Phrenology AKA “Cat Scan”

Hmm..uh huh…mmm. Yes, well…I’m afraid I have some bad news…I can confirm, based on your skull structure, that you are…a DOG!Don’t take it so hard!  We can get through this…together.

OK, I’m Tired of Turkey Now

Homer had his appointment with the vet today for his “alteration”.  He was a bit sleepy when he got home but has perked right up.  He’s back to his old self-chasing Bea and doing general kitty stuff.

Annie got skunked last night.  The first time ever for her.  It seems the skunk visits to the feeder have yielded the feared outcome-first Jack and now Annie.  We are taking steps to remove the critters, a live trap is down there now with a can of fish flavored cat food for bait.  Not going to put up with rude guests.

Mmm…ham sammich!

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Made Kitteh

Pretty nose.  Be a shame someting happen tuit, ya know?

I tole ya, man, I tole ya not ta be goin all snif snif around there.

An you!  Watchu lookin at!  You want a peece a me?  You wan soma this?  Huh?  Huh?

…and he waz all in my face!  And I’m all tryin to ignore him, but I’m wantin to just bite his head…

fuggedaboutit man… just let it go man..he’s a made kitty, he has pertection..his kitteh momma whack you you even think that..she can read yer mind, man…just let it go

Homer and a Sammich

Nothing major cooking tonight.  Mrs J snacked on the crab salad.  I decided to make a sammich, inspired by the look back at last month’s output.  When I had the sammich opened and under the broiler for a toasting, I scurried into the living room to grab the flash for the camera.  “Take a picture of Homer and Annie, they’re being all photogenic,” said Mrs J.  I stop and snap off several and then trot back into the kitchen.  The cheese got just a bit more toasty than I had planned on but it was nothing a layer of pickles and the top half of the hoagie roll couldn’t cover.

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