Guard Dog Gabe and His Kitteh Companion

I’ve been watching the hearings and eating hot dogs.  Here’s a bit of sammich pr0n to tide you over.Do you need a recipe to make your basic potato salad?  I manage to make mine without having to think about it.  This is the standard mustard, egg salad:The only notable thing about this one is that I used the homemade mayo in this.  It was a 2 egg mayo and it was actually quite a bit thicker that the one I made with just the one egg.  Go figure!


Katie and Gabe

The leaves are falling faster now.  We had a nice hard freeze the other night that killed my patio peppers.  I have a bowl half full of green and red jalapenos that I picked the day before, plus a couple dozen habaneros that I sealed and froze.

Happy Anniversary, Gabe

Gabe was sprung from the Larimer County Humane Society a year ago today.  Here he is enjoying is favorite summer spot. Today there is too much ice on the patio for the kitties to venture out.

Glad you’re part of the family, sweet thing.



This was taken October 15 and it is my last hummer sighting of the season.  I will keep the feeder up for a while yet for stragglers.“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly;
“’Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.”
Mary Howitt
This was taken back in June, this year. We always get a window spider building webs, I cheer them on because f@#k horseflies.The lean ground beef is great for chili…..and you need chili for chili nachos.Another successful run of air fryer fries!  Those are bbq chicken thighs on the plate with them.Sloppy joe, plain, and....sloppy joe. fancy.  It’s with cheese and hot giardiniera.  The sprouts were tossed with oil and air fried.  I’m not sure they are better or faster in an air fryer, still sorting the best temps but I’m thinking lower temps would be better and the fast fan really chars the loose leaves.