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Let the Good Times Roll

Critter Cam

A hawk is just sitting there, ignored by a crow.  I wish I knew what was going on.  I think maybe the hawk tried for a capture of a bird or a squirrel and missed but is in no hurry to leave.  I have no idea why the crow seems so nonchalant.


We Take Care of Our Own


“Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins” – Bruce Springsteen

Happy birthday to the performer who gave me my life philosophy:

In case you don’t know the story – during the Born in the USA tour, Springsteen often repeated that phrase and asked everyone to bring canned goods to his concerts to be distributed to the local food banks. In 1984, that was novel. His charity is well documented.

I had many his albums, but haven’t converted to digital – well except Born To  Run, because it’s a necessity – so it’s been a long time since I’ve listened in-depth. But now he has a book out, so I’m finding myself searching out songs I haven’t heard in years.




I’ll Take Care of You

Critter Cam

Walking In Memphis

Critter Cam


We sat and watched the take from the various trail camera we have out and we were surprised to see so many coyotes.  First we saw the pair flash by close to one camera and then the pack running past a second.  Both of those camera are in what we consider to be our back yard.  That’s why Mrs J brings the kittehs in every night.  The videos were both from last night, the still was the night before.