Picnicking Birds



This is stay home weather, verging on “Get your dumb self back in here right away” weather.  We have plenty of salt, shovels and an electric snow shovel/blower.  That thing, man.  Just don’t try to clear a walk with it when the wind is in your face.

Thinking about supper.

Filo Fun

We emptied a freezer the other day so we could give it a good swabbing out.  Found some filo sheets.  These have pork, onions, and cheese for savory egg roll-looking treats.  I used up half of the filo.  I’m thinking a reprise with broccoli, cheese, and pork for tonight’s dinner.These are more delicate than relatively rugged wonton wrappers but using them has a nice reward in the flakey crusts.  These spent just short of 15 minutes at 400 in the toaster oven.  I served them with BBQ sauce in a dipping bowl.

Shrimp Lo Mein

Trust me, there are noodles under there.  I went with fettuccine noodles this time.  In a departure from my usual practice of pouring a few ounces of olive oil into the pasta water I used sesame oil instead.  I think the aroma alone was worth it.

I peeled the shells from the raw shrimp and made a stock that was the base for the sweet chili sauce the shrimp and broccoli were tossed with.  Shrimp turn rubbery if they are overcooked so I cooked them first to a half done stage and set them aside, then cooked the veggies until they were close. The shrimp were added back to the wok and the sauce was spooned over the mix and then served atop the noodles.