Katie is out enjoying the garden while Mrs J is watering.

Duckteen Holds Own Gender Reveal Party

It’s official.  Just before bed last night it was quite clear that Nick’s drake feather popped. Was 99% sure, because of his quack, he was a boy – but didn’t want to make assumptions. Not one of my ducks sounds the same, so figured no reason not to wait until we had a definitive answer.

Without further ado, here are Nick and his drake feather:

So it’s officially Nick and Nora. If they open their own detective agency, I’m sure it’ll make a good story…

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A pizza topped with meatballs and cheeses.

Ollie watches Gabe and asks, “where’s the squirrel?”

Mrs J’s sharp eyes spotted a little mantis on her rescue rose this morning.

I have a huge backlog of pics featuring the no longer extant post feeder.

Picnicking Buntings

Random Wildlife

I also have a huge backlog of picnicking bird photos. This is from February.