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Mmm… Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce

20160921_1838391600x1200I remember a sauce that was a local favorite in the small town I grew up in.  An old man had a smoke pit at the edge of town and turned out a good bbq and made a sauce that also sold in local markets.  I tried to replicate it back then and managed to come close once.  Of course I didn’t write down a recipe and never managed even “close” after that.20160923_1004141600x1200It’s been 50 years since I had a genuine Witt’s BBQ but when I made a batch of this sauce it really rang a bell.  I fiddled with it some, the sauce I remembered was thicker.  I heated it on the stove and then added some corn starch, a little Splenda, red pepper flakes, extra ground black pepper, garlic  powder, salt, and some ground Sichuan peppers.  Fifty years is a long time but this sauce is as good as that one I remember – even if the recipe isn’t exactly the same.

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Mmm… Butterbeans and Cornbread

20160920_1853301600x1200Nothing special about these, I will note that I used the “boil for a minute and let sit, covered, for an hour” method rather than soaking overnight.  It worked fine.  You drain the beans after the hour and then cook to your regular recipe.  These are cooked in chicken stock with carrots, celery, and onions that were sauteed briefly.  I like to add a Creole/Cajun seasoning to mine, and a couple of bay leaves.  These have ham chunks that simmered in stock while the beans soaked to get a head start.20160920_1220001600x1200The cornbread isn’t anything fancy, just the back of the box recipe.

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