Bixby Update: Happy News

Bixby just a few days ago still unable to stand

What a difference a few days make. Continue reading


Bixby Diaries: Bixby is Struggling

I have been bad and not updated you on an issue with Bixby.

Here’s the big guy:

Bixby was at the emegency vet on Wednesday due to excessive vomiting. Things went downhill from there. He had a rare and yet devasting reaction to the anti-nausea medication. So rare, it took a lot of research and ignoring a lot of veterinarians and trusting my instincts to figure it out. Because of course, I watched it happen in real time. Continue reading

Scout Recovering Nicely

What do you mean I have to move, I just had surgery, remember?

A week out and she’s doing great from her spay. It was quite hectic here for a while – foster puppy and Scout’s surgery. Luckily, we are all almost back to normal.

I did hear from Baby’s forever family and he is doing well, claimed his spot on the couch, loves his new brother dog and is turning into the goofy boy I knew he would.


Baby Day 4: Blossoming

This is a big deal. He didn’t even know what a toy was and I gave him the platypus first day as a comfort thing. He ignored it.  Tonight he realized it was something he could chew and snuggle with. That created another problem – my pups are used to playing tug with them, so he thought Scout was trying to take it away from him. So we had some lessons here – Scout had to learn that Baby growling means he wants space and Baby and I worked with the toy – taking it away, having him sit, giving it back, rinse, repeat.

We’ve had quite the weekend. Continue reading