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Take It Easy

Dixie Chicken

La Donna È Mobile

Midweek Music Break: Lou Gramm, Midnight Blue

Been running through my head all day:

Critter Cam

Standing In The Doorway

I’ll Play the Blues for You

Feed Me!

For some reason, my flock of hummers has a favorite feeder.  The feeders are identical, and I have moved them around so I don’t think it’s a particular location.  I’ve filled them all from the same batch of nectar so it isn’t taste.  The feeder you see them swarming in the video is the one they’ve chosen, I’ve filled it three times today while the other four are still on the first fill.

[edit]: whoops, I have my phone set to take max resolution video and it’s taking a long time to load, sorry ’bout that!

A Little Friday Night Music: Bulletproof, La Roux

Always makes me want to dance:

I Will Survive


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