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Entente and Detente, Illustrated by Photographs of Animals

DSC_5522(1600x1200)Detente – the easing of hostility or strained relationsDSC_5523(1600x1200)Entente – a friendly understanding or informal alliance

Two Years, Two Weeks

Bixby Diary WK 2 Final

Such a sweet boy…feels like he’s been  here forever. It’s been two years and two weeks. Look at that little face.

Original post is here.



20160826_122634(1600x1200)“Please, sir, I want some more.”  Any hungry pup could as well be an Oliver.20160826_164846(1600x1200)I saw a chef on one of the TV food shows do fried chicken entirely in the oven, she poured canola oil into a suitable pan about an inch deep and slid it carefully into a 350 oven.  I confess I wasn’t paying good attention, she may have preheated the oil on the stove.  Anyway, I let it heat up until the oil was about 350 and then placed the floured chicken (very carefully!) into the hot oil and closed the oven door.  At the 15 minute mark turn the chicken over and give it another 15 minutes.  I used bone-in thighs and they were done after 30 minutes.  20160824_120038(1600x1200)

DSC_2031(1600x1200)Sammich pr0n!20160825_092221(1600x1200)This critter caught my eye the other day.  I managed to ID is as a Salt Marsh Moth fairly quickly.  It was just sitting there on the walk in front of the garage.  It was a new one to me as best as I can remember.gabe and melon(1600x1200)Moar Gabe!  Mrs J threw a watermelon rind out for the critters.  Gabe checked it out and sampled some.20160821_170505(1600x1200)The steak was great, as were the rosemary baked potato wedges, but the broccoli was almost too old to eat.  I wish I had left it off for the photo.20160823_164209(1600x1200)Three salads in this photo.  I grilled the chicken and the corn in the big gas grill, nearly burned up the chicken when I turned the gas knob to high instead of off.  Caught it in time to save the meat but the skin was charcoaled.20160825_132843(1600x1200)Those steaks were so big both of us had some leftover, just enough for a nice pot of soup the next day.


20160820_165325(1600x1200)Mmm… wings!  These spent the night in a bag with a dry rub,  Toss with a little oil and arrange them on a rack in a tray and cook at 400, turn every 15 minutes.  At the 30 minute mark I turned them again and set a timer for 10 minutes because another 15 seemed like it would be too much.  TaMara just got a convection oven and that reminds me that I almost always use the convection fan when I bake so conventional ovens might need more time or a higher temp.  The wing sauce on these is the basic hot sauce plus butter and a tablespoon or 2 of honey.  20160820_121405(1600x1200)Not to gross you out but I had a small pot with Scotch Bonnet peppers and the other day I was surprised to see that a caterpillar had eaten everything but the bark on the stems, leaving nothing but a skeleton and a few seeds, plus a pile of worm turds.  He had eaten some leaves on an adjoining pepper plant.  I looked high an low for the miscreant with no luck.  I decided to scrap out the pot and when I busted up the root ball I discovered the culprit – he had burrowed in.20160819_084715(1600x1200)Homie!  He’s a habit of begging for some laser dot play every morning, he pops his head up for a second before dashing back to his starting gate, the small house in the cat tree in the background of the photo.  I was waiting for him the other day with my camera phone poised and caught him.  Yes, I turned the coffee cup beforehand, hoping for just this shot.DSC_2016(1600x1200)We’ve taken to eating breakfast for lunch.  These are BELT sammiches less the tomato and lettuce.DSC03691(1600x1200)I wish someone would adopt Susie.  She very affectionate, gets along well in the play group, runs to greet anyone entering the cat’s room, loves getting scritches.  She’s about 6 years old and has been at the shelter for half that time.  Mrs J is perplexed and saddened that no one has taken her home with them.20160819_191640(1600x1200)Ham and cheese on a hoagie roll with lots of chopped lettuce, onions, and sliced peppers in vinaigrette.  These are always good and don’t require any cooking.20160820_130228(1600x1200)We had some wild rice mix leftover.  Add broth, some chicken leftovers, cheese, milk, and a few broccoli florets and you have a delicious soup.  We like our soups rather thick so this has corn starch for the thickening agent, another way to go about getting to the same place would involve a roux started in the soup pot before anything else was added.20160821_114622(1600x1200)Sunday Lunch!  We love those teeny-weeny breakfast sausages.  I have a gob of my green jalapeno jam on the french toast.



