Kitteh Angst

Have you been petting someone else?


Duck, Duck…Not Goose

This gives you a good idea of how much bigger Penelope is than Mabel and Maddie.  As you can see they have integrated well and there are no more dominance issues. No idea why all three are piled in the one tiny pool!

We are having a bit of an issue with Penelope suddenly, as her hormones are going crazy, wanting to bond with Bixby. I’ll get photos or video this weekend if I can. I am very concerned, only because, you know, Danes are NOT the most graceful of beasts.

If you remember, Maddie and Mabel had the same issue with the late, great Jake Panther and he was not amused. Bixby is just…confused.


Homer Has Been Quiet Lately

Except for this morning.  He was wanting to play laser dot and I couldn’t find the pointer.  He was pissed.  He comes to the side table by my chair, knocks stuff off of it, and then races back to his starting line.
Ollie loves to play, too.  He thinks that if he does somersaults next to the wall in the hallway the red dot will appear.  Ollie is mostly correct but it only works to summon the red bug if I am in my chair with the device within reach.