Sammich Pr0n

Those grilled red peppers look like something extruded. They did taste good on this brat. We hardly ever buy brats but they had a 2for1 sale. Also, I had hoagie buns in the freezer that were going to be too dry for all but dressing or bread crumbs if they were not used pretty soon now.

I’m serving a 2for1 sloppy joe sammich post. Only the toppings have been changed. This one has that delicious olive salad.

Fermented peppers on this joe. The slaw is actually a new batch but it is the same vinaigrette dressing: Rice vinegar, slug of Dijon, splash of water, a very small glug of canola oil, celery seed, black pepper and salt. I finally remembered to not buy the package with the red cabbage in the mix.

Pastrami Hash

Start with pastrami. Pastrami is just corned beef that has been smoked. This one spent the night in my little electric job with peach wood providing the smoke.

The pastrami is cooked through so it just needs warming. Do the potatoes first. I am fairly patient but the browning process always takes too long. Maybe I’m not so patient.

My flat leaf parsley is still alive so I brought in a good amount and chopped it to add some color. The chives sighed in relief when I passed them by. You must serve the hash with fried eggs. I don’t make the rules.


This is another live view app camera shot. I’m sure other camera apps exist for all the different cell phone camera makes that do much the same thing. I’ve always used Samsung phones for my daily drivers although I am on my third Google Pixel – latest is the Pixel 4a. It’s a no frills android phone with acceptable performance.

Soup Pr0n

Mrs J made an early call for chicken soup with fresh bread. I made the fettuccine in that microwave cooker thing and dumped it without draining into the pot. There usually isn’t much excess and I figured the starchy water would be good in the soup. It didn’t hurt a thing.

I had time to fortify some broth. I tossed in some basil because a hard frost likely killed the scraggly plant I was nursing along on the patio bench.

Bonus pic! Homer and Gabe


Homer has always gotten along better with dogs than cats.

Tacos again! I let us run out of corn tortillas and didn’t want to make my own so we went with fried flour ones. These have a smear of refried beans, a layer of taco seasoned ground beef, shredded cheeses, and a slaw made of angel hair cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

Mrs J goes through a lot of seeds keeping us in picnicking bird posts.

We’ve had such good luck with this “Lunchbox Red” pepper plant. It just keeps churning out those little peppers. It survived a frost scare and is doing better now than ever.

Those beans atop the basmati rice are from the same large can of mild chili beans that I opened for the pork steak and potatoes the other day. A sharp eye can detect those same beans accompanying the tacos. Note the lunchbox red peppers in the rice. I treated it as a veggie fried rice, sweating the peppers and onions down in oil before adding the cooked rice.

A picture of Miss Bea makes a fine kitteh bookend to the post.


We love these salt and pepper recipe ribs. At the market we usually see the ribs that have been trimmed and squared up but this one is a full spare rib rack. Say that five times real fast.

Here it is after three hours at 300 degrees. I’m going to have to learn the code for the degree sign but not today.

A couple of outtakes from a session fiddling with the buttons and sliders in that camera app:

That last one reminds me of the shots you get if you zoom a lens while you are snapping a photo.

Bitsy was sitting in the garden when I walked by while the camera app in the S10 was running. This was pretty much a poke-n-hope shot. I didn’t stop walking. The photo has been cropped, a lot. The camera’s performance exceeded expectations for this particular capture. I think I was returning, disappointed, from a try for a Monarch around the Mexican sunflowers.

A hummer from yesterday. We had a cold front come through a few days ago and the temps dropped down into the 40s and hadn’t see any for a few days. We had one this morning, too.

I’ve never really been happy with any of my rib presentations but this one is below even my own sorry average. These were very good, not really needing the added bbq sauce. The salt, fat, the peppers, and that yellow mustard slathered all over combined in the heat to make a nice sauce.

Pasta Pr0n

I wiped the rim of the pasta bowl, shaved some Parmesan, found some basil still alive out on the patio and snapped a picture. I set done the phone and dug in. Hard to see them, but the meatballs were in there. Too late for the official post photo, I remembered the garlic bread!

Plenty of film, so not much lost. I’m going with canned Red Gold brand crushed tomatoes with a few herbs and powders these days. Makes a simple and delicious sauce, tomato puree adds body to the gravy.