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Moar Gabe!

DSC_5508(1600x1200)Gabe has the benefit of plenty of hand-me-down doggie toys.  He was afire last evening, burning lots of puppy energy.  Hard to get a good cell phone picture when he’s bouncing around, I captured this with a DSLR and a bounced  remote flash slaved to the camera.

Bitsy Meets Gabe

DSC_5506 (1600x1200)Little Bit came over and watched Gabe sleep from a perch on Mrs J’s legs.  She was fine all the while he was napping but as soon as he woke and tried to touch noses she bailed.DSC_5507(1600x1200)

Need Moar Gabe?

Gotcha covered!DSC_5500(1600x1200)Gabe has Mrs J’s back as she pulls the SD card from the camera attached to the tree.  This particular camera overlooks the driveway and the apron in front of the garage.  It’s not a particularly good spot for critter captures but it does keep a record of the comings and goings of visitors and it does catch the occasional deer or whatever.DSC_5502(1600x1200)Taking a rest on a stone bench above the front pond, Mrs J keeps watch over Katie and the pup.  Gabe is a bit too active for Katie but she’s fine with his antics so long as he keeps his distance.  “Don’t bother me and I won’t bite you.”

Getting To Know You

20160714_202616(1600x1200)Ginger Boy approaches the sleeping puppeh, …uh.. gingerly.  None of the kittehs are thrilled with the new boy, Katie would just as soon he was not around.   Homer has always been the friendliest of all the kittehs to the dogs but he hasn’t yet warmed to Gabe.  No real hostility from anyone though, I expect he will fit in sooner rather than later.

Here’s Gabe

DSC_5499(1600x1200)Gabe is an eight week old Brittany and he is brand new.  He has yet to meet Katie, Bitsy has checked him out, no hissing, no growling so far.

Random Toadstool Blogging

20160713_132044(1600x1200)It’s amazing how fast these things develop, this thing went from a white marble in the grass to this 8 inch span in less than 2 days.  It went from marble through thumb sized to golf ball on a tee to miniature water tower to umbrella to this, seemed as if every time I walked by, it had doubled.

In other news, Mrs J is expecting!

Coming Up For Air…

Summer walk

This is our new morning walk. I cannot believe how peaceful a walk by the stream could be after a hectic week of moving.

We are all moved in. My internet is up, my office is…workable…and boxes are piled everywhere. A new floor is on the agenda before unpacking is complete.

Good news is, I found matching shoes this morning, so I could leave the house and see my clients, without looking like a hobo.

Bixby has started to settle in. Starting with our morning routine of a walk before breakfast helped. The cats are still completely freaked and I’ll just have to let them adjust in their own time.

Okay, back to unpacking what I can. Just wanted to let you know I was still alive and kickin’.

Photos soon. Until then…. TaMara

Leftovers for Lunch

20160707_115651(1600x1200)Another rain day.  We’ve had over 4 inches come down in the last couple of days.  I made a flat meat and cheese sammich, Mrs J is working on a bit of leftover hamburger noodle bake as she watches a cooking show on the wall mounted TV.  Leftovers – we generate lots of leftovers.  I made a soup of the broccoli and rice leftovers we had in the fridge – simmer a little chicken broth, add a corn starch slurry to thicken it a little, stir in shredded cheddar, add a splash of half and half, dump in the rice and broccoli and it’s soup!  Now I have leftover soup.

Ginger Boy seemed interested in my sammich so I offered up a sliver of salami.  Not interested in that particular component.

Grillin’ ‘n Chillin’

20160704_120844(1600x1200)It’s still raining here so we can extend our guilt free stay-at-homing for another day.  I bet the grass will really pop when the sun comes back out.20160704_121049(1600x1200)The hummer battalion is not quite at full strength but they do hit the feeders hard on these rainy days.  I suppose they need more fuel when it’s cooler out.DSC_5493(1600x1200)Here’s another kitteh!DSC03629 (1600x1200)They’re calling him Mr Wiggles.  He’s 6-8 weeks old and is ready for adoption.  He looks a little nervous but now that he has  joined the rest of the kittens in the kitteh room he will settle down.  He’s just coming off of a week in an isolation room prior to neutering.  [edit:  Mrs J tells me it’s Ms Wiggles:)]

Bea in Coleus

This is the closest thing I have to a fireworks photo:Bea_in_Coleus


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