Duckteen Holds Own Gender Reveal Party

It’s official.  Just before bed last night it was quite clear that Nick’s drake feather popped. Was 99% sure, because of his quack, he was a boy – but didn’t want to make assumptions. Not one of my ducks sounds the same, so figured no reason not to wait until we had a definitive answer.

Without further ado, here are Nick and his drake feather:

So it’s officially Nick and Nora. If they open their own detective agency, I’m sure it’ll make a good story…

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A Little Excitement Here Today: Grab Toto

So this tornado was visible from here, but it was a good 15 miles away, so we were fine.


Look how it just stalled over the area:

There have been bigger tornadoes here (including just a couple miles from my house), but this one took everyone by surprise – it’s a landspout – my understanding is it started from the ground up and there was absolutely no warning and it just kept growing and it was soooo slow, I swear it sat in one spot for 5 or so minutes.

landspout is a tornado with a narrow, rope-like condensation funnel that forms while the thunderstorm cloud is still growing and there is no rotating updraft – the spinning motion originates near the ground. Waterspouts are similar to landspouts, except they occur over water.

Damage assessments are ongoing – sounds like livestock and outbuildings so far.


Big-A$$ Hawk

I walked outside and startled a huge hawk that was sitting on the roof, watching the ducks. When it flew off, the duckteens completely freaked out. Took a while before Nora stopped yelling.