Pork Steak

I thought I had burned this but I was wrong. The buttermilk in the mushroom soup gravy did turn a nice brown.

Critter Cam

We’ve been watching this old girl for years, she first drew our attention when she appeared with a crooked foreleg. She dropped a litter every year since, we’ve not seen any of her young before today. She showed up with a flop ear last year, not sure what is up with that. I joked that one of her pups grabbed it in a rough play session.

Drunken Noodles

We were eating lunch the other day with Youtube playing on the kitchen TV and chef John popped up with this dish:

We made some substitutions but the recipe is close enough to his that the differences are trivial. I chopped a couple of small sweet red peppers and used a bit of pepper flake; mine has broccoli.

I did get plenty of basil into it from several varieties of basil I have growing in the patio garden. We liked it, Mrs J thought the noodles could have cooked longer. This is my first go with these wide rice noodles. I may use hotter water to soak them next time.

Pizza Pr0n

I used this recipe for the dough, it works well enough for me. I added the garlic and basil to the dough this time but that’s optional given the toppings you choose. I used the leftover meatballs and sauce from the penne dish we had a few days ago. I did add sliced garlic and more fresh herbs. It’s great having the fresh stuff right out on the patio again after a long winter without.

I didn’t use any fresh cheese for this one but I did grate a bunch of pecorino romano and parmesan both before baking and after. I debated when to add the basil leaves and post bake won out. I did scatter a lot of chopped fresh herbs both before and after.

I typically use bread flour but went with AP this time. While I’m not one of those thin crust or nothing fellas, this one was thinner than many I make. The 2 cups of flour was just right for one pie. I put down the wooden spoon, floured my hands, and worked the dough in the bowl before transferring it to an oiled one I had ready. I topped it with a plate and let it develop for a half an hour because it was a bit early for dinner but you can use it after a shorter rest than that.

Critter Cam

We saw this video capture from the back pond but it was over so fast we had to do a stop motion frame capture to see what it was. I think we’ve seen this hawk before, this location provides plenty of birds and squirrels to catch the eye of a hungry raptor.

A tech note: The Microsoft Photos app for Windows 11 purports to have a snapshot from video feature but I can’t get it to work. These were done with the VLC media player, a free, open source app. Highly Recommended!

Here’s the Youtube clip I uploaded. Click on the gear icon (settings) and watch at .25 speed. The turkey was surprised but that didn’t put it off its feed for more than a second or two.

Onion Rings

I used this recipe as a guide with my own twists. I used the last dregs of buttermilk from a jug and used half and half to get the batter to where it needed to be. I watched the video at the Allrecipes site and decided that their batter was way too thin. I’m pretty sure that the fried rings they were showing were not the rings that they fried up using that thin batter.

I shallow fried my rings because I am running short of cooking oil. It worked well enough although I found that I needed to add oil throughout the fry to make up for the oil the rings absorbed. Other departures from this recipe were the additions of various seasoning powders to the flour: onion, garlic, and a Creole blend of peppers that gave the batter a pinkish look.

Air Fry Supper

An easy supper for a lazy man. I was surprised at how much oil came out of the shrimp. I gave these 12 or 13 minutes at 400℉. I try not to cook them too long because they’ll get tough. Judging by their color when they come out of the bag they have already been fried for a while before being frozen. Mrs J is a bigger fan of the rings than I. They look kind of like they have been dipped in pancake batter. They are OK but I prefer bread crumbs. The dipping sauce tonight was Thai sweet chili sauce plus a generous slug of mango habanero. Mrs J stuck with horseradish based cocktail sauce.