Ducklings and Danes Week Five: The DuckTeens

Oh boy, we’ve entered the duckteen* stage!

It’s time to spend time outside. Starting inside their pen so the big ducks could get to know them first, they quickly moved to exploring the yard. Despite Mabel protesting loudly, they always gravitate to wherever the big ducks are hanging, or follow them around the yard.

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Happy Easter: Meet Nikki and Nora*

*names will be adjusted if their sex reveals itself to be male.

They are spending most of the day outside today, weather is warm and they are so very happy out there, even in their little penned area.

I’ve been calling them Nikki and Nora for weeks now, but didn’t want to introduce them by name until I was sure it was going to stick. I can easily tell them apart and their personalities are polar opposites, which is fun. I’m still 90% convinced they are female because of the way they talk – they have a strong, high pitched quack and they talk constantly. Males have a gravelly voice and are not as talkative. But until we see a turned up tail feather (male) or see eggs (around October) it’s all speculation.

Meanwhile, meet Nora:

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Ducklings Day Out

The ducklings seemed bored today and were managing to get into a bit of trouble inside. So even though it was only in the mid-fifties, I decided some outdoor time would be good for their mental health and mine.

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Duckling Diaries: Week 3

They are quickly (and everywhere) losing their downy yellow fluff. Their pin feathers aren’t quite filling in yet, so they have some bare pink spots all over.  Especially their wings.

They spend a great deal of time out of their crate now. They mostly sleep on their blanket, but they do wander into the kitchen for some cat grass now and then.  I expect they’ll become more mobile as curiosity takes precedence over growing.  Right now, growing requires lots of eating and sleeping. Continue reading

Just a Typical Saturday Morning

Ducks and Danes…

The ducklings are big enough to run around for a few minutes – they still tire quickly. So after about 15 minutes, back into their crate. But while they were out, Bixby was having the time of his life.

That green thing next to him is one of his favorite stuffed duck toys that he is very rarely without (we have 5, just in case one gets destroyed – 3 years and they are all still intact – can’t say the same about any other stuffy)

Scout, Gabe and Zander watch from a distance.

Meanwhile, I think because ducks have some amazing hearing, Maddie has been hanging out at the patio door. I’m thinking she hears the babies.

I’m going to wash the dog snout marks off it today and try and get a photo. Otherwise, all you’d see would be smudges and maybe a duck, LOL



We are expecting anywhere from 8 inches to 3 feet of snow this weekend. We’ll have to see how the wind blows.

In between shoveling, I should have time to post a few recipes I have waiting in the wings.

Until then…

Bixby and His Ducklings

Bixby got to spend some time with the ducklings tonight. He was a very good boy and the ducklings took his calmness as an invitation to investigate him.

Gabe decided it was a good time to check the ducklings out…he’s mostly stayed away. But this did not last long, because Bixby was having none of it.  He got up and stood between Gabe and the ducklings. Adorable.