Tangy Roast Beef

Did you know May is national vinegar month?  Yeah, neither did I.  But it is and that’s great because I was just thinking about posting about cooking with vinegar.  I use it almost daily.  It is so versatile and really brightens the flavors in any food.  I just discovered a wonderful Red Wine-Pomegranate vinegar.  I … Continue reading Tangy Roast Beef

Thursday Night Menu: Asian Flank Steak w/Green Beans

I keep hoping for grilling weather, but it is not quite there yet for many of us. This menu you can grill, but broiling works just as well. It is a fairly quick meal to prep. One trick for marinades is to prepare them when you purchase your meats or poultry, add marinade and meat to bag and freeze. Then all you have to do is thaw them out and you’re ready to grill, broil or stir-fry. Otherwise, marinate overnight in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Most chefs recommend room temperature for meats before cooking. If you take it out while prepping the remainder of the meal, it should be room temp before cooking. For this menu, begin cooking the rice before prepping the remainder of the meal and it should be done by the time you finish the steak and beans.

On the board tonight: