Penne with the last of the latest batch of stuffed pepper sauce. I crumbled queso fresco on it because I have some I need to use up. On that note, I believe nachos are in order sometime soon.

Ham and Eggs

Ham, eggs, and potatoes hit the spot. They were a solution to the “what’s for supper” question. This reminded me that I had a boneless ham in the garage fridge that needed slicing. I did the whole thing into 3/8 to 1/2 inch slices and sealed it all into vacuum bags. We love ham steaks with beans and potatoes and may well eat a few with an egg or two.


The garnishes are pickled jalapenos, serranos, and other veggies with fresh cheese. There is also some way past prime pico that came from the last grocery run.

They were filled with the classic beans and cheddar plus a little smoked pork and a sprinkling of leftover rice. I broke out the big grill for these, both to warm the tortillas for burrito prep work and to put the scorch on. They did that under a ‘cheese melting’ cover. Two thumb up!