Too True

When a group of boys know a girl is watching one of them will, invariably, show his ass.


Baby, Baby, Baby: Transformation


Look at this face:

He had his vet visit yesterday and his bloodwork came back today. He’s a-okay! And we are all guessing he’s about four. For what he’s been through, he’s a very healthy 100 lbs.

The past week has brought to light many things, and first and foremost, before he was neglected, Baby was definitely loved.  Continue reading

Feeder Fail

We got a hard glaze of ice the other day and deemed the path to the garage, where the feeders are kept overnight, too treacherous to navigate.  I spread salt on the walk but it takes a while to work.We had various species drop by only to find disappointment.  The salt finally started to thaw the glaze well enough to scrape off with a shovel.
Lonesome dove. There was a pretty good book named Lonesome Dove that was made into a TV miniseries.  It was developed first as as a movie script that came to naught so McMurtry turned it into the book.  I have it as an audio book, all 36 hours of it.