Purple Rain

The vitex in the garden sheds tiny flowers constantly. It’s alive with humming bees and other pollinators all day long. We had a few rain showers yesterday that knocked the blossoms off wholesale.

Critter Cam – Birdbath Orioles

I think a pair of orioles may have nested nearby. The first video is a male, for sure. Second video may be either a female or a juvenile, and the still frame is probably a juvenile. We’ve been seeing orioles here for a while and we thought they were just passing through. We are needing Cap’n Muggles!

Boxes Filled with Confetti

On a whim this year, instead of petunias, I filled my window boxes with moss roses and I’m so glad I did. They are such a fun confetti of colors. Filled with bees and I’m waiting for the butterflies.

It’s my view as I sit here and edit Duxbridge Mysteries: Recipe for Murder