Snowy Ducks Do Not Mean Clean Ducks

May be an image of bird and nature

They always find a way to make mud.

Snowy Ducks

May be an image of goose

Huh…it snowed overnight. I know, I know…Colorado…November – not exactly a newsflash. But it wasn’t really in the forecast, so I was not mentally prepared for the before-coffee shoveling. The ducks are happy, the dogs are happy. I now have coffee, so I’m happy.

I’m making Pasta e Fagioli soup today. I have to get to the store for a few ingredients I didn’t have on hand, but I’ll post the recipe later today. Until then…

Sprinkler Ducks

It was 100 degrees yesterday and I looked out and saw Nora panting, so it was time for some sprinkler fun. They played for about 30 minutes and then seemed content until the cool front arrived around bedtime.

Life With Willow

All you need to know about Willow’s personality is what happened this morning. I was cleaning the litterbox (around the same time every morning) and she jumped in, looked at me, and proceeded to do her business.

Like, never mind what I was doing.

Most cats wait until AFTER you clean it to go mess it up again. Not this one.

Willow just barges in wherever and whenever she wants. It’s her world, we just reside in it.

I know I’ve been MIA for quite a while. We’ve been doing a bit of remodeling. Between that and getting the gardens ready for summer is about all the time I have each day. Not to mention editing the latest novel.

I have a ton of photos of how the front yard has evolved this spring. I’m really pleased with it and how low maintenance it has been. My small rock garden is causing me more headaches than the entire front yard.

Bonus muddy ducks (I do adore it when they get all mud covered). They’ve been enjoying the rainy weather.

I have not been doing much cooking, but I will pull some summer menus this week and post at least one as grilling season commences.

Until then…


Nick Loves Trixie

I’ve been trying for a few weeks to get video of their antics, but it’s been difficult. When I go outside they all head over to me to see if I have treats or something. This is the best I could do and is just a small sample of what’s been happening in the backyard as spring has sprung.

I’m not sure how to break the facts to Nick, but for now am letting him enjoy his spring-fling.

My theory is, much like with Mabel and Maddie with Jake – who happened to take his new found ability to go outside as an opportunity to spray the fence line (he was neutered, but that doesn’t seem to limit pheromones for some) and the ducks took that as a sign he was the perfect male to crush on.  Poor Jake…

At 5 months, Trixie’s hormones are kicking in and this seems to have triggered Nick’s crush.

I do keep a good eye out on them because Trixie is, after all, a clumsy 5 month old with huge paws.

It’s calmed down a bit this week as the weather warmed, so maybe we are past the craziest part of it.