Nick Loves Trixie: A Duck and His Great Dane Puppy

Nick loves Trixie. I thought it might not be as intense this spring, now that she is spayed. But, nope, his love burns bright. And as promised, video!

Excuse the look of the yard – spring clean-up has not happened yet and everything is still frozen and dormant after an unusually brutal winter.

Ducks and Danes: Spring Is In The Air

It must be spring. And I will do my best to get video. But today, of course I had my camera and Trixie wouldn’t play, disappointing Nick.

Yesterday, though, they had a ball.

I had thought Nick was totally in love with Trixie, but that she just saw him as a good game of chase. But this morning, I watched her do play bow at the duck entrance (to the duck yard/garden area), basically telling Nick to hurry up and come play. It’s not like she doesn’t have her choice of dog playmates in the yard. Continue reading

Nick Loves Trixie

I’ve been trying for a few weeks to get video of their antics, but it’s been difficult. When I go outside they all head over to me to see if I have treats or something. This is the best I could do and is just a small sample of what’s been happening in the backyard as spring has sprung.

I’m not sure how to break the facts to Nick, but for now am letting him enjoy his spring-fling.

My theory is, much like with Mabel and Maddie with Jake – who happened to take his new found ability to go outside as an opportunity to spray the fence line (he was neutered, but that doesn’t seem to limit pheromones for some) and the ducks took that as a sign he was the perfect male to crush on.  Poor Jake…

At 5 months, Trixie’s hormones are kicking in and this seems to have triggered Nick’s crush.

I do keep a good eye out on them because Trixie is, after all, a clumsy 5 month old with huge paws.

It’s calmed down a bit this week as the weather warmed, so maybe we are past the craziest part of it.