Random Raccoon

Huevos Rancheros

I watched that Mexican granny cook something similar to these.

She cooked her veggies more than I like and I’m adding smoked pork to the pan.

I noticed that she fried her eggs in quite a lot of oil. I used more than she did. It makes it easy to baste them and they cook faster.

They will fold up like tacos or burritos but I ended up with knife and fork. That runny yellow! [Chef’s Kiss]

Random Wildlife – Dinoturtlesaurus

I was out front watching Mrs J doing gardening things when this old mossback wandered by. I ran in to get my big camera to take this shot.

These next two I shot with the Note 20 Ultra, zoomed in to a bit over 20X. They were shot handheld with a wrist rest.

He’s motoring up the dam to get to the front pond.

Not sure where Gabe is. He loses his shit over yard turtles. Katie never lets her dog mamma out of her sight.


The last full moon reminded me that the new phone has a 50X zoom. I took this while steadying the camera on the side of the garage. I was right under a lit security lamp but that seemed to not cause a problem.

I found a boneless pork roast a while back and thought it would make a nice item to cook and slice. It worked well enough. I vacuum sealed most all of it and thaw some as needed.

One windy day the feeder was blown off the stump and lost one of the suet feeders. Mrs J tired of waiting for me to reattach the wire cage so she ordered a new one.

The cardinals seem to approve. It looks to be a tad smaller than the last one.

I bought some bone-in country ribs and prepared them in the instapot with sauerkraut, little red potatoes, and onions. This recipe worked for me. I added Steen’s cane syrup with the brown sugar. Maybe too much?

It’s mowing season again. I made the first full cut a couple of days ago. Early on there are some high spots that need it but large areas are pretty sparse so I waited a bit. The wild onions finally grew thick enough to see where I had mowed. I took the shot of the fungus on a dead oak tree that caught my eye while on the mower.

A lite lunch for me..

..and one for the blue jay.

Smoked Shoulder

This one spent at least 20 hours in the smoker. Peach wood provided the smoke. I coated the pork with yellow mustard and then sprinkled on the seasonings: salt, black and Aleppo peppers, and granulated garlic. After the meat cooled enough it was chopped and put away in plastic containers for freezing.

I didn’t freeze all of it.