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20161129_1603561600x1200This is the first thing I’ve cooked from scratch since the big holiday meal.  There are just so many ways a fellow can present leftovers without drawing catcalls from the crowd so I’ve not been posting many food pics.  This is chicken in a honey/soy marinade.  20161129_1258181600x1200I vacuum sealed skinless chicken thighs and breast tenders in about of 1/4 cup of the marinade each, and then cooked them in a water bath just for fun.  I wanted to see if the marinade would better penetrate the chicken pieces in the vacuum bag than it would just by soaking in a bowl.20161129_1313311600x1200I cut the bags extra long to see if I could keep the marinade from sucking up into the sealing area of the bags.  It worked up to a point.  I think the marinade did better in the bags than just soaking, and an overnighter in the fridge would have been even better.

The marinade was honey, sweet soy sauce, light soy, black vinegar, and sesame oil.  It worked pretty well.20161129_1423391600x1200As an aside, I once had some old broccoli that seemed a bit limp so I soaked it in water for and hour or two and that firmed it right up.  I got into the habit of preparing my veggies early and soaking them in water just to help keep them fresh.img_20161129_150326_processedIt might look as if Gabe is gazing adoringly at his Dog Daddy here but he was just taking a second to gather himself for another lunge at my face, hoping to grab enough beard for a good tug.dsc_55701600x1200It rained all day long yesterday but right at sunset it cleared a bit and we had this full rainbow, too big to get it all in one frame.  That was nothing compared to the scene behind me:dsc_55721600x1200


20161120_1003181600x1200We are fast approaching Thanksgiving and we’ve had our second hard freeze.  The first time I carted the vulnerable jalapenos into the garage overnight but I didn’t this time.  I combed through the wilting foliage for the last harvest.  The cornbread cubes are drying in anticipation of making a dressing.  I baked a loaf of plain white bread earlier and dried them in a low oven.img_20161119_112743_processedHere’s another treatment of the picture of Bea among the habaneros, it’s done with the “mosaic” filter in the Prisma app.  It most effective when there are a lot of discrete elements within the photo like the leaves and peppers in this one.20161120_1635431600x1200Sammich pr0n!  This is a cod fillet that had been dredged one time in a commercial fish breading that I added some coarser cornmeal to.  I made a very busy tartar sauce of mayo, onions, chives, horseradish, jalapeno, lemon juice, salt and pepper – and topped that with slaw.20161118_1649221600x1200Here’s a chicken breast that was slow cooked in the toaster oven with my (current) favorite hot sides of fried potatoes and sauteed Brussels sprouts.20161119_1643391600x1200Just your basic cheeseburger – pickles, onions, mustard.img_20161119_112949_processedHere’s that mosaic filter again. The algorithm that draws in the tiles has trouble with the motion blurred background.  And that tongue!  LOL20161116_1225541600x1200I had the stub end of a loaf of Italian bread left over from making garlic bread to go with a small lasagna I made the other day.  The lasagna was pretty good but I served it right out of the oven and the layers slipped and slid all over the plate in the bechamel/tomato sauce.  Served it in a bowl, I could have called it soup.  Ha Ha I meant to do that!

Photo Fun

img_20161119_112839_processedI wish the Prisma app had a Windows desktop version.  I imported a few favorite pet pictures to my Android phone, did the conversions, and then copied them back to a folder on my main computer.  This one is of Bea making a bed among some ripe habanero peppers growing in a pot on the patio.img_20161119_113041_processedBuddy loved to run.  This photo is an attempt to catch the essence of his joy.  The app didn’t change much using this particular filter but it did mute the colors a bit and smeared the blur a little more.img_20161119_113359_processedAnnie was the most patient with kitteh play of any of our pets.  Now Jack, on the other hand…img_20161119_112537_processedkitteh play was is something up with which he would not put.


img_09931600x1200Here’s a photo from the archives.  I like the symmetry.20161112_1654231600x1200Kroger had a sale on strip steaks.  They needed some trimming but were still a pretty good value.  I did this sous vide, setting the water bath to 130 degrees for a couple of hours.  They finished in a smoking hot cast iron skillet in olive oil and butter, deglazed with white wine and chives for a simple pan sauce.20161115_1204201600x1200Sloppy joes for lunch the other day.  This one has American cheese and a few dill pickles.  The potato salad looks like it has the traditional dusting of paprika but it’s really Creole seasoning.  It adds a bit of a tang to it.20161111_163233-1600x1200BBQ chicken!  I’ve taken to cooking these leg quarters in the toaster oven using the slo-cook setting.  I did this on the high setting for two hours, no particular reason to choose that time – it’s the default for the high setting.  Set it to low and the default is four hours.20161116_0824161600x1200I snapped this one of Bitsy lounging atop the sofa, prompted by the play of sunlight through the slots of the vertical blinds.  It seemed like a candidate for the Prisma treatment:img_20161116_082932_processed

20161114_1131091600x1200Hot dogs!  I’m not sure how long these buns have been offered but I’m liking the slit on top rather than on the side.  These are Pepperidge Farms brand.20161115_1712191600x1200I’ll wrap up with some soup. This one uses the broccoli left over from that steak dinner, a bit of smoked pork, rice, and three kinds of cheese in chicken stock and milk.

Bixby and Bailey: It Seems To Be Going Well



Easy Apple Turnovers

20161111_1312351600x1200Easy when you use puff pastry sheets.  We had some leftover apple pieces so we added some dried blueberries, cranberries, and a few raisins to them and thawed two sheets of pastry dough.  Each sheet makes 4, just quarter the sheets and fold two opposite corners together over 2 tablespoons of filling and seal the edges with a fork.20161111_1153051600x1200Cut slits to let the steam escape.  You can brush on egg wash, milk, or cream to help the turnovers brown, or just brush on some of the liquids from the apples – the juices were sugar rich and cinnamon flavored.  We sprinkled them with more sugar and baked them in a 350 convection oven for 12 minutes then checked, these needed 8 more minutes.dsc00054-1600x1060Here are a couple more kittehs.  I’ve used this photo before.  I love the wide eyed stare at the camera, not even a hint of fear – just interest.


20161110_1937411600x1200I’ll start this off with a pie than should have been great but ended up only fair to poor.  It’s a Brown Butter Apple Pie with a Cheddar Crust.  Sound great!  It turned out to be a lot of effort for a disappointing result.  Mrs J swears that she will not try this one again.20161108_1511411600x1200This was a pretty good pie.  Somehow I got the water/flour ratio wrong on the dough – it ended up too wet and sticky.  I kneaded in more flour but gave up and poured it onto the pan.  It got an Awesome Sauce base for the mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, sausage, and ham.20161106_1055061600x1200I broke out my slicer for that big sous vide tenderloin I did, and also sliced some ham.  Most of it I vac-sealed and froze but kept some out for my midwestern version of the classic Cubano sammich.20161031_1357191600x1200More chili!  This is about half chorizo and half ground beef. I don’t usually put sour cream on mine but many people do.  I can take it or leave it.  It does make for a pretty picture, so there’s that.20161103_1701261600x1200I used the slow cook feature on the toaster oven, they got 2 hours on high and some more time on the low setting because we weren’t quite ready to eat.  I used a flat lid for the shallow pan and it touched the chicken quarter, that’s the black patch on the thigh.  The rest was quite tender, the leg came off as I plated it.20161105_1206141600x1200Here’s another sammich made with the pork and ham I sliced.  I need to make more slaw, bake more beans, and make another potato salad.20161109_1619231600x1200Classic spaghetti with meat sauce.  When the pasta drained after cooking, instead of spooning some sauce into it I used half a stick of butter that I zapped in the microwave with several cloves of garlic.  Add a little Parmesan and you can eat it just like that but I like a nice meat sauce.  Mrs J isn’t fond of mushrooms so I sauteed a few to top my plate with as a garnish instead of mixing them into the sauce.dsc03224-1600x1200Here’s a few kittehs.

This Might Just Be A Warning


Jake is my “sock-killer”. I often wake up in the morning or come home and find socks strewn all about. And he does the “I killed something, come see” call when he catches his prey.

Though, lately, his target has been my basket of small stuffed animals – gifts and collected over the years- and his choice seems to be one of my Scooby-Dos (people gift me quite a few). He’s not picky which one…

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right? If I wake up with one on the pillow next to my head, I think we should all be worried.


Bixby and Bailey: Epic Games!


Finally got the video software installed (again, after Windows 10 update obliterated the original) and was able to upload and edit their play session. This video goes on FOREVER and I’d apologize, but it relaxes me to watch them – so when it came time to edit I just got lost in the joy of it.

They play like this for hours…usually outside because I THROW them out…otherwise the living room and everything in it is in danger. Wise decision to wait on the new sectional until we’ve moved out of the puppy stage.

All I wanted was for Bixby to have a tug buddy and he sure got that. I love these guys:



Bitsy and Me

img_20161105_152130_processedA selfie run through the Prisma app’s Gothic filter.  I think this filter produces effects more to my liking than the others, more of an all purpose filter.  As always, YMMV.