Country Ribs and Fried Potatoes

20161119_1011551600x1200I’ve been having fun with the slow cook setting on the new(ish) toaster oven.  Dump a can or two of beans in a pan and add ketchup and bbq sauce, chopped onions and a couple of jalapenos.  Lay in some of those meaty country ribs and let them slow cook for several hours, covered.  Uncover and cook for another hour or so and you’ve got some fine eatin’.  We really like fried potatoes with this dish.  These were par-boiled for a few minutes and then cooled and set aside until we were ready.  20161119_1249531600x1200 It takes some attention to get them each looking like fat potato chips but the effort will be rewarded!  Keep checking the bottoms and set them aside when they are well browned.

Sous Vide Chicken

20161018_1656171600x1200Well, I have the gear so here I go with some chicken.  I generally like the recipes and methods developed by the folks over at Serious Eats so I let them guide my go at it.  I did leg quarters but I figured the technique would be the same.  The table says 1-4 hours at 165 degrees yields tender chicken, this batch went about 3-1/2 hours.  I think my next batch will spend much longer, 6-8 hours.  The chicken was done, certainly, but not “pull the leg bone right on out” done I hoped for.  I reduced the gelatin and juices from the chilled bag with white wine with good results.20161018_1656451600x1200I have to give a shout out to those potatoes, I par boiled them for a couple of minutes then finished them (after they cooled and were drained on a towel) in duck fat.  I added some chopped fresh rosemary to them for an added kick.

The sprouts and carrots were zapped for about three minutes, covered, in the microwave and then sauteed in oil with a balsamic glaze added at the end.

Ham Steaks with Baked Beans and Home Fries

DSC_6178 [1600x1200]This is one of Mrs J’s favorite dinners.  She wanted ham with beans and fried potatoes so I dug out a bone-in ham roast from the basement freezer.   It was really needing to be used for something before it became freezer burnt.  I carved what steaks and chunks from it that I could and have the rest simmering in a covered pot.  I’ll pull the rest of the meat away from the joint and save it for a pot of beans  later.  I imagine there will be some ham sammiches coming up.  I may make a ham salad.DSC_6177 [1600x1200]

Breakfast Pr0n – American Fries with Smoked Brisket

DSC_6019 [1600x1200]I am fast becoming a big fan of smoked brisket.  The last few times I’ve gone on to braise the slab until it pulls apart easily with two forks.  The braising liquids, reduced, make excellent sauce that adds a nice flavor layer to the meat that doesn’t cover up the smokiness.  Here the brisket was warmed with minced jalapeno and paired with the fried potatoes under a pair of sunny side up eggs.  The hot sauce is Cholula’s regular style.  It’s not a scorching hot sauce but it is full of flavor. Those potatoes that I cut with the fry cutter and then cooked once at a relatively low oil temperature (325) and then froze make excellent American fries with an additional chop.

Playing with your food

Look, Honey!  I made a smiley face for breakfast!

“Uh-huh.  cute.”

Needs something…

“Did you just poke something in its eyes?”

Yeah, it was too..I dunno…too much “Little Orphan Annie” lookin’..

“You’re trying too hard.”

Trying too hard?  TRYING TOO HARD!?!  How about a SLASHER BREAKFAST?

“I’m calling your mother.”