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Worm Sign!

Worm poop, to be indelicate about it.  Since my containers sit on concrete this is often the first indication that I have a worm gorging itself.  Above this particular spoor was a cayenne pepper.It’s amazing how hard it is to spot these critters even when you know there is one there, somewhere.  When you do, finally, spot them you are again amazed that you didn’t see it right away.a mover and shakerThis one is on a Thai pepper.  I saw the poop under it a few days ago but I couldn’t spot the culprit.  I thought that it had moved on.  Then I spotted a branch shaking.  He is so heavy that his own movement gave him away.


Sunday Movies

We moved a game camera to a spot overlooking a stretch of lawn south of the house.  The camera is pointing towards the east and doesn’t usually get much action.  This morning it saw a bit more:

A small buck in velvet wander past just after 5AM this morning..

followed by a coyote  trotting quickly off-frame on the right in the first seconds of the video..

and a turkey moseying along a few minutes past 8AM.

Critter Cam

Homer is a bit territorial, he refuses to share his picnic table with this raccoon.

Do Bee A Dill Bee

I had a fun time trying to remove the heavy breathing from the video.  There is a method using the VLC app that I managed to finally get right after a dozen or more tries.  I wanted to find a setting on the smartphone to record video sans audio but had no luck at all.  I could deny the camera app permission to use the mic but the default Samsung camera refused to load without it.  I may go on a hunt for an alternate camera app, but not today.

Random Wildlife – Red Milk Snake

Red Milk Snake

Critter Cam

Random Wildlife – Regal Moth, AKA Royal Walnut Moth

Found this guy on the walk in front of the garage.  I didn’t know what it was but the distinctive markings and orange color made a search easy.  I’m sure I have never seen the caterpillar form because it is distinctive as well.

Random Wildlife

The camera made a lucky capture of this Kingbird dive-bombing a Crow.  I’m not positive of the Kingbird ID but there is a pair hanging around that area and they are territorial.

That same camera caught Gabe a few days earlier.  He is growing into a Handsome Boy.

Critter Cam

Hadn’t had his coffee yet?

Critter Cam