Onion Rings

I used this recipe as a guide with my own twists. I used the last dregs of buttermilk from a jug and used half and half to get the batter to where it needed to be. I watched the video at the Allrecipes site and decided that their batter was way too thin. I’m pretty sure that the fried rings they were showing were not the rings that they fried up using that thin batter.

I shallow fried my rings because I am running short of cooking oil. It worked well enough although I found that I needed to add oil throughout the fry to make up for the oil the rings absorbed. Other departures from this recipe were the additions of various seasoning powders to the flour: onion, garlic, and a Creole blend of peppers that gave the batter a pinkish look.

Air Fry Supper

An easy supper for a lazy man. I was surprised at how much oil came out of the shrimp. I gave these 12 or 13 minutes at 400℉. I try not to cook them too long because they’ll get tough. Judging by their color when they come out of the bag they have already been fried for a while before being frozen. Mrs J is a bigger fan of the rings than I. They look kind of like they have been dipped in pancake batter. They are OK but I prefer bread crumbs. The dipping sauce tonight was Thai sweet chili sauce plus a generous slug of mango habanero. Mrs J stuck with horseradish based cocktail sauce.

Pot Roast

I thawed a chunk of chuck and dithered for a while about what to do with it, decided on this. It was started early enough that we had it for the mid-day meal.

The rest of the meat was cut into bite sized pieces and put back swimming in the remaining gravy. I’ll cook more carrots and potatoes for a nice stew to have as the main meal today. Perfect for a Sunday dinner. Pan biscuits or dinner rolls?


The Indigo Buntings are back to lend another point of color. It contrasts nicely with the crimson red Cardinals.

Sammich, Soup, and Salad – a good combo for a late lunch. I wanted try try out some noodles I picked up at the International Grocery the other day. They were not very good in a long simmer because they wanted to get all mushy. Not a candidate for leftovers.

I call this chicken pot pie but that isn’t really correct. It’s a butter pan biscuit baked apart from the creamy chicken veggie mixture. I noticed that some are calling them butter swim biscuits. A correct and amusing description of the recipe.

The trees and scrub brush in the gully have leafed out pretty well. They lend an aquarium feel to some of these pictures, at least they seem that way to me. That’s a tree remora on the left.

I made meatballs and simmered them for a good while in a tomato sauce. I was aiming for the penne to go with them , got sidetracked into tossing the penne with a garlic butter/parsley sauce, and served them both up like I meant to do it that way all along.

We have plenty of rose-breasted grosbeaks at the moment. The one on the right is an immature male.

“The right to keep a bear in arms shall not be infringed!” An older photo from Mrs J’s volunteer days at a local shelter.*

* not an actual bear

Lemon Dill Tilapia

Dried dill weed works but not as well as the fresh stuff. Good looking potato salad, though. It’s the same recipe I used a while back, the one with bacon and hard boiled eggs – with a few changes. This one used russet potatoes and includes sweet pickle relish because Mrs J thought it needed some. I bought whole grain mustard the other day because I didn’t have any the last time and it went in this.

Grinders: Meatballs and Sauce Revisited

When I was back visiting my dad, I made him a few meals, including meatballs in sauce. I left him the fixin’s for meatball subs (called grinders when I was a kid).

I didn’t realize how much making meatballs and subs was wrapped up in memories of my mom, until I re-read my original post. From 2013:

Meatball Subs1

A few weeks back I made meatball grinders – subs to most people – and was talking to my mom about them, because after all I used her recipe. She told me that one of her favorite things to do is to buy ground beef when it’s on sale and make and freeze a whole bunch of meatballs. Then they are available to make all kinds of good stuff, like meatball soup and various meatball sandwiches.

Until that moment, I hadn’t given meatballs much thought. I mean they’re good, but beyond the occasional grinder, I didn’t really use them.  But now when I make them, I make extra so add to soups, sauces and subs.

I’ll post a basic meatball recipe below and include the grinder/sub recipe. They are just as good with pasta.  At the bottom of this post is a link to vegetarian meatballs if you’d like to go meatless.

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