Sammich Pr0n

Soup & Sammy

Those are udon noodles in this one. They were dry noodles – they were also available both refrigerated and frozen. We are gradually expanding our store visits after being fully vaccinated, we picked them up at the International Grocery after eschewing visits there because of the narrow aisles. I was hoping to buy some of my favorite fried chili oil but they only had small jars of another brand. I might have bought some but it is cheaper to by my fave at Amazon. We did buy that baby bok choy at the greengrocer near there


A pair of Canada Geese have been hanging tight at the front pond. They’ve been visitors every day at the backyard corn pile this past week, too. I hope they don’t try to nest.

It’s been too long since we’ve had gumbo. I made some today to fix that. Here I have a nice roux with fresh trinity just added, and chicken stock working on the next burner.

Tossed some shrimp in with the chicken and made basmati rice to go with it. No Louisiana hot sauce so I made to with Cholula. Last week when I was organizing my spices I found two jars, one with Cajun spice on the label, the other said Creole. I may be destined for a storm of culinary disapproval but I mixed them together and that is what I used in the gumbo today.

Rose-breasted grosbeaks have been moving through.

Here’s a pair of them at the picnic table feeder.

Sammich pr0n – smoked pork with sauce and sides.

Muffuletta Dogs!


These are using some corn tortillas that were a tad dry but still edible. I fried them in oil to try to make them more appealing to the tongue.

I used some of that pork belly on a smear of flavored sour cream with a dollop of guacamole, some queso fresco, and a drizzle of habanero sauce.

Those beans aren’t the traditional refritos but they were cooked, canned, baked, and then warmed in the microwave so they are close enough.

Fried Chicken

We went for groceries yesterday and they had fried chicken, two for five dollars. They must have had quite a few whole chickens nearing their sell by date. We eat, between us, half of a chicken per meal, I get wings and breasts and she gets thighs and legs. We freeze the leftover pieces on a tray and then bag them. The air fryer really brings thawed pieces up to near fresh tasting. A quick zap in the microwave helps on the bigger ones, the fast fan on the air fryer set at 375 or 400 crisps the skin fairly quickly. (10 minutes or so)