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Bixby and Bailey, Sittin’ On Me



I was trying to watch the news. It’s a little hazy because cell phone. They are doing well on day 2. Bailey weighs 92 lbs. She had her first bath this morning and I took them out for their first joint walk. It all went pretty well.

For reference, Bixby was about 110 lbs at 9 months.


Soup Repair

20161018_1107261600x1200That cauliflower soup was really bland.  Even Mrs J said it was too bland.  Bland even with sour cream and cheese.  I fix!  I fix by dumping half the remaining soup and adding 2 potatoes boiled in chicken stock.  These I blended in thoroughly with a stick blender.  Then I added crisp bacon crumbles.  This one didn’t need sour cream but I did go with the Creole seasoning again because I like that stuff.

Post needs moar kitteh!20161017_1014241600x1200Here’s Homer resting on an old picnic table.  Gabe is busy in the background picking through bird seed for the peanuts.

I say it’s an old picnic table because it is old, for a picnic table.  I made that thing in a flurry of busy about 30 years ago and it’s been sitting out in the weather since then.  I’m kind of amazed that it has held up as well as it has.  I did replace one of the seat boards when we moved it a bit closer to the house a few weeks ago.

The Bixby and Bailey Diaries: Day One


Whirlwind day. Bailey is settling in like she’s always been here. She and Bixby have been playing non-stop since we got home last night.


They did take a break to sleep through the night. Well except when Emma went full on Exorcist on a fully asleep Bailey. Poor thing. Both of them actually.

Then this morning, Bailey has a bad habit (as most puppies do) of biting at me. We are working on it, but because she’s had so much negative feedback training, I’m walking a tightrope of stern but gentle redirection. She nipped a little to hard and wouldn’t let go, so I raised my voice and the next thing I know, Emma burst out of the closet and  she went after Bailey like she was taking on a home intruder. Now you know who my real protector is here. Unfortunately, she snagged her nail (nicely trimmed, I might add) on the carpet and ripped it out. So there was blood. Lots of blood.


I believe she’s just making her presence known right away, letting Bailey know who actually runs this house. Fairly certain Bailey has gotten the message, as much as a puppy can.


Bixby is loving the playmate, not so much the sharing. He’s got a full on food aggression going on, which I’m working on, he’s always been so easy going with other dogs, I was taken by surprise. He also doesn’t like sharing his toys, bed or anything else Bailey might show interest in. It’s only been a day, I believe we will work it out.

Bailey has shown herself to be a talker! I love Bixby to pieces, but always a bit disappointed he wasn’t a talker. Bailey is finding her voice and using it to express herself. It’s adorable.


She’s having some potty issues, but I think it’s a matter of just not knowing who and how to ask at the new house. We’ll get her bell trained in no time.

One day down….




Meet Bailey


She’s 9 months old. Mantle Dane. She won’t be as big as Bixby, but she’s going to be taller, for sure. I don’t think he’s ready for that.



Had a very interesting time driving an hour with two Danes in the car, who had just met. But they were angels and settled right down. Home has been another story. Already one full bowl of water dumped on my floor.

Interesting times ahead. Wish me luck!


Photo Fun

20161015_1057291600x1200Bitsy jumped up onto my lap this morning while I had my phone out so I snapped a quick photo.  The camera lens on my phone is nearly always smudged with fingerprints, I rarely remember to wipe them off.  I managed to reduce the fog somewhat by upping the contrast and running it through a couple of Snapseed filters.  I bet there are some good haze reduction filters out there I don’t know about.img_20161015_113149I was wondering if I could render this through more than one filter in the Prisma app but I didn’t see any way to do it one one step.  I did it the long way around.img_20161015_113305_processedI used the Hunter filter and saved it, and then opened that photo (above) in the app and ran another filter, Gothic, on it:img_20161015_113435_processedFor comparison, here is the same photo rendered straight through the Gothic filter.img_20161015_120243_processedIt’s subtly different, softer looking.  I bet there are some combos that result in just a whiff of kitty, more suggestion that representation.

Photo Fun

img_20161009_172337_processedNice treatment of Gabe in the Prisma app, with the appropriately named “Hunter” filter.  He hasn’t hunted with much success beyond catching grasshoppers although he is showing an unfortunate enthusiasm for digging after moles.

I downloaded another app today and it’s promising enough that I coughed up the $2.99 for the upgrade.  I’ve had Eye-Fi cards in several of my cameras for some time now.  They automatically upload pictures to my Synology NAS so that they are available to any machine on my network, and I’ve been wanting something similar for my Android phone.  I think I have found it in the PhotoSync app.

An advantage this app has over the Eye-Fi card is that the strength of the wifi radio in the phone is miles ahead of the tiny little thing they have crammed into the SD card.  I like the automatic upload that happens as soon as I take the shot, but you can trigger an upload manually if you prefer.  That way if you flub the exposure or snap the photo too soon you can decline to upload that one, you select those you want to transfer.  I figure I can as easily delete it from the network folder as I can on the phone.  Lots more at the PhotoSync link.


20161007_1638571600x1200Today was Gabe’s day to visit the vet for his “fix”, he weathered it in fine fettle like the good boy he is.  He’s resting per Dr’s order, I hope we can keep him from chasing Bitsy for a week or so.20161007_1312501600x1200That smoked tenderloin makes a fine sammich.  I slice it thin and pile it onto one of my homemade buns:20161007_1129531600x1200One of the things that gets overlooked when listing stuff that a smartphone is good for is making a record of model number info on various things about the house and garage.20161007_1234301600x1200This is the info on a router/access point I keep in the garage.  I wanted to look up the user manual online.  Not having three hands to juggle pencil, paper, and the device I just snapped a picture of it.  My phone will snap a photo by saying a trigger word – shoot, or cheese, or smile all work on mine.  Bonus!  I’ve managed to record the model  info on a thing where I couldn’t even see the tag.  Just hold the phone in what seems the correct position and take the shot.20161006_1300471600x1200We mixed a batch of Mrs J Famous Fried Pies.  These have the same filling as the apple danish we made.20161006_1205341600x1200Another of those delicious pastrami reubens.  I managed to slice the pastrami correctly this time!20161005_1722351600x1200Mmm… smoked chicken burritos.  These have beans, cheese, and cabbage with the chicken.20161006_0917171600x1200Here’s another of Mrs J’s blueberry banana bread loaves.  She asked me to mix some sugar glaze for it.  Happy to oblige!

Random Meme


Gabe and Homer

20160926_0918461600x1200I’ve been playing with that Prisma app on my Android phone, it isn’t much good on close-ups of food on a plate but when there are a couple of well defined objects in a photo it does some interesting things:gabe-and-homer_prismaThere is a crop function built into the app, but the different filters do all of the heavy lifting.  There is a fair selection of them, I  like some better than others but that’s a subjective thing.  YMMVimg_20160927_104727_processedI like the mosaic filter a lot.img_20160927_104716_processedThis one, meh.  I don’t know why it’s picking up red in the nose on Gabe.img_20160927_104653_processedI like this one pretty well.