Combine Cam

The trail camera caught a brief glimpse of the smallish combine the farmer who rents the field just out of frame uses to get the beans in.  It’s seven or eight acres and can only be reached over a small lane through the woods.  The operation is incredibly dusty.


Air Roasted Veggies

At least the air roasting is true for the carrots, sprouts, and broccoli.  The potatoes were boiled, smashed and then roasted on a tray below the basket with the other veggies. Everything was tossed with oil and kosher salt.

I set the temp at 350 to start and then bumped it to 375.  They took about 13-14 minutes after it came to temp but I put everything in before it was fully pre-heated.  I’m still feeling my way around cooking times, not ready yet to set and forget until the timer chimes.