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Seen in My Backyard

A nice one!  Mrs J snapped this while on her dogwalk this afternoon.  Neither dog noticed.  I’m going to call this a garter snake but I welcome corrections by anyone who knows for sure.


Yay! They’re Back

We’ve had the feeder up for a week.  Mrs J saw one the otherday but this is the first one I’ve laid eyes on.  I grabbed the camera for a quick pic before he flew off.

Hummingbird Moth Pr0n


We’ve been busy browsing through the big box store parking lot displays for flowers and herbs.  The closest is Rural King, we always hit that one first because it is in the same frontage group as the Kroger store although we have occasionally been dismayed by their indifferent watering.  Lowe”s is head and shoulders better but it is several miles farther.

The two planters above are my cherry tomatoes, these are Bonnie’s Super Sweet 100s.The chives are growing from last year’s pot, the rest are new this year.  I’m having trouble finding flat leaf parsley.  I do have some growing that I found at Kroger in an in-store display of “grow your own herbs indoors”.  The rosemary is from that same display.  They are offered year-round in cute little pots and I transplanted those to get a head start.  Also on this bench are curly parsley, sage, oregano, thyme, dill, and basil.Mrs J has been busy, too.  She does the flowers – the herbs and veggies are my area.  Peppers of various sorts and tomatoes are the only veggies I care to tend – the Kroger garden is close enough for me.I have started with the mowing.  While going down an edge I spotted this snake in the dry leaves.  I can’t tell the head from the tail.  Literally. I’m no expert but I think it is getting ready to shed its skin.  It has the off-white sheen you see in shed skins but it obviously still has the snake in it.This bench has my peppers.  So far this year I have cayenne, serrano, two kinds of jalapeno, and habanero.On this third bench are a few I’m growing more for display than edibility.  Mrs J likes the tricolors, and there is one called Black Pearl that’s pretty.  I’m going to try a Thai pepper this year, and a hybrid called Dragon Cayenne.I have an ornamental peach tree that has had a hard go of it lately.  A wind storm last summer broke half of it off and of the remaining half, half died.  The late freeze hurt the buds that remained.Mrs J is just getting started,  She has a few perennials but she really goes for potted annuals.

Days of Our Lives: Love Triangle

Things are getting a little racy in Longmont:

As feathered friends take up song and begin the year, indulge me while I talk about a non-gardening topic. High above the Boulder County Fairgrounds drama has unfolded, capturing the attention — and imagination — of fans.

The resident ospreys returned for the summer and they opened the season like avian Kardashians, with strange females, a two-timing male, bad boy attacks, and the struggles of a female to keep her man. Via the live feed from the Osprey Cam, fans tune in from across the globe to watch the pair and offer thoughts (and sometimes judgements) on the nesting and mating habits of the pair.


The interloper strutted about the nest, protecting it as if it were hers. A second, then a third unknown female visited; an unknown male made a brief attack run. Clearly this nest — festooned with plastic flotsam the male finds irresistible — is prime real estate.

But then the Resident Female arrived on March 25 and addressed the shenanigans. “She’s usually fashionably late compared to other area ospreys. Perhaps she migrates farther,” said Finks. Feathers were ruffled, then flew in a brief scuffle, and the usurping female fled

Now the male pays loving attention to his one and only: he nurtures her, and she him, gently bumping together as they repair the nest or bring each other fish.

Read the enitre drama filed story at the Longmont Times-Call here.

Love watching these guys on our walks. Always seem to catch them at dinner time when they are fishing – often unsuccessfully – in the ponds.


Random Wildlife

Random Wildlife

Gabe warns snapping turtle, tells it he will be watching.

Critter Cam

I would have bet that the raccoons couldn’t get on top of the corn bin.  I stand corrected.

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PICT4560 (1600x1200)PICT2647 (1600x1200)

Critter Cam

Critter Cam