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Last of the Pork Tenderloin

20161025_1226401600x1200What to do… what to do with those last scraps of pork… Stir Fry!  I managed to use up that last little bit of onion and a few last florets of broccoli, too.  I did open a new bottle of oyster sauce, though.20161025_1234141600x1200Didn’t quite scrape the bottom of the chili paste (sambal) bottle but I will be adding it to the store list.

Apple Turnovers

I’ve been telling myself I should and today is the day I finally thawed the phyllo dough and made something.  We decided on fruit turnovers and went with an apple filling.  Here’s a short Youtube on the technique.  I have to say, I wish my phyllo dough was as tractable as hers.20161022_1238491600x1200We managed 8 turnovers using 1 of the 2 rolls that came in the package.  These we went ahead and baked, the other roll we made the turnovers but stopped before the egg wash step and placed them into the freezer for later.20161022_1240161600x1200These have the egg mixture brushed on and sugar sprinkled on.  We opted not to add cinnamon but that is up to you.  The apple filling had plenty in it.20161022_1308511600x1200These went about 7-1/2 minutes at 375 in a convection oven, the tray was turned about half way through.20161022_1454581600x1200These have been brushed with a powdered sugar glaze.  They are pretty good!

Of course, you can use just about any fresh fruit or jam for these.  You can go for savory and do them with veggies, meats, or cheese – or all three!  I saw a good looking recipe for spinach and feta triangles while browsing Youtube this morning.

Greek Pork Tenderloin Gyros

20161021_1710341600x1200Sliced some of that tenderloin thin and warmed it under the broiler for a another take on gyros.  Pretty good!  Much garlic!  I will take the occasion to complain about Kroger’s store brand Greek yogurt.  Too thin, funny texture, didn’t taste as good, won’t buy that stuff again.

Greek Marinade – Pork Tenderloin

20161020_1557121600x1200We saw this on one of our TV shows, the diner guy chopped a pork tenderloin into smallish pieces, put them into a small hotel pan, and started adding marinade ingredients.  I scribbled them down as best I could because we had just bought a tenderloin and this looked like a great recipe:  Olive oil, lemon juice, lime juice, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper.  He said cover and refrigerate for a week.  OK.  We nearly forgot it because it was in the basement fridge but we got it out in time.20161020_1621181600x1200I wish I had let the grill heat better but I was afraid to overcook the meat.  I brushed it with garlic oil while it was on the grill and that really flared up.  I did manage to get a touch of brown on there.  It was really tender, and the garlic was prominent.  I think the long marinade in lemon/lime juice had o lot to do with tenderizing it.20161020_1621281600x1200I served it over a bed of wild rice with a side of Brussel sprouts and corn sauteed in duck fat.

Sous Vide Chicken

20161018_1656171600x1200Well, I have the gear so here I go with some chicken.  I generally like the recipes and methods developed by the folks over at Serious Eats so I let them guide my go at it.  I did leg quarters but I figured the technique would be the same.20161018_1607111600x1200The table says 1-4 hours at 165 degrees yields tender chicken, this batch went about 3-1/2 hours.  I think my next batch will spend much longer, 6-8 hours.  The chicken was done, certainly, but not “pull the leg bone right on out” done I hoped for.  I reduced the gelatin and juices from the chilled bag with white wine with good results.20161018_1656451600x1200I have to give a shout out to those potatoes, I par boiled them for a couple of minutes then finished them (after they cooled and were drained on a towel) in duck fat.  I added some chopped fresh rosemary to them for an added kick.

The sprouts and carrots were zapped for about three minutes, covered, in the microwave and then sauteed in oil with a balsamic glaze added at the end.

Soup Repair

20161018_1107261600x1200That cauliflower soup was really bland.  Even Mrs J said it was too bland.  Bland even with sour cream and cheese.  I fix!  I fix by dumping half the remaining soup and adding 2 potatoes boiled in chicken stock.  These I blended in thoroughly with a stick blender.  Then I added crisp bacon crumbles.  This one didn’t need sour cream but I did go with the Creole seasoning again because I like that stuff.

Post needs moar kitteh!20161017_1014241600x1200Here’s Homer resting on an old picnic table.  Gabe is busy in the background picking through bird seed for the peanuts.

I say it’s an old picnic table because it is old, for a picnic table.  I made that thing in a flurry of busy about 30 years ago and it’s been sitting out in the weather since then.  I’m kind of amazed that it has held up as well as it has.  I did replace one of the seat boards when we moved it a bit closer to the house a few weeks ago.

Roasted Mojo Chicken

20161016_1629581600x1200I still had mojo marinade on my mind today – I mixed up a small batch to marinate a couple of leg quarters.  Today’s was orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice, fresh pressed garlic, oregano, ground cumin, olive oil, a pinch of red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper.  I let the chicken marinate for about three hours then placed it in an 8×8 baking pan covered with foil and put that into my toaster oven set at 325.  I left it for an hour, then baked it uncovered for another half hour with some of the marinade poured over it to reduce.

It was plated over a wild rice mix and served with blanched Brussels sprouts sauteed in duck fat.  Delicious!  The chicken was very lemony, but more than that, the cumin and oregano lent it earthy notes and the garlic went well with the rest.


20161007_1638571600x1200Today was Gabe’s day to visit the vet for his “fix”, he weathered it in fine fettle like the good boy he is.  He’s resting per Dr’s order, I hope we can keep him from chasing Bitsy for a week or so.20161007_1312501600x1200That smoked tenderloin makes a fine sammich.  I slice it thin and pile it onto one of my homemade buns:20161007_1129531600x1200One of the things that gets overlooked when listing stuff that a smartphone is good for is making a record of model number info on various things about the house and garage.20161007_1234301600x1200This is the info on a router/access point I keep in the garage.  I wanted to look up the user manual online.  Not having three hands to juggle pencil, paper, and the device I just snapped a picture of it.  My phone will snap a photo by saying a trigger word – shoot, or cheese, or smile all work on mine.  Bonus!  I’ve managed to record the model  info on a thing where I couldn’t even see the tag.  Just hold the phone in what seems the correct position and take the shot.20161006_1300471600x1200We mixed a batch of Mrs J Famous Fried Pies.  These have the same filling as the apple danish we made.20161006_1205341600x1200Another of those delicious pastrami reubens.  I managed to slice the pastrami correctly this time!20161005_1722351600x1200Mmm… smoked chicken burritos.  These have beans, cheese, and cabbage with the chicken.20161006_0917171600x1200Here’s another of Mrs J’s blueberry banana bread loaves.  She asked me to mix some sugar glaze for it.  Happy to oblige!

Might Have To Give These A Try


Braided Apple Danish

dsc_20481600x1200More fun with puff pastry.  These are made with a cinnamon apple filling and glazed with powdered sugar dissolved in a little milk.20161006_1554061600x1200