Sticky Wings

I tried out the Serious Eats recipe for baked wings on these after seeing a Kenji-Lopez Youtube that came up while we were having lunch the other day. I’ve tried the baking powder trick before and wanted to do it again because I didn’t really remember if it worked all that well. So so good. … Continue reading Sticky Wings


Sauced with honey, Cholula hot sauce, ketchup, bbq sauce, and sesame oil with onion and garlic powders.  Served with a damp hand cloth because the only way to eat these is with your fingers and that is messy.

Wings and Sauce

I wasn’t going to go with the Vietnamese dipping sauce but I thought why not try it.  Worked very well with the wings.  Those were par boiled and set aside to dry.  Later they were dusted with seasoned flour and browned in hot oil.I trotted out the usual sides to balance out the meal.

Wings and Fries

I like to dredge wings in seasoned flour before frying instead of just plopping them bare into the hot oil.  These were done in that manner – sometimes I go full-on egg dip with flour dredge but that complicates things and I’m profoundly lazy. The sauce is simple enough, melted butter with a locally made … Continue reading Wings and Fries


I tried a variant on the par cooking method – I steamed the wings for 10 minutes, allowed them to cool and air dry, then dredged them in seasoned flour before deep frying.  I just didn’t want all that chicken fat in my canola oil because I reuse it until it starts getting funky.  I … Continue reading Wings!