I did the usual pinto beans recipe with the overnight soaking and slow cooking with smoked ham hocks and diced onions but thought to try an addition of a couple of chili powders I’ve grown quite fond of.  I have a largish jar of ground chipotle peppers, and another of anchos, both bought through a seller at Amazon.

I have to tread a fine line with this stuff because Mrs J’s notion of “hot peppers” starts just north of peperoncini.  I debated adding some tomatoes of some sort, and looked at a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies for a minute before deciding against them for this batch, pending the outcome with the chili powders.

I must say that the addition of the ground peppers was met with approval.  They will be a standard part of my recipe from now on.  I think I’ll start soaking another batch to try with the tomatoes:)

More fun with food-chili, my way

This was fun.  I ordered some ancho and chipotle powders, along with some mixed chili powders that appear to be pretty much what you get when you buy “chili powder” from the spice rack at the supermarket.  I sampled the chipotle powder and it is pretty hot.  I just used a little in the chili today.  By the time I topped a bowl with cheese and pico de gallo the chili was nearly covered up.  It was in there, and tasty!

Making Chorizo

I was lamenting the other day that there wasn’t a nearby source for delicious chorizo sausage.  I bought some links the other day and have used them to great success in breakfast omelets and burritos and today’s edition of yummy breakfast burrito was no different.  Alas, I used the last of the chorizo.

Yesterday I meet a need by baking my own pitas rather than mope about the kitchen wishing I had bought more the last time I was at the market and that same spirit of can do animated my [Ed: please, dude, you are beginning to cloy] … OK OK, turning the smaltz spigot off…where was I?  Ah, yes, looking for homemade chorizo recipes.  Success! There are several recipes at that link-the one I used as a template was the one titled “Chorizo Autentico”.

Made a few changes:  Didn’t add the 6-20 hot peppers, and didn’t put in the cumin seeds (I was out).  I wasn’t sure what “pure ground red chili” was so I used some dried “California” chilies and a couple of dried ancho chilies.  I added a few tablespoons of chili powder and a few of paprika as well.  And, just because I had some, a couple of sprinkles of ground coriander.  The rest of the recipe was unchanged.  I did whirl the dried oregano in the spice grinder-the same machine that I used on the dried chilies.

In a few days I will report the outcome of the morning’s effort.

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Fun With Dried Chilies

I’ll be doing a reprise of this today.  Few differences other than the chili sauce I’m working up.  In the last recipe the ancho peppers were just not appealing visually so I puttered about the kitchen this afternoon thinking about how to get the taste without the leather.  I simmered them in water for a while and thought about just dicing them fine, but the blender caught my eye.  I don’t use it much, decided to give it a whirl, pun intended.  Dumped the anchos plus the water they boiled in into the blender and gave it a spin.  Heh. I just kill myself.  Looked a bit thick so I added some lime juice.  Now a shallot and some garlic.  Coming along.  I scraped it out of the blender and put it into the small sauce pan for a good simmer.  Added some sweetener.  It has an interesting flavor.  The ancho is there, and the shallot, just a touch of sweet.  Smoky warm, not really hot.  It will pass the Mrs J test.  I wasn’t quite done with it yet.  Poured half a cup of mild salsa into the mix.  Mmm.  Now we are getting somewhere.