Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded with Taco Fixings

Batter Dipped Tilapia

I looked for an easy batter and found one that used just a few ingredients. Equal parts AP flour and liquid, salt, and baking powder. I bought a bag of self rising flour by mistake so I tried that and left out the baking powder. I am still trying to work down a cannister of powdered milk so I used that to make milk for the batter. It seemed too thick so I added more water. The batter worked OK. I wonder if following the recipe more closely would work. I do note that the comments indicate that the recipe amount of baking powder was too much and most reduced it by at least half.

Smoked Shoulder

I left this one in my electric smoker for nearly 24 hours at a low 200 degrees, it still needed finishing in the oven when I checked the temp. I like to get them to 200 degrees internally – that’s when you can pull the shoulder bone out cleanly.

I chop the meat and portion it into plastic freezer containers but not before we make a nice lunch of a sample.


I used the last of the good looking tomatoes from the patio for the pico. This has a jar of store bought cheese on it, a new formulation that I had not seen before – cheddar jalapeno. Not as good as my own made with citrate, and I’m not sure that it was any easier. Thumbs down. The refries were a mix of simmered down pinto beans and a can of Kroger refried beans. I find their version to be smoother than I prefer. The meat is hamburger cooked down with a ton of taco seasoning, the crumbled cheese is cotija.