Spring Ducks in a Row

What’s better than having your ducks in a row? Having your ducks in a row of pools. Happy spring!

Ducks and Danes: Spring Is In The Air

It must be spring. And I will do my best to get video. But today, of course I had my camera and Trixie wouldn’t play, disappointing Nick.

Yesterday, though, they had a ball.

I had thought Nick was totally in love with Trixie, but that she just saw him as a good game of chase. But this morning, I watched her do play bow at the duck entrance (to the duck yard/garden area), basically telling Nick to hurry up and come play. It’s not like she doesn’t have her choice of dog playmates in the yard. Continue reading

Ducks in the Bathtub…Again

I guess the good news is, we’ve had to do this so often this past year, I have a system in place and it’s not quite as disruptive. Crazy.

Subzero for two days after 60 degrees yesterday.  Unreal. For comparison, Mabel and Maddie spent maybe two nights in the house in their 5 years here. Nick and Nora have been in the house 5 times since last March.


Snowy Ducks

Huh…it snowed overnight. I know, I know…Colorado…November – not exactly a newsflash. But it wasn’t really in the forecast, so I was not mentally prepared for the before-coffee shoveling. The ducks are happy, the dogs are happy, I now have coffee, so I’m happy.

I’m making Pasta e Fagioli soup today. I have to get to the store for a few ingredients I didn’t have on hand, but I’ll post the recipe later today. Until then…

Sprinkler Ducks

It was 100 degrees yesterday and I looked out and saw Nora panting, so it was time for some sprinkler fun. They played for about 30 minutes and then seemed content until the cool front arrived around bedtime.