Chicken with Couscous

DSC_7832 (1600x1060)We like Chicken Marsala so much that we made a variant of it tonight.  This has boneless skinless thighs dredged in seasoned flour and then browned in olive oil.  Remove the chicken and deglaze with the Marsala wine, scrape the bottom with a flat wooden spatula to break the nice browned bits up.  Add a cup and a half of chicken stock to it and bring to a simmer.  Add the browned chicken back and cover.  I used butter kneaded with flour to thicken the gravy before serving.  The couscous was from a box mix, this one was flavored with dried mushrooms.  I squeezed lemon juice over my chicken and liked it well enough, optional.

We don’t eat much couscous, but it is being stocked regularly and we may step up the pace.  I see from the Wiki that we had the instant variety which is quick and easy.  I may browse the International Grocery next town over for the regular stuff.

Quick Dinner: Marinated Sirloin

Quick dinner for tonight:

Marinated Sirloin, Rice and Carrots.  I marinated sirloin with teriyaki, ponzu and a bit of pineapple juice overnight.  Sliced it up and stir-fried it.  Served with baby carrots, sliced pineapple and steamed brown rice.  I made the rice a few days ago, I always make extra and refrigerate.  I added the rice to the wok with a bit of teriyaki and ponzu to reheat it.  So from start to finish, this meal took 15 minutes and 1 pan.  I served the carrots raw, but it would be just as easy to quarter them and stir-fry with the beef.

Quick, easy and less than $2 a person.