Last One!

I have enough of the gyro meat for a couple more but we’ve eaten all the tzatziki. I think I’ll freeze the meat to seed the freezer with a “lookee what I found” item after I’ve forgotten all about it.

Patio Garden Update

I finally found some flat parsley at Lowe’s. In the meantime Mrs J has sprouted some seeds for me so I will have a fallback if this one dies or is gobbled up by caterpillars.

These shishito peppers are the new “it” veggie of the month. Several months ago, anyway. We are in the fad trickle down zone. They are said to be tasty when roasted or toasted.

This Hosta has been coming up gangbusters for several years now. Mrs J is justifiably proud of it. No idea what the variety name is. It’s not a container plant but it’s close enough to the herb bench for a mention.

I put in a couple of peppers that are meant for show although they are edible. The one on the end is named chilly chili but I am thinking that the woman who runs the greenhouse made that up on the spot when I asked her what its name was. It makes teeny peppers in several colors. The one next to it is a black pearl pepper – I’ve grown one for several years now. It makes marble sized peppers that are so dark purple they look black. I have nibbled on a pearl from such plants in the past and they are on the hot side.


On the left is French tarragon, in back I have Greek oregano, and some thyme that isn’t lemon thyme. Everyone had the lemon flavor but I was looking for this kind. Its tag reads “faustinoi”. I was looking for the shape of the leaf rather than name.

Patio Garden Lineup

I’m going with one tomato plant this year. I have no idea whether this one will work but I have hopes. It’s a red beefsteak. I’ve zip tied the cage to the stand and the stand to the bench. If the wind blows it over I will have other problems to deal with, knock on wood. On the bench, L to R, habanero, coolapeno (a no or low heat jalapeno), and a Tabasco pepper.

On the table, clockwise from the bottom, are: lunchbox red, Anaheim, cayenne, serrano, poblano, and sweet banana. The far bench has two pots of jalapenos bookending a container with a Thai hot pepper.

My herb bench. From near to far: curly parsley, rosemary, sweet basil, chives, Thai basil, dill, and Greek oregano. I looked hard for Italian parsley but none of the box store parking lot locations we sampled have it. I ordered seeds for it but they will be a while before they make a showing. I also ordered some holy basil seeds but those are still in transit. I ordered them because I keep seeing the leaves included in various Asian recipes in youtube videos. I will probably add more to the patio garden as I come across items that work. We have an expedition planned for later today.

Random Wildlife – Dinoturtlesaurus

I was out front watching Mrs J doing gardening things when this old mossback wandered by. I ran in to get my big camera to take this shot.

These next two I shot with the Note 20 Ultra, zoomed in to a bit over 20X. They were shot handheld with a wrist rest.

He’s motoring up the dam to get to the front pond.

Not sure where Gabe is. He loses his shit over yard turtles. Katie never lets her dog mamma out of her sight.


I’ll kick things off with some breakfast pr0n.

This is a modified hot mess. Start with the basic baked sweet potato, add butter, flavored sour cream, crispy pork belly, chopped ham, shredded cheddar and green onions. Seasoned to taste.

A pile of chicken broccoli over rice with a generous topping of crispy chili oil. The chicken was marinated in soy sauce, dredged in flour and cornstarch, and fried in a half inch of oil. I used a no touch thermometer to check the temp on the oil and didn’t notice that I had thumbed it to read in Celsius. I marveled at how fast the browning took place despite the low temperature readings.

This is a common sight, Homer and Gabe on the couch together. Homer likes Gabe more than Gabe likes Homer. That’s because Homer is an asshole.

I scraped up enough parts to make more tacos although my focus was elsewhere. The flour tortillas really need some added color for flavor but these were only warmed.

I made a meatloaf but it turned out a bit crumbly. Likely needed another egg and more panko. I never measure stuff for meatloaf so who knows? Not me!

Nonetheless, it made a nice Sunday dinner. Bisto onion gravy!

Who’s a Good Emu Chick? Yes, You Are

And I thought my ducks were adorable.

This farm’s videos make my day, every day.


Taz the emu. Photo from @caenhillcc




Pork Belly filling again, with refried beans, sour cream, lettuce, and cheddar.

I’m whittling on the last block of cooked belly. I have more down in the basement freezer but I’ll wait a reasonable period before I thaw any.

Kroger has started carrying guacamole in what looks like a big toothpaste tube. It has a clever opening that doesn’t admit air when dispensing the product so the green goo doesn’t brown very quickly. Alas, the design precludes chunky guac.