20160805_122754(1600x1200)Gabe wears his harness well, don’t you think?  He’s still unable to get onto the couch without help, that won’t be true for much longer.  He tends to stay there until someone helps him down which is a good thing.20160802_135441(1600x1200)Another batch of hoagie rolls, this time laid out correctly.  These are great with the Italian beef I made the other day.  They are also useful for lunchmeat sammiches!  Reminds me – I need to make some slaw and probably more round buns, for the smoked pork.IMG_20160803_172131769(1600x1200)Gabe is trying to play with Homer kitteh but Homie is still wary of the boy.  I think when Gabe settles down Home Boy will be much more receptive.20160805_151713(1600x1200)I mentioned Awesome Sauce the other day.  These 5 half-pints are the result of a five gallon bucket full of tomatoes, simmered the day long with many cloves of garlic, onions, carrots, and a bunch of fresh garden herbs,  It is the perfect pizza sauce.DSC03671(1600x1200)Shelter kitteh!  This is Sadie, a very confident looking feline.  She will make a fine companion to any human fortunate enough to adopt her.IMG_20160719_193408366(1600x1200)Katie and Gabe pause for a minute by the pond.

Pizza Pr0n!

DSC_1808 (1600x1060)Lots of love out there for thin crust pizza but we really like these cheese crust pies with plenty of toppings.  This one has sausage, prosciutto, onions, mushrooms, and pepper rings.  We use the snack type string cheese to roll in the edges, it comes in various flavors and types but get the good stuff to be sure it melts nicely.DSC_1809 (1600x1060)I like to brush garlic infused olive oil on the crust edge and then give it a generous sprinkle of kosher salt.

Pasta Pr0n – Campanelle aka Gigli

DSC_0183I had a little bit of this left over for a while and it seemed to be just enough for two.  The meat sauce is Italian sausage crumbled and browned then cooked with with a can of basil tomato bits and a ton of garlic and a few spoonfuls of my Awesome sauce.

Pizza Night

DSC_6956 (1600x1060)This one is a cheese stuffed crust pie with my own homemade Italian sausage.  I added a caramelized sweet onion along with a few dried tomatoes atop a base of awesome sauce.  Plenty of cheese over all of that.DSC_6957 (1600x1060)The cheese in the crust is a string style snack mozzarella blend.  The cheese on top is a packaged “Italian blend” along with additional fresh mozzarella and grated Parmesan.DSC_6960 (1600x1060)I like to trick my platter out with garnishes and extra pepper flakes.  These are marinated garlic stuffed olives along with a few baby kalamatas.  The marinade is olive oil and red wine vinegar with rosemary and lemon peel and pinches of dried basil and oregano.DSC_6962 (1600x1060)Leftovers!  I slide the extra slices around so they aren’t touching and place the whole thing into the freezer.  In the morning I’ll pop them loose from the pan and seal them into freezer bags.

Quick Lunch

DSC_6667 [1600x1060]I made another batch of the slaw with the peppers from the patio garden.  Good stuff!  Mrs J brought in another bucket full of tomatoes so I just grabbed a quick bite.  I love a ham sammich with fresh slaw, interesting textures and a satisfying crunch, sweet and sour and savory with that whiff of onion roll in every bite.  The juice is simmering on the stove, the garlic and onions and herbs giving the kitchen a marvelous aroma.  Awesome Sauce!  When the sauce has cooked down and I’ve filled the jars for processing I love to scrape out that last bit of tomato-y residue with a crust of bread.


DSC_6436 [1600x1200]I dug some cherry tomatoes out of the big freezer and combined them with some fresh ones from the patio garden and made a small batch of Awesome Sauce.  I canned them in half pint jars because they will be primarily for pizzas and half pints are plenty for that.  These are heavy on the fresh garlic and have onions and assorted fresh and dried herbs.  Grated carrot adds sweetness.DSC_6430 [1600x1200]We can’t quit these things.  Fresh tomatoes from the back garden!IMG_2390 [1600x1200]This is a 13 week old, male, Jack Russel x Poodle.  He has a brother!  Should be a real handful._DSC9134Here is a something I put up to honor a commenter at another blog who has died.  He was fond of hummingbirds and took many stunning photos of the flock he tended.

Pizza Night

DSC_5268 [1600x1200]Mrs J likes ham and banana pepper rings on her pies.  It’s a decent pie.DSC_5271 [1600x1200]I made the classic:  Sausage, onion, and mushroom.  I made a batch of Italian sausage from a new recipe this morning.  I think it turned out great, much better than the last recipe I used.  I stayed close to the recipe although I did add extra fennel and garlic, and splashed in a few tablespoons (per/lb) of red wine vinegar.  I like that the recipe is for one pound of ground pork – it scales easily to whatever amount of pork you have.  I used a pork shoulder that yielded 7-1/4 pounds of ground meat.  I did add some extra fat that I picked up for just this purpose.  I’m finding that the shoulders are too closely trimmed these days.