Holidays, Duxbridge and Critters, Oh, My!

This post is a little longer than usual, but a lot to catch up on.

It’s been a rough year-ish, as anyone who follows the blog knows. And while I’ve been busy with the Duxbridge Mysteries series, that was about all the writing I could manage. Posting new content here was minimal. I’m hoping to make up for that going forward, especially since the upcoming holidays are some of my favorites. Recipes galore.

Just got back from a great relaxing trip to Boston. Friends, family, and fall colors were just what was needed. A week away was a little stressful for both Trixie and Jasper, but they were in good hands, and Scout was super chill, so that helped them. And now that I’m back, they are all relaxing back into their routines.

The first book in the Duxbridge Mystery series is finishing up with the editor. I’m assuming publication date will be in time for the holidays. It’s taken longer than expected, mainly because there were weeks of not feeling up to writing. Daily life and my day job were about all I could tackle. But, as always, the characters won’t shut up, so I always return to it. Continue reading

Happy Easter: Meet Nikki and Nora*

*names will be adjusted if their sex reveals itself to be male.

They are spending most of the day outside today, weather is warm and they are so very happy out there, even in their little penned area.

I’ve been calling them Nikki and Nora for weeks now, but didn’t want to introduce them by name until I was sure it was going to stick. I can easily tell them apart and their personalities are polar opposites, which is fun. I’m still 90% convinced they are female because of the way they talk – they have a strong, high pitched quack and they talk constantly. Males have a gravelly voice and are not as talkative. But until we see a turned up tail feather (male) or see eggs (around October) it’s all speculation.

Meanwhile, meet Nora:

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I Think They Want Hot Cocoa

It’s difficult to get a good photo of their cuteness, because they tend to turn away from the camera. That was the case here. They were at the door, peering in as I fixed their breakfast. But as soon as I went to photograph them, away they went.

I did manage to get a closeup though. I cannot tell you how adorable I find it that they await their meal as I get breakfast and dinner together for the furry critters. They HAVE food in their dish all day, but they expect to participate in the mealtime ritual, regardless.


Usually They Help

Today we had a disagreement about making the bed. Usually, they help. Today they were like,  “naw, we’re comfy and we’re not moving.”

The bed did not get made until late morning. They’re lucky they’re cute.