Critter Cam



They swarmed around a high limb in a walnut tree yesterday evening. MrsJ saw  a female  oriole  nearby,  taking  advantage  of  the  free  food.They were gone this morning.  A couple of years ago I witnessed a swarm on the move, first hearing the buzzing and then seeing the thousands of  bees streaming by against a grey sky.  It’s somewhat heartening to see that there are still honeybees around.  Maybe their resistance to whatever is harming them is growing.  Just a hope on my part with no clue if that is correct.

Everyday Heroes

We were tardy  with the camera chips and are just now reviewing the take.  You may remember the post about the woodpecker window strike:We now have another angle on that from the stump camera:MrsJ carried him out to the stump where she could keep an eye on him.It was a short vigil but she had time to fetch a cup of coffee.  The bird finally came to, got to his feet and flew off after sitting for that top photo. He’s saying “You’re my hero”.