Random Raccoon

Hambeans and Cornbread

These are navy beans, I wondered why they call them that so I went to Wikipedia:

“The name “Navy bean” is an American term coined because the US Navy has served the beans as a staple to its sailors since the mid-1800s.[8]

In Australia, navy bean production began during World War II when it became necessary to find an economical way of supplying a nutritious food to the many troops—especially American troops—based in Queensland. The United States military maintained a large base in Kingaroy and had many bases and camps throughout south-east Queensland. It actively encouraged the widespread planting of the beans.[9] Kingaroy is known as the Baked Bean Capital of Australia.[10] Another popular name for the bean during this time was “the Yankee bean”.[11]

Random Wildlife

I took a snapshot from the video this fellow was, briefly, in. I’m going to call him a yellow-rumped warbler. My windows Photo app used to be able to take one frame out of a video but it has been acting up lately and refusing to do it for me, saying “something went wrong”. I thought that the VLC media player could do so and after some menu browsing I found that it could.