Critter Cam

This time of year the bucks come out to play.


Picnicking Birds

The latest cold snap is abating and the 1″ of snow we got is going away.  Hoping to have some nice photos of birds in the snow.  I hope the ice didn’t cover the lens.  This pic is from last week.Here’s a possum checking out a fig.  It’s from late last month.

Moonset, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

One of my favorite Colorado photographers captured this stunning shot this a.m. Enjoy!

Kissing Camels Moonset (Colorado 11/13/2019).

This morning, I took my first photos in several days (felt like weeks to me) due to a bad stomach bug. I started out with sunrise photos inside Garden of the Gods. As I was leaving the park, the moon was perfectly setting behind the Kissing Camels. Single shot @ 600mm.

2020 Colorado Calendar: