Pecorino Cauliflower Soup

I used a whole head of cauliflower for this, and a fair sized chunk of my pecorino. I used to have a wee bottle of white truffle oil but it was not to be found. This went fairly close to the recipe except I had no heavy cream so I made do with half & half plus a slug of buttermilk. I think the croutons were a nice addition, and I still have chives in the patio garden so they were available to add a little color. I stirred in a generous dollop of garlic paste because garlic helps everything. My stick blender got a workout. We give this two thumbs up.


Homer, standing in front of our figs last month. They die back to the ground in the winter but they’ve been coming back in the spring, at least so far.

There are a few coming ripe now. They’re sweet and tasty and too many to deal with but they make a nice snack.

Fat Cat. Ollie is napping atop one of those cardboard scratching gizmos down in the basement. The purple glow is from Mrs J’s grow lights she has set up for African violets and various other things.

Pecorino Romano. They never have any of this at Kroger except the grated kind that’s in a blend. They always have wedges of Parmesan but it’s not the same. I bought a two pound block, divided it like so, vac-sealed and froze all but one. I’m thinking spaghetti carbonara for dinner sometime soon.

I have a decent crop of parsley and oregano in the patio garden so I made a nice chimichurri for a pair of steaks we had the other day.

We had a nice grilled ham and cheese for lunch. They’re easy and delicious. I think I’ll add an egg the next time.

Homer loves his dog buddy.

Breakfast for Lunch

The tomato was probably the last one I’ll get from my container plant. I nearly killed it with an over enthusiastic application of blossom rot preventer but it made a late comeback. There are 2 or 3 fruits still hanging on that may make it.

Jalapeno Harvest…Again

I harvested about five pounds of jalapenos and purchased a couple pounds of Poblanos and roasted them. I peeled and froze the Poblanos to make Creamy Poblano Soup later. The jalapenos I made into pickled relish and froze.

One issue with roasting the jalapenos as long as I did, is the relish becomes more of a “spread” – they disintegrated when I chopped them.  This is not going to matter to me because they will be used in soups, stews, and on sandwiches and will taste great regardless of the texture.

In the photo, you will see the jalapenos and tomatoes I have harvested since the roasting…and since the photo I’ve harvested that many or more, again. I swear the jalapeno fairy just deposits them on the plants in the middle of the night. They were not there before, LOL.

I’ll most likely buy some more Poblanos and do another round of roasting. But there may only be one jalapeno plant next year.


Hot Soup & Warm Bread

I remembered to start the bread machine early enough to have bread with the soup I simmered all morning:

This was a really tasty potato soup with plenty of ham, onions, garlic and cheese. I melted half a small brick of cheddar in citrated half and half before stirring it in. I chopped a sprig of fresh rosemary really fine and also dropped in a sprig of thyme to flavor this beyond the salt and pepper. There a four nice garlic cloves in it as well as a generous scoop of the better than bouillon roasted garlic flavor goop. Love that stuff! I’ve got chopped chives in there and my bowl has a nice sprinkle of ground red pepper