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A Day Late

I missed the Rescued Pets Day thing yesterday.  This picture, taken this morning, is of a rescue we took in a while back.  He and his litter mates were dumped near us.  His siblings were corralled and taken to the shelter but he escaped notice until a day or two later.  We kept him, and named him Ginger.


Found Out Why The Ducks Shunned Their New Pool

I went out and bought the biggest pool I could fit into my car:

It’s about 5 feet in diameter and a good 8 inches deep. So, theoretically they could swim (by swim, I mean they lie flat and zoom across the pool and do barrel rolls). They like to do that before splashing around in it and grooming.

Often when I change things up for them, I have to show them where, how and what they need to do. So I filled the pool and grabbed the ducks and put them in it. They freaked out and flew out of it, in their domestic duck kinda way (lots of scrambling). I thought maybe the just needed some time, but nothing I did enticed them to stay and play.

Then I realized what was wrong…

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That Darn Cat!

When You Just Run Out Of Gas


Yeah, Nope: What’s Under The Bed?!?!


Walked into the bedroom to see all three cats surrounding the bed, looking under it. Yeah, no way was I going to look. I went and got Carson and set him about vacuuming. I neither need nor want to know what might be under there.

I emptied the bin outside, just to be safe.

Carry on….


Excuse Me, I Think You Have Neglected Something

In the mornings I leave the patio door open enough for the cats to go in and out and get some backyard time. This morning, Mabel showed up to make it clear there were not enough cornflakes and cilantro in her life.

I remedied the situation.

I guess I should be glad she didn’t come on in and help herself. And don’t worry, Maddie was not far away, soaking in the sun and letting Mabel do the heavy lifting this a.m.

p.s. If you want to win the heart of any duck – cilantro is your key. And please don’t feed ducks, wild or domestic, bread. Very bad for them.


Phrenology AKA “Cat Scan”

Hmm..uh huh…mmm. Yes, well…I’m afraid I have some bad news…I can confirm, based on your skull structure, that you are…a DOG!Don’t take it so hard!  We can get through this…together.

Bixby: The Unboxing

I hear unboxing is a thing. If I had only known this earlier, Bixby and I could probably have made a fortune…or at least enough to pay for his food. He LOVES to open boxes. I’m pretty sure I told you the story about how he mugged the UPS man one day on a walk because he was carrying a box to someone’s house (luckily, it was our UPS man, so he understood).

We have started getting our food from Chewy which means Bixby is in heaven. Scout doesn’t understand what the fuss is.

Here he is in action:


Feeling Pretty

Katie just got back from the groomer and feels ten pounds lighter and eleven pounds prettier.

Picnicking … Birds?