And cats, don’t forget the cats. And as long as we have that field, maybe a llama, or two (wouldn’t want him to be lonely). I hear mini-burros are nice. Ducks. There must be ducks.



20160807_150949(1600x1200)I’ve always called these things pink ladies but I assume there are other names for them depending on where you live.  They usually come as a surprise, seemingly showing up overnight.20160809_173126(1600x1200)This sloppy joe sammich got a bit of crunch added with the corn chips, it’s akin to Frito pie in that regard.  I like the way the slaw turned out so much I ordered a salad spinner for the method  the recipe spells out.  It calls for a salt and sugar “cure” that has to be rinsed off before the dressing is added and the excess water needs to be removed.  I’ve been letting it drain onto tea towels.20160811_120157(1600x1200)More BELT sammiches.  I’m frugal so I toasted the heel ends to make this one.  The tomato bushes continue to yield the big slicers that are perfect for them.20160813_104840(1600x1200)Speaking of tomatoes, we juiced a couple of five gallon buckets full of tomatoes and spent the day boiling them down to eventually can 7 quarts of tomato soup.  That vegetable juicer we bought is still paying dividends.DSC_5514(1600x1200)Gabe has found a new toy that is so much better than the other toys in that box.  Mrs J is so much fun!  She plays with him all over the house!gated gabe(1600x1200)Usually these play sessions result in nap time, whether Gabe is sleepy or not.DSC03678 (1600x1200)Moar kittehs!  I don’t have any additional info on either of these.20160811_164117(1600x1200)More smoked pork with some of that slaw from the recipe I linked to above.DSC03681 (1600x1200)I’ll wrap this up with another kitteh.


Plum harvest day 3

So my two little ornamental plums have provided quite the harvest this year. Clearly no one told them they are not supposed to produce fruit. This is day three, still quite a few even after I invited my neighbors over to pick as many as they liked.

Bixby Inspects Harvest

Bixby must inspect everything, though so far he doesn’t seem to have a taste for plums. There are at least twice as many up higher in the trees (though they really are small trees) and I don’t have it in me to get the ladder out and pick more. Next year there will be plum jam. This year, the plum fairy may be leaving gifts on the unsuspecting’s doorsteps.

Speaking of no energy – I don’t have it in me to do the recipes tonight – maybe tomorrow…


Mmm… Apple Pie!

20160811_150145(1600x1200)Mrs J made one of her Perfected Crusts for the pie.  We love that plastic mat for working dough.  It works great even upside down!  LOL20160811_150203(1600x1200)Gabe is showing some interest in the prep.  Mrs J is bringing him up right.20160811_150500(1600x1200)He likes apples, or maybe it’s just the cinnamon that has his attention.  It does smell good!20160811_155614(1600x1200)Mmm… apple pie!  We bought a bag of raw sugar that works as a sprinkle atop dessert pies and we really like it.  It has the same size granules as kosher salt.

Tuesday – Now with More Gabe and Homer!

gabe and homer


20160806_104706(1600x1200)Homer is still bonkers for the red bug.  The other kittehs will still notice it, and, maybe, give chase.  Homer, however, begs for it and will misbehave if he is denied his fun.IMG_20160804_134844676(1600x1200)It’s easy to get photos of the boy when he is napping.  On the go – not so much.  He has access to so many toys that are new to him but bring back sweet and sad memories for us.20160807_115834(1600x1200)We have to pace ourselves, ration out these BELT sammiches or we might eat nothing else.  I will have to say that this batch of smoked pork is the best:20160806_165253(1600x1200)That long, slow smoke over peachwood made this sammich.  Slaw was pretty good, too.  Feta crumbles add a lot of depth to the tomatoes, seasoned rice vinegar gives the dish even more.20160806_121950(1600x1200)It’s getting to where I can churn these buns out with my eyes closed.  I can’t tout this King Arthur recipe highly enough.IMG_20160723_203921150(1600x1200)One last pic of Gabe, helping Mrs J watch TV.


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