Beef Salami

I mentioned this yesterday, a beef sausage made with the recipe that the Morton people put out for using ground beef and cooking it in the oven.  That recipe calls for it to be rolled into logs and cooked without a casing but since I had casings and a new stuffer I stuffed most of it.  The photo above is the result using the leftovers from the stuffing operation.  I cooked it in the smoker with the meat I stuffed.Shrinkage!  I noticed mention of a soy protein powder additive that helps keep the volume up in these situations but I haven’t researched that at all.  I figured the meat would shrink but I guess I was thinking that the casing would keep pace.  Looks like it will not.I didn’t twist these into links but I think next time I will, or else not even bother to case it at all – the bit that cooked bare was perfectly fine.  I did tweak the recipe a tad, more pepper, granulated garlic, whole peppercorns, a few more mustard seeds and also some red pepper flakes along with a half cup of red wine to help it pass through the stuffer nozzle.  I think these will look good sliced and served with cubed cheese on a toothpick.

More Smoker

We roasted a pork butt in the oven last week and have been nibbling away at it since then.  With some experience with the new smoker, minimal as it is, Mrs J wondered whether it would enhance the pork if it spent a little time in there.  Good question!  I placed about half of the pork we had left into a small foil pan and fired the smoker up with some apple wood chips we acquired this morning.  I turned the temp dial to the highest setting and left to fiddle around in the house.  When I returned to the garage, where we have decided to do all the smoking, the temps were way higher than I expected, the probe in the top vent was reading well over 250, and the remote probe I left on the rack beside the tray of pork was showing 289!  Smoke was rolling out of the vent when I backed the dial to 210.  I was fearful that the pork would be dried and tough and was happy that I hadn’t put all we had in there.  Not to worry!The pork was just starting to brown and the smoke had infused the meat with a delicious aroma.  Just in time for lunch!  I chopped the meat a little and served myself a very nice sandwich on a hoagie roll, dousing it with BBQ sauce I made over the weekend, and topping it with hot Chicago style giardiniera.  The rest of that pork is in the smoker right now.  I had best go out and check it!