Made more perfecter

Sorry, just had to use that title!  LOL  Mrs J really liked TaMara’s apple crisp the other day and she set out to make it for herself.  Some slight alterations to the recipe:  She wanted more juice so into the apples cooking  in the skillet went a half cup of apple cider with some corn starch so that it would thicken a bit more, and a few raisins because why not?  Heh, indeed.  Fresh grated cinnamon and nutmeg added some nice flavors.  She used the Splenda branded brown sugar.

The crumble topping looked like some hazelnuts would help it so the rest of a bag went in there, probably 1/2 cup.

It stayed in the oven long enough to toast the topping:

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Apple Cobbler

This started out differently, I used the topping recipe from the site pictured in the “new recipe machine” post below and it just didn’t work out as I would have liked.  I ended up crumbling the cake-like topping and mixing it into the apples and using a basic rolled oat/flour crumble topping that the lovely Mrs J was kind enough to assemble while I was occupied with the cornbread recipe.

The apples ended cooked very well indeed!