Sleepy Is Contagious

Soup Pr0n

I wish I had teased out a noodle or two before taking the picture. It’s chicken soup made with fettuccine noodles under the garnishes. The patio garden did yield a few leaves of basil. Mrs J started several varieties of basil but the only one I can name is the purple one.

Breakfast Pr0n

I used one of those silicone egg forms to cook the hash browns with a measure of success. The potatoes need to thaw either before or during the fry. I was going for pretty easy, will settle for pretty.

Picnicking Birds

I’m not sure if buntings flock together or if they are more territorial but we did catch five of them waiting for breakfast.

The last grosbeak capture was 11 May, none since, so we figure they’ve moved on, like the orioles. Not sure how far north these will go but this map says we are right on the border of their breeding range.

The red belly on the left looks like he’s in the middle of a dramatic second take.

Random Wildlife

I mentioned a while ago that I haven’t seen a squirrel with a peanut, that they preferred sunflower seeds. I am re-evaluating that in light of more recent developments. Although I can’t say for sure that this squirrel is eating an actual peanut it would seem possible. I will note that there are a few sunflower seeds alongside the peanuts in the tray.

Beef Stew

I finally opened that can of peas I’ve had in the cupboard for ages. They were a brand of peas that got good marks from a few people in some long forgotten comment section. They went something like “I only buy frozen peas because they are so much better than canned but [brand name] peas in a can are OK”, followed down thread with a few affirmations.