out all winter on the patio bench so I cut them off for a little color.  I should separate them and re-pot.From his spot on the couch Gabe can keep an eye on the picnic table feeder.  Provided, of course, that the solid door is left open.  He lets us know if the is a dangerous squirrel about.Ramen is a go-to when imagination fails.  Plus, it’s easy and I’m lazy.Katie, checking out the stump while on a pee run.


I love this stuff.  Last fall I cut all the parsley I had growing in pots on the patio, chopped it all in a food processor, and froze it in a silicone muffin tray.
Once thawed and some water drained off, it was easy to finish with garlic and vinaigrette. I used some pepper flake for a little heat, salt and pepper, and made do with dried oregano.

Katie and Gabe

The leaves are falling faster now.  We had a nice hard freeze the other night that killed my patio peppers.  I have a bowl half full of green and red jalapenos that I picked the day before, plus a couple dozen habaneros that I sealed and froze.

Sammich Pr0n

I’ll be bummed when I run out of those candied jalapenos.  The slaw is from a copycat KFC recipe.  It’s a favorite of Mrs J.  I’m torn between it and one using shredded cabbage and fresh peppers in a sweet and sour dressing.  I think the vinegar slaw works better as a topping on fish or pulled pork.  YMMV

Use Them or Lose Them

Late season jalapenos.  They turn red and start to slowly soften and these make some really good candied treats.  I have a gallon of them working.  They are a refrigerator pickle using vinegar and sugar.  I have a bit of turmeric, a few star anise, a cinnamon stick, and garlic in there.