Critter Cam

Apple Pie!

This was going to be one of those food hack recipes using cinnamon rolls from the exploding can as crust. We had hopes!

Mistakes were made. Let’s not dwell on that.

We salvaged the apple filling, Mrs J made a nice crust for those and we made do with a basic apple pie.

Twice Baked!

Thanksgiving Files: Turkey Two Ways

This year we were warned that with smaller family gatherings, small turkeys would be scarce. So when I went turkey shopping, I was not surprised the smallest turkey I could find was about sixteen pounds.

I know for many, that IS a small turkey, but I’m used to buying a couple of twelve-pound turkeys, cooking one if Thanksgiving is going to be small, or both if it’s a larger crowd. I think they cook up better and are less likely to get dried out.

What to do with this large bird? I decided to slice it in half and cook it two separate ways. They cook up similar to a spatchcock bird. Continue reading

Soup and Soup & Sammy

I had plenty of broth left over from this ramen so I added more noodles and some veg to stretch it out.

Everyone loves grilled cheese.

We made upside down cake because I ate the last piece of the last cake last night. I hope this one lasts. Not sorry!