We Like Tacos

The tortillas are those uncooked flour ones that take 30 seconds a side to cook. I may let the next ones crisp just a tad more. The tacos have smoked pork, cheeses, and the veggie workhorse of cabbage and fresh peppers.

I added corn salsa to these, plus a generous drizzle of hot sauce.

Soup Pr0n

Mrs J made an early call for chicken soup with fresh bread. I made the fettuccine in that microwave cooker thing and dumped it without draining into the pot. There usually isn’t much excess and I figured the starchy water would be good in the soup. It didn’t hurt a thing.

I had time to fortify some broth. I tossed in some basil because a hard frost likely killed the scraggly plant I was nursing along on the patio bench.

Bonus pic! Homer and Gabe