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Bixby and Scout: Is It Possible? 18 Weeks Old

Bixby and his crew.  Scout is doing great. She’s outgrown the scale here at home, so I’m not sure  her weight this week – she was 42 lbs when the vet weighed her last week. She might almost be 50 lbs now. She got her first nail trim this week and did very well.

The ducks have had a couple of great days – it rained last night and they enjoyed wandering around playing in it – and this morning they got to dig around in a very muddy yard.  I am happy to see that all the areas above have grass popping up everywhere. I may need to reseed a couple of areas, but off to a good start.

Scout loves her time outside. Bixby will be in snoozing on the couch and she’s happy to be out in the yard, curled up with a stick and contemplating her place in the universe.  Or bothering the ducks.

Sometimes I can get them to sit still long enough to photograph together. But I can’t make them not blink at the same time. The vet and I had a discussion about Bixby’s red eye and it seems to be just allergies and irritation, not severe enough to warrant any additional intervention.


Been A Little Busy, But You Deserve Some Puppeh!

I have been swamped with work and now company! As you can see, Scout has found her new best friend. I love it because I have a picture of Bixby and Little D at about the same time, so you can see how both have grown.

Scout is 17 weeks now and I did manage to get photos last week – at 16 weeks – but didn’t get around to posting them. She is no longer cooperating with our milestone Scout and Bear posts.

In case you forgot – here is her first photo shoot. It took me a good 20 shots (thank you burst feature!) to get this one.

Most of them look like this:

I’ll try and get some with her and Bixby today, because that’s the only way to really see her size now. She can still walk under him, but barely. She had her final vet visit which means we can start walking out at  the ponds next week. We’ve been pretty confined until she was fully vaccinated. There’s been a big parvo outbreak in our county, so the vet wanted me to be extra cautious.

She has been the sweetest puppy and as much as I wanted Bixby to grow up and get big (face it, I’m a Great Dane person, so I want them full-sized, LOL), I’ve wanted her to to slow down a bit. I’m enjoying her snuggles and when she falls asleep on my shoulder. But there’s no stopping them…

Bixby is the BEST big brother, which is why she’s so easy, I’m sure. He sure holds my heart….



Homer has that “ate the canary” look but I can assure you there are no canaries stopping by the feeder.

I cooked a pork shoulder in a 200 degree oven overnight in a covered pot.  That big Dutch oven is good for projects like this.  I added the usual seasonings and also a bottle of regular Coke.  It turned out fairly well.  After pouring off the excess liquids, I boosted the temp to 350 and returned the roast to the oven, uncovered, to get a little more color on the meat.  The reserved liquids were skimmed of  fat and reduced in a separate sauce pot before adding them back.

Seen on the Internets

Picnic Crasher

Ginger Boy is wondering why everybody left in such a hurry.

Was She Really That Small?

Scout now fills the dog bed. How did that happen? Here she is her first day:

OMG, was she really that small?

More Bixby and Scout (Bonus Ducks)

I love this one, they look so cute together, watching the neighborhood kids.

Bixby sure knows how to relax, doesn’t he?

Scout is no slouch at napping, herself.

That head and chest.

Power napping together. And as promised, bonus ducks, on a warmer day:



Cold Ducks

Winter decided  to take another pass at us. It was almost 70 degrees yesterday…today, 15 degrees. I think the ducks would like me to do something about that. Don’t feel too badly for them – if they wanted they could hang out in their cozy duck hut, filled with lots of clean straw, food and water.


Bixby and Scout: 14 Weeks

That look you see there is what happens when I put Scout in timeout for chasing the ducks and then drag her out for a photo shoot. I was working on the recipe post earlier and I saw Maddie running past the window, wings out and booking it across the yard…and then she ran back the other way. NOT. GOOD. I went out and stopped Scout from chasing her.  And then…time out.  She was not amused.

Finally had our vet visit – the vet had the flu so that delayed him for quite some time – and she was 26.5 last week, today I weighed her and she was…32 lbs. So you can tell, sleep is important around here. Also one of the few times I can get good photos.

That is the table. Nothing is safe now.

This is what they do all day. Bixby is back to his very happy self. And it wears Scout out most days, so even though she gets into everything…it’s short lived trouble because she needs her naps.

I have more photos I’ll post tomorrow.  Until then…



I’ve added peanut butter to my current fave cookie recipe.  Not a lot, maybe a third of a cup.  It’s enough to taste but not so much as to throw the recipe out of whack.  This is in addition to the raisins I add, and the nuts that I leave out.We bought a couple more of those Kroger deli ready to bake pizzas.  This one has a couple of different meats and a couple of veggies.  I added olives, roasted garlic, salami, pickled pepper rings, and more cheese.  These are pretty good for store bought – fast, and relatively cheap at $6 bucks.It’s hard to get a good photo of pizza slices at the table.  I think they shoot better on cardboard than on a plate.I took this pic as an afterthought, there were some leftover taco dinner sides that I wanted to get a picture of so I loaded them onto this small plate.  I made that corn salad using canned corn – a premium brand of their Mexi-corn – and I wanted to point out that it suited the corn salad recipe very well, better than the frozen corn I would ordinarily use in the off season.I’ve had this roasted chicken photo laying about, not doing anything, so this is a good spot to drop it.  Those potatoes are from a new thing Kroger is peddling:  microwaveable package with a packet of a cheese-like powder and seasonings meant to be tossed with some butter and stirred into the hot potatoes.  Interesting idea but poorly executed, you can do the same thing with freshly grated cheese to much better effect.  You will need to sort the potatoes and use same sized ones in your dish.A little lunch pr0n for you.  Hard to beat hot dogs for easy!  I try to make them look like I took a little time so I chopped some fresh onions and jalapenos to go with the sweet pickle relish and the pickled red onions.  I’m going to have to make more slaw, that’s the last of the batch.More lunch pr0n!  The classic combo – with just a wee curve in the grilled cheese.  I could only find rye bread for the sammiches but it worked well enough.  No harm, no foul!

I wind this up with Bitsy, because she’s right there on the sofa and entirely unsuspecting.