On an onion naan loaf with tzatziki I made fresh this morning with a cucumber we had to make a quick trip to the store to get because I forgot yesterday. It will taste better tomorrow.

The meat is half lamb and half beef from this Allrecipes page. We normally don’t add lettuce because we normally don’t have any in the fridge but it works well. It’s common to wrap French fries with these but we hardly ever do.

Duckteen Holds Own Gender Reveal Party

It’s official.  Just before bed last night it was quite clear that Nick’s drake feather popped. Was 99% sure, because of his quack, he was a boy – but didn’t want to make assumptions. Not one of my ducks sounds the same, so figured no reason not to wait until we had a definitive answer.

Without further ado, here are Nick and his drake feather:

So it’s officially Nick and Nora. If they open their own detective agency, I’m sure it’ll make a good story…

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