Pet Adoption

JeffreyW, Mrs. J and I are animals lovers. Mrs. J volunteers at a shelter near their home and JeffreyW often features photos of the animals to be rescued and sometimes they come to live with them. The shelter can always use donations. You can find their information here:

St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education (CARE)

Here’s their Facebook Page:  St. Francis Community Animal Rescue 

You can donate there, or find your local shelter and donate. Shelters can always use cash, food (check with them on the types they need most), old towels, litter (usually non-clay because of spay and neutering issues, but again, check with your shelter), foster parents and volunteers. Or cash. Did I mention cash?

And when you’re thinking of a pet for your family – and you should because they offer plenty of entertainment and photo ops – consider a shelter pet, you won’t be sorry.

Nothing is better than being rescued by a shelter pet.

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Shelby, Sadie, Coty, Einstein, Duncan, BJ, Callie, Rupert, Emma, Jake, Missy, Harley, and a myriad of other cats, dogs and, yes, even a chinchilla, adopted from shelters.