Pot Pie Pr0n

The gravy for this one is made with broth, milk, heavy cream and buttermilk.  The last two because I just had a little left of each and wanted to use them up.It’s thick – I think there is nearly 1/2 cup of flour in the roux.  I managed to collect the chicken fat from the roast chicken and that is what it took to make the roux look right in the sauce pan.


Gadget Post – Field Cast Iron Skillet

I’ve been seeing alot of reviews of these lightweight skillets and finally decided to try one out.  This one is their #8 pan, measuring about 10 inches at the top with a 9 inch cooking area.  It weighs 4.5 lbs.  “Lightweight” is a relative term, of course.
It comes with some seasoning but they will definitely improve over time. I’ve just started the process – I caramelized the onions for last night’s mac and cheese in it.

Bacon Mac & Cheese

With a side of chili oil chicken and three bean salad.  This batch of one pot mac wasn’t as good as the last one we fixed.  I didn’t use any broth in this one to stretch the milk and as a result the pasta was not as soft as I prefer.  I didn’t have any of that gouda cheese left, either, and went with all cheddar.  I think next time I make this I’ll have plenty of broth to start it and then add milk as the pasta takes on the liquid.

Seen on the Internets

Those two remind me of our own Ollie and Ginger Boy: