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Critter Cam

Kids, This Is a Cyclist. Cyclist, Meet My Kids (What Do Mama Skunks Say)

Critter Cam

Critter Cam

Feed Me!

For some reason, my flock of hummers has a favorite feeder.  The feeders are identical, and I have moved them around so I don’t think it’s a particular location.  I’ve filled them all from the same batch of nectar so it isn’t taste.  The feeder you see them swarming in the video is the one they’ve chosen, I’ve filled it three times today while the other four are still on the first fill.

[edit]: whoops, I have my phone set to take max resolution video and it’s taking a long time to load, sorry ’bout that!

Puttin’ My Feet Up

Step up!

This was found tucked away in the back of a cupboard when I moved in…not sure what I’ll do with it. So ugly it’s cute, so I have to  keep it.

I’m putting my feet up today and relaxing, but there will be a recipe exchange tonight. Just a day late and probably a recipe or two short. Until then…..

Critter Cam

Random Wildlife


Hawk Swoops By

We’ve been seeing these ducks every day for the past week or so.  They’ve been noticed.  I don’t know what kind of ducks these are, they aren’t very big, and I’m thinking they are teal.  The hawk swoops in from the far bank of the pond, he comes out of the trees and ends up sitting in the tree that the camera is attached to, he’s out of frame but the shadow tells the story.


20160731_161850(1600x1200)I’m  sure now that the Chipping Sparrow ID is the correct one.  I got a photo of one of the parents who was hanging about very close and keeping an eye on me.  DSC_5510They’ve come a long way in a week’s time:20160721_103040(1600x1200)


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