The Duck Sagas: It’s Egg Time

The ducks have started laying eggs again, so it must be spring! These are all Maddie’s. About a dozen so far. Mabel just began laying this morning, so I will soon be overrun. Two eggs a day doesn’t sound like much, but they add up quickly.

Their original pool finally sprung a leak, and even though they have a bigger pool they have shunned, it was time to find them a new pool. Continue reading


Snowy Ducks

I have to resist moving them to their coop. They are capable of going there all on their own. They hate being cooped and don’t mind the snow as long as there is no wind.

Beautiful, snowy day here. Time for a nice hot chocolate with tiny little marshmallows.

I Guess He Likes It Here

Just below him is Scout. They’re both snoring. I have another photo of him, same spot, but Bixby is next to him and Gabe has his paw on Bixby. I’ll download that one tomorrow and share.

He’s put on a fair amount of weight, which I’m sure I’ll hear about from the vet this week.