I wanted to see how skin-on thighs would do in the air fryer, these did very well.  Dry them with paper towels, toss them in a bowl with smoked paprika, onion powder, granulated garlic, salt, and pepper.  I probably used some of the Aleppo pepper because I put it on everything now.  I started these with the skin down and flipped them halfway through.  Total cooking time was about 30+ minutes at 375°.Tender and juicy!  That’s the All American bbq sauce on the chicken.  Note the red specks of Aleppo pepper on the potato salad. Several months ago I put pineapple snack cups on the grocery list just so I could use the juice in the next batch of baked beans without opening a big can.  I remembered them in time, this time.  I did have to take the skillet out of the oven to stir the pineapple in.  I think it added a nice note to the flavor. Here’s Homerdammit! passing through.  Cheeseburger – pickle, onion, mustard – with a side of those baked beans with the pineapple bits, also potato salad and slaw.  Very good supper.  Dinner?  Have a preference?  Don’t say tea. Random raccoon.  Not sure why it’s upside down, maybe just showing off for the other teenaged rascals. We had such good luck with the thighs cooked in the toaster oven we went with the same seasonings.  I may have increased the granulated garlic.  Part of the reason I took this picture was to prove that I didn’t forget to line it with foil this time. I called these done after 25 minutes or so.  The wings started at room temp and iirc the cooking temp was 380°.  Unsure of the times but I think total was less than 30 minutes with a flip halfway through,  I was cooking to temp, they say 165° to be safe but I went more 180-ish.  There’s so little meat on a wing that the temps were hard to measure. We have reached an accommodation, maybe.  Allows me to type this out at any rate.  Bitsy has been known to nip at fingers.

Killing The Lawn: Phase 1

It began innocently enough with laying out an outline of what might be nice and a promise I’d think about it for a while. Two weeks later, phase 1 is complete.

My goal was to create an excellent soil base to replace what is now pretty much cement hard clay. The previous owners used a chemical lawn service for at least a decade, that left the soil depleted and hard as a rock. Over the past four years, I’ve been amending it with compost, manure and aeration. A record drought this summer proved that none of those measures were enough to reinvigorate the lawn and the soil was still like granite.

I had several choices: use chemicals to kill (just no), or a bobcat to scrape, the grass and bring in a large amount of good soil and replant the grass, or add sod, or xeriscape. I was definitely leaning towards creating an area of low-water native plantings. But the cost of scraping a lawn and bringing in yards and yards of compost/soil was cost-prohibitive.

Then a bit of research led me to the Sheeting Method. Better soil would be achieved by killing the grass and weeds with a sealed layer of cardboard and mulch. Leaving an excellent base for native plants and bushes to replace the grass.

The next step was a hunt for cardboard.

Thanks to neighborhood apps, I was able to relieve multiple neighbors of their cardboard just before recycling day, so it was already flattened. They didn’t have to drive it to the recycling center, and I got several carloads of boxes.

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Soon Gone

This is my view from the window over the kitchen Sink.  Can you spot my little friend?The last couple of days we’ve had a few hummers going about their usual routine.  We’ll keep the feeders up for a while yet for the benefit of the stragglers.