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Still No Turkey!

I just won’t be bothered with cooking and carving a turkey when it’s just the two of us. And Mrs J won’t eat much. I made a lot of a few things because that’s how I tend. My gravy this year was killer and was plenty for today but I’ll be looking for more before I eat my way to the bottom of the dressing pan. I also made a jumbo pan of green bean casserole because we like it just fine.

You can tell it’s a holiday dinner because I put the sides into proper serving dishes rather than leaving them in the pans they cooked in, the mac ‘n cheese notwithstanding. I think the dressing needed a touch more liquid and the green beans a tad less. The sticky sweet potatoes were just right, as was the cranberry sauce.

Not Turkey Dinners

We have restored the natural order of things chili. I love that the elbow mac has ridges. The only place I can find that has these is the Amish run store near us. I was thrilled to see a horse and buggy tied up in front of the store one day but haven’t seen any since then. The sect that operates around here allows the use of tractors so all of the families use a tractor to haul trailers to move goods and people around. The tractors must have a special road gear because they move right on along.

Frozen shrimp and frozen fries make a good start on a fuss-free dinner. The side is easier than those – a can of Niblets corn plus a can of Ro*tel with a dash of rice vinegar and oil. I did make the slaw and the cocktail sauce from scratch.

Jerk seasoned tilapia is becoming a favorite around here. I wondered about a side that would go well with it and took inspiration from this Jamaican rice and beans recipe. I made do with a can of kidney beans and some rice cooked with coconut milk plus water enough to keep the rice/liquid ratio. I used dried thyme, lacking any fresh sprigs and omitted the green onions because I didn’t have enough for more than a garnish. I did add minced onion, the allspice, fresh ginger, and the salt and pepper. I did not use the scotch bonnet/habanero for fear of backlash from Mrs J. I did douse my serving with a mango/scotch bonnet hot sauce.