Penelope and Scout Having Some Fun

Just a little sweetness from my day


See That Look?


Does this look say:

“I’m sorry I dug up the flower pots.” Nope

“Yes, Yes, I did dig up the flower pots.” Nope

This is her, “I’m mad at you for scolding me” look.

No remorse. YOLO


Bixby and Scout: Little Update

I haven’t posted a Bixby update in a while. It’s mostly because things are pretty much back to normal. He gets stronger every day. His gait is almost normal, most of the sway is gone and he’s stable on all four legs. I pinch myself at how lucky we are and the nightmare of a month ago is fading.

And here is my little sweetness. Adorable as always. Seems she had her nose in the duck straw. Cute and trouble. Fits right in.