TaMara’s Cider Muffins

Mrs J made some of those cider donut muffins yesterday and they turned out rather well. She also baked a yellow cake and iced it with store bought frosting that we spiked with cinnamon and butter.

We had a bit of the frosting left, we hit it with more brown sugar and cinnamon, warmed it in the microwave and spooned that over some of the donut holes.

We found that we needed to melt more butter. The donut holes get drenched and then sugared all over. It was all good!

Easy Chicken Dinner

The thighs baked in a small pan with potato wedges. Collect the fat from the pan and make gravy with a roux and chicken stock. The broccoli steamed while the gravy was making. Took an hour to go from raw chicken to the table.

Sweet Serrano Slices

We had several serrano plants in three different pots, they did OK. I stripped them of peppers and today managed to get them all processed into my version of candied peppers.

I waited until there were a good number of red ripe ones because they are so pretty. Can’t wait too long or you’ll get too many that are overripe.

I don’t know how much the jar holds but it’s close to a gallon. It came from the store full of doggie snacks. The pickle juice is 3 cups cider vinegar, 2 cups water, 1-1/2 cups sugar, two teaspoons salt, and a shake of granulated garlic. Boil for a couple of minutes, add the peppers, bring back to a simmer for a few minutes and then dump it all into a clean jar. Give it a couple of weeks for best flavor, you can eat them right away. These are meant to be refrigerator pickles.


Kroger had a sale on whole briskets a while back. I grabbed one and put it into a a big pot with enough brine to cover it and put it into the basement fridge for a month. My smoker is too small to hold the whole thing so I cut it into two pieces, this hunk has the point and the flat it is attached to. The rest of the flat went into the smoker next.

Both pieces are chilling prior to slicing on my machine. I’ll portion the slices out for vacuum sealing. Most of the pastrami will go for sammiches but some will make it into hash.

Smoked Pork Ramen

I used a packet of pork bone broth concentrate for this bowl. Mrs J doesn’t like it so she had a smoked pork sammich. I put a good handful of purple basil leaves in it and garnished the top with a few of the blossoms.

I started fermenting another batch of hot peppers:

This has jalapeno, serrano, and cayenne plus a few poblanos and Anaheims in a 2% brine. They will take a week or two.

Butter Swim Biscuits

I’ve been making these for a while now but this is the first time I’ve seen them called “butter swim” biscuits. It does suit them. I was wanting to use up an excess of self rising flour. I bought one bag by mistake and then another the next trip because it was right next to the AP flour and I was distracted. Yeah, that’s it, distracted. Anyway, I searched for a recipe for these biscuits that would use it up and found this one. It is also the first time I’ve seen them called “butter dipped”. I made a half recipe and after the meal was wishing I had doubled it instead. Good biscuits! Two thumbs up.