Late for the peanuts, again.

Is this the last of the turkey salad? The last of the most recent batch, yes. The onion naan – a heartier version of a tortilla – was good in this role.

I made some noodles to use up the last of some leftover broth and now I have leftover noodles.

The jay bird looks like he’s modeling for a hood ornament.

The deer is modeling for a ‘caption this’ meme poster.

I’m just in time!

Mrs J was out early one day last week and scared several deer away.

These are more of the tilapia fillets we are so fond of. I mixed some jerk seasoning with the Cajun bread crumbs and fried them in a 1/4″ of canola oil. I’m starting to see the bottom of the first jar of hot peppers I fermented a while back. I have more out in the garage fridge. If we get a run of cold temps I need to remember to bring in the stuff from the freezer section lest it thaw out.


Holiday Sweet Treats: Gift Basket Ideas

I’m falling behind this week. I meant to post some holiday treat recipes over the weekend, but didn’t get around to it. Now the house needs to be cleaned, the carpets shampooed and the recipes for Christmas Eve started.

But I did want to post some holiday gift recipe ideas. It’s fun if you add the recipe to the package of sweets (that’s how I got several new recipes, including these peanut butter cookies)

From 2017:

Sunday is my annual cookie baking day with friends. Most of the goodies are going into gift boxes, but I’ll hold enough back for my annual Christmas Eve dinner. This is the usual round-up.

Pictured above:

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe here

Spritz Cookies, recipes and instructions for using a cookie press here.

Pecan Cookies, recipe below.  Much more below the fold.

But wait, there’s more! Click to read

Trixie Diaries: 11 Weeks And Look At Those Feet

11 Weeks…I kinda want to tell her to slow down and let’s be a puppy a bit longer, but then I remember, no matter her size, she’ll be a “puppy” for quite a while.

I was walking Trixie and realized her feet grew… and she still hasn’t grown into her ears. They always end up in her water dish. And kind of still touch the ground, LOL.

Still No Turkey!

I just won’t be bothered with cooking and carving a turkey when it’s just the two of us. And Mrs J won’t eat much. I made a lot of a few things because that’s how I tend. My gravy this year was killer and was plenty for today but I’ll be looking for more before I eat my way to the bottom of the dressing pan. I also made a jumbo pan of green bean casserole because we like it just fine.

You can tell it’s a holiday dinner because I put the sides into proper serving dishes rather than leaving them in the pans they cooked in, the mac ‘n cheese notwithstanding. I think the dressing needed a touch more liquid and the green beans a tad less. The sticky sweet potatoes were just right, as was the cranberry sauce.

Spicy Noodle Triple Delight

I took the leftover spicy noodles from the other day, added pork, broccoli, broth, and some more fried chili oil. Triple Delight? It has pork, chicken, and shrimp and is named after a favorite dish from years and years ago when we still went to a particular Chinese place in the next town over. That is the restaurant where I learned the difference between extra peppers and extra hot. The server saw me all red faced and sweating and said she could take it back if it was too hot for me. I told her to just keep the ice water coming.