Sammich Pr0n

Smoked pork is one of my favorite things. I slathered this one with yellow mustard and then covered it with seasonings. It spent the night in the smoker at 225 and a few hours the next morning in the oven to finish at 350. I was looking for around 200 degrees internally.

Once chopped, the pork is combined on the griddle with onions and peppers and given a generous dose of bbq sauce when ensconced in a bun. Yum!


Random Raccoon. He is part of the night cleaning crew. They do a good job, generally.

It’s been long enough since the last time we had chili to make another batch. This was pretty good. I have to tread lightly with my preferred seasonings because Mrs J will complain.

I’m surprised that starlings have been as scarce at the feeders as they have been.

The Common Flicker is teasing the bright yellow found on its belly and undersides of the wing and tail feathers.

The whitetails are another component of the night custodial staff.

Another bowl of pork noodles made with the broth concentrate. I’m getting better at presenting the soft boiled eggs in these soups. I’ve been cooling the timed eggs in ice water and then peeling them. I put the whole egg into the bowl and then cut it right there. Those were steamed 7-minute eggs.

Veggie Beef

We had leftover rib roast so I turned that into soup. I sometimes add tomato paste to a brown soup to give it a bit more flavor. Just a tablespoon in this one. Mrs J claimed the leftover mashed potatoes for her bowl. I made do with biscuits. The veggies are a mix of fresh and frozen.

Sous Vide Roast Beef

We are still enjoying the occasional rib roast that we bought over a year ago and vacuum sealed. This one went well with a horseradish sauce. I’m really liking the glazed carrots. All in all a very good dinner. The beef spent 8 hours in a 132 degree water bath.

More Tomato Soup

It’s really the same soup with a bit more broth added. I gave it a squeeze of tomato paste to keep the color up. I like the toothpaste tube style tomato paste because they are so handy for the occasional tablespoon.