Sous Vide Flat Iron Steak

We generally eat these steaks as cheesesteaks but I got a wild hare and did this one in the water bath.  Eight hours at 134, then pat dry and drop onto a smoking hot grill for a few minutes per side.  We had twice fried potatoes and Brussels sprouts roasted with bacon.  The chimichurri was good.   Wait, wasn’t that a Mary Poppins song?


More Wings

This a a bit different than the last batch.  They were par boiled too, but with and egg wash and a flour dredge before deep frying.  I tossed these with a sweet Thai chili sauce.  I recommend the Mae Ploy brand.  This isn’t Mae Ploy on these and it is not as good – the only reason I’m mentioning this is to keep you from making the same mistake.
I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to look for a nice homemade recipe. I couldn’t do worse than this stuff.  Or just buy the right stuff and be done with it.  Take my reading glasses next time.  Harumph

Wings and Sauce

I wasn’t going to go with the Vietnamese dipping sauce but I thought why not try it.  Worked very well with the wings.  Those were par boiled and set aside to dry.  Later they were dusted with seasoned flour and browned in hot oil.I trotted out the usual sides to balance out the meal.

Sloppy Quesadillas

Maybe it would have been better to not include the last bit of cheese soup and just gone with shredded cheddar.  Because this was really messy.I just embraced the mess.  The filling was leftover baked beans mixed with smoked brisket and a little tomato salsa to loosen it up.  I like the tang of pickled peppers. That salsa taquera in the jar is very good.

Seen on the Internets

Sourdough Starter

I’m very excited.  LFern is on her way over with some sourdough starter for me. Here’s her first loaves:

She started it from scratch, so I’m getting the shortcut version.  She based her recipe on this guy. We’re both kinda smitten:

I’ll update as I go. I’d like to make rolls first.

Until then…