Duckteens: Well That Week Of Spring Was Nice

Freakin’ duckteens have been in the freakin’ house a week longer than they should be because the freakin’ weather is making it difficult for them to bond with Maddie and Mabel. Record cold and a half foot of snow are wreaking havoc.  So are the duckteens.

Every time I freakin’ turn around they are in the freakin’ bathroom screeching for a bath. They had 4 yesterday and are going for living in the tub today. 🦆🦆🤦

I may start drinking


Happy Easter: Meet Nikki and Nora*

*names will be adjusted if their sex reveals itself to be male.

They are spending most of the day outside today, weather is warm and they are so very happy out there, even in their little penned area.

I’ve been calling them Nikki and Nora for weeks now, but didn’t want to introduce them by name until I was sure it was going to stick. I can easily tell them apart and their personalities are polar opposites, which is fun. I’m still 90% convinced they are female because of the way they talk – they have a strong, high pitched quack and they talk constantly. Males have a gravelly voice and are not as talkative. But until we see a turned up tail feather (male) or see eggs (around October) it’s all speculation.

Meanwhile, meet Nora:

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Ducklings Day Out

The ducklings seemed bored today and were managing to get into a bit of trouble inside. So even though it was only in the mid-fifties, I decided some outdoor time would be good for their mental health and mine.

Scout got in on the fun and was, as always, very respectful of the boundaries. Continue reading

Duckling Diaries: Week 3

They are quickly (and everywhere) losing their downy yellow fluff. Their pin feathers aren’t quite filling in yet, so they have some bare pink spots all over.  Especially their wings.

They spend a great deal of time out of their crate now. They mostly sleep on their blanket, but they do wander into the kitchen for some cat grass now and then.  I expect they’ll become more mobile as curiosity takes precedence over growing.  Right now, growing requires lots of eating and sleeping. Continue reading

Maddie and Mabel: Winter Ducks

All winter I worry about making sure Maddie and Mabel have warm, dry places to hangout. I shovel out areas, I make them stay in their coop until I believe the temperature is sufficient (usually around 27 degrees F).  I make sure they are tucked in at night before things get frigid.

So what do I see from my window today, both of them snuggled into a snow bank.

Maddie promptly ran away when I went to take a photo, but Mabel was too comfy to care.




Duckling Diaries: Saturday Morning Chores

Totally charmed this morning. Ducklings were on their blanket in the living room, getting some exercise (ok, just snuggled down with dog toys). I went into the kitchen to do some chores and soon all I heard was chirping and very loud running duck feet flwapping on the floor. They kept me company while I made soup, emptied the dishwasher, and cleaned up.

I rewarded them with cat grass and lettuce.

They are going to be total pains-in-the-ass as they grow and get messier the next couple of weeks, but I am going to miss it when they begin spending most of their days outside.