The usual chili with both ground beef and chorizo. I like the kick this one had from the fermented peppers. I used those copycat chili beans plus a can of Kroger house brand beans because I ran out of the homemade.

Chicken Noodle

I made vegetable stock the other day, it went right into the soup. The Thai, sweet basil, and flatleaf parsley are all big enough to crop so they went in there. I just bought some thin Chinese noodles that I tried out. They work well enough, they claim to be egg noodles but use only the whites.

Fish for Lunch

Lightly breaded tilapia with fermented peppers and sides of mac salad, slaw, and baked beans. A cucumber tomato vinaigrette lurks in the background. Still working with supermarket tomatoes, alas.

Something Fishy

The tilapia fillet was dredged naked through a spicy bread crumb/corn meal mixture and deep fried . The star of this dish was the macaroni salad. The recipe has plenty of ingredients and I thought that this time I had them all at hand but the sweet gherkins had to be replaced with plain sweet pickle relish.

Winner Winner

Chicken was dusted with the usual powders and spent 40 minutes at 400 in the toaster oven. The fries were a rush job so not twice fried but they did get cold in an ice water bath then were dried on a towel before deep frying in canola oil.

Beef Stew

Carrots, onions, and potatoes in the pot with nice chunks of beef along with plenty of garlic paste and beef broth concentrate simmered for two hours on the stove top. Simple and satisfying.