The Northern Hover Jay


BBQ Rib Pr0n

I’m liking the toaster oven’s slow cook feature. These spent about 3 hours on the low setting after an hour set on high. Not at all sure what the actual temps are. They got a dry rub to start and a foil cover, the foil removed and brushed with sauce for a while at the end.

Taco Pr0n

I’ve found that using pancetta in tacos work pretty well. Pretty Well?    It’s G-r-r-reat!  (In Tony Tiger’s voice)
Cut the pancetta into lardons and fry them up. No lettuce in the house so we used thin sliced cabbage with a few fresh peppers. Add some crumbled queso fresco, pico de gallo, your favorite sauce, and enjoy!
We like a few nacho chips with this sort of thing. They’re good ways to get the pico and guac into your mouth. Pro-Tip: Spread some guac or refries onto the chip first so the pico sticks better.