What Do You Mean It’s Not For Me

I suspect Zander is not going to be on board with the new arrival. He barely tolerated Scout.

Counting the days…


A Heart Does Mend

This little guy is doing his best to mend my heart after the sudden loss of Gabe.

This morning I walked into the cat room (i.e. the guest room, LOL) and found this in his bowl.

He added toys to his meal. This made me laugh and reminded me of my sweet Tuxedo Jake, who killed a slew of my stuffed animals each night at a great volume. I miss that. So this was a happy sight. I removed them, BTW and five minutes later, they were all back.

And I’ve never seen a kitteh who is so happy for a belly rub! Flops over for rubs all the time and we are happy to oblige.

Sully, you are good for the soul.

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Sully Settling In

Sully has been here a month and has settled right in. He’s still finding his way with all the animals, but he knows he’s home.

Zander misses Gabe terribly, they were best buds, but he’s been kind to the new guy. I suspect they will be friends because Sully is both respectful and playful, two things Zander cannot resist. Continue reading