Random Raccoon


The crab apples and peaches along the driveway are busting out blossoms. The smaller tree with the white blooms is a cherry. I forget the variety.

The redbud in the front garden is showing why it is named so.

I coated the cod filets with Andy’s Cajun breading and served them with fries and sides. I’m afraid I will run out of those fermented peppers before I can grow more.

Bitsy, being a good kitty.

Homer, pretending to be a good kitty.

A couple of chicken thighs roasted in the counter top oven made a decent lunch. They were seasoned with paprika, garlic, and Aleppo pepper.

This crab apple has seen some things. It was broke down by an ice storm several years ago but bounced back. I took the pic through some branches of a vitex. It always comes on late. It does have some green buds just now showing.


The last full moon reminded me that the new phone has a 50X zoom. I took this while steadying the camera on the side of the garage. I was right under a lit security lamp but that seemed to not cause a problem.

I found a boneless pork roast a while back and thought it would make a nice item to cook and slice. It worked well enough. I vacuum sealed most all of it and thaw some as needed.

One windy day the feeder was blown off the stump and lost one of the suet feeders. Mrs J tired of waiting for me to reattach the wire cage so she ordered a new one.

The cardinals seem to approve. It looks to be a tad smaller than the last one.

I bought some bone-in country ribs and prepared them in the instapot with sauerkraut, little red potatoes, and onions. This recipe worked for me. I added Steen’s cane syrup with the brown sugar. Maybe too much?

It’s mowing season again. I made the first full cut a couple of days ago. Early on there are some high spots that need it but large areas are pretty sparse so I waited a bit. The wild onions finally grew thick enough to see where I had mowed. I took the shot of the fungus on a dead oak tree that caught my eye while on the mower.

A lite lunch for me..

..and one for the blue jay.