Find The Puppy

I can’t tell you how often I go looking for her, thinking she’s up to some mischief, only to find her camouflaged and asleep on that blanket.


Trixie At 10 Weeks And Holiday Update

She’s 10 weeks old already and making great progress.

She sleeps at my feet while I work and next to Scout other times. The blanket I folded and put down for her to sleep on has become an unexpected indicator of her growth. I’m going to have to unfold it soon.  Here she was last week at 9 weeks.

Today she and Scout went outside where she followed Scout around like a little mini-me and Scout tried not to look annoyed.  They’ve been playing pretty well at night before bed, Scout helping me tire out the puppy so she sleeps through the night.

This weekend I’m putting together recipes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – I’ll highlight spinach lasagna, herb encrusted rib roast and the no-baste turkey I made for Thanksgiving.

Until then…


Scout and Trixie: Day 1

Way too many photos, but enjoy them because I’m sure I’m going to be too busy for a few weeks to post many.

Scout and Trixie have hit it off pretty well. Trixie walked into the house and decided, yup this is where I belong, and began exploring her new home without hesitation. Day one has been a good day with excellent potty skills and good interactions with the other critters.

She’s a brindle harlequin, meaning her spots are varying degrees of dark brown, grey and brindle. They are amazing markings. And those feet…they are huge in comparison to the rest of her. Continue reading