Holiday Excitement

We are just full of excitement here these days

Synchronized snoring with Scout and Trixie

May be an image of cat

15 lbs of cuddles with Sully

May be an image of dog

And finally, Trixie snoozing with Jasper.

She’s doing great after a minor hitch with her spay. She’s back to herself, but for some reason, the ducks want nothing to do with her. This upsets her, so I’m hoping it a short-term rejection.

I’m putting together the ingredients for a bunch of Christmas gifts. I’m doing 8×8 pans of lasagna, toffee and cranberry upside-down cake this year. I was clearly in the mood to cook.

I’ll also post my holiday gift idea favorites over the next few days.

Until then…

Jasper Update with Bonus Critters

I’ve been meaning to update you on Jasper for a while. He will have been here three months this coming week. It’s been a riotous three months. He’s a very good boy, but we have had a variety of issues to work out, starting with boundaries, how to keep his huge and very strong front paws to himself, and to stop being selectively deaf when it comes to the word “no.”

Saturday Good News Thread: Honoring Lilly

He pulls the same look anytime I scold him. He turns on the charm and reminds you that he was once starving and abandoned. I feel like a villain, but remain steadfast in his training. He rewards me by catching on incredibly quickly.

Saturday Good News Thread: Honoring Lilly 1
Look at that booty

Scout still feels a bit put upon, but she enjoys romping around the yard with him. He insists on full body contact with her when they sleep and while she tolerates it, she throws me those “why me?” looks from across the room.

Saturday Good News Thread: Honoring Lilly 2

It’s impossible to get them all looking at me at once…so here are 2 of them Continue reading

When You Know She Means Business

I was on the phone with a client, and what happens often, one of the dogs decides that’s the time to crunch or squeak. This time it was Trixie. I asked her to stop, which remarkably, she did. When I hung up, I found her waiting patiently.
“Can I squeak now?”
May be an image of dog and ball
I must have had the don’t mess with me face when I asked her to stop, LOL

Meet Jasper McGee

I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret..

This is Jasper, he is six years old. At the time he was relinquished, he was only around 100 lbs.

When I picked him up, his foster mom had him on his way up to 107 lbs.  There is a lot to tell you about this sweet boy, but understand, he was not expected. We just seemed to be a perfect fit for him, even if I was very reluctant. He needs a pack, he clearly couldn’t be an only dog, a ranch house seems best and someone who has handled a big, strong Dane before were all needed, and well, that’s us. I took a couple of weeks to give it serious thought while his foster mom evaluated him and made sure he was gaining weight and didn’t have any serious health or behavior problems.

We had a vet visit today, and he’s a chubby 120 lbs after just 10 days here and is getting quite the booty.

